Friday, February 23, 2024

Curing it With Crystals: Healing 2020, One Rose Quartz At A Time…

If there has ever been a time to seek out little comforts – a reassuring good luck charm hidden in your bra, or a talisman tucked under your pillow, well, surely it’s right now.

All bets are off in 2020, so if this is the year you decide to throw open the door to a whole other world of woo-woo in order to gain some calm and reassurance, well then you just bloody well go for it. And for many folks right now, that has translated into a renewed fascination in crystals, with many people discovering their healing powers for the first time.

Now, I know surprisingly little about the crystal world – besides owning a few; knowing that they need to be recharged in the glow of a full moon, and having once thrown a handful of red garnets into the sea on New Year’s Eve, which I swear set me up for the best 2018 possible.  

So, I’ve turned to a crystal expert and asked the lovely Megan Sanders for some answers about how it all works and what we should be calling on when – whether it’s a first date, intense heartache, or something to just negate all the bad energy of the firestorm that is 2020.

Megan was a high flying advertising bigwig whose career took her all around the world –  until she really started listening to heart and the philosophy she’d always wanted to live by: “Find the ‘thing’ that you love and do that – don’t waste your life wondering.” So Megan took a brave leap into her first well-being business, Pineapple Heads (a natural product line for kids) and then Earth Wind & Indigo, which creates gorgeous wearable crystals sourced from round the globe.

Megan Sanders – founder of Earth Wind & Indigo, and general whizz of all things Crystal related.

Megan first turned to crystals after a bad break-up, and they’ve since played a key part in her life – sitting in her bra during an important advertising pitch, or in the leg of her wetsuit to protect her while surfing. Nowadays they can even be found in her son’s fish tank, keeping his little fishies calm and happy…

So Megan, what was that first experience you had with crystals? How did they come to be such a big part of your life?

I discovered their healing power after breaking up with my boyfriend in my early 20’s.  It was the first time I had been in love and I was convinced that death from a broken heart was imminent!

In search of something – anything! – to make me feel better that wasn’t Miami wine cooler, I found a wonderful crystal healer. He prescribed rose quartz – the ultimate heart break crystal – and that new friend didn’t leave my side for three months. I even slept with him under my pillow (the rose quartz, not the crystal healer!!).

And what role do they play in your life now?

Crystals are everywhere in our life.  I have a black tourmaline in my office to reduce the negative energy from all the electronics, smoky quartz in our bedrooms to help with sleep. Recently when my nine-year old bought his first fish tank (with the pocket money he have saved up) – two black mores; Fang & Blackberry.  He popped amethyst crystals in the tank for protection and to help calm their tiny minds.

Amethyst: Perfect for calming busy minds – even if you’re a little fish!

How do we go about choosing the right crystal for us? Is it true that sometimes the right crystal chooses you?

Crystals totally choose us!  Even when I am sending out online orders I will say the person’s name & I get drawn to the ‘their’ crystal.  It doesn’t make packing up the orders speedy but it makes me happy knowing they are going to the right place.

How do we best care for them?

Crystals like people all have different personalities and needs. Some crystals love sunlight, some prefer moonlight.  Cleansing is definitely important when you first wear or bring your crystal home.  At Earth Wind & Indigo all our crystals are charged & cleansed but a lot of crystals on the market aren’t. Make sure you smudge your new crystal and set your intention when you get it home.

What about if we have something specific going on that we could do with a bit of help with? Can you steer us in the right direction for dealing with…

Heartbreak = Rose Quartz

Divorce/Separation = Tiger Eye

Insomnia = Smoky Quartz

Anxiety = Aquamarine

Finding New Love = Red Garnet

First Date = Amethyst

Navigating Change = Fluorite

Self-esteem/Confidence = Sunstone

What about just the everyday craziness that 2020 has been delivering?

I haven’t taken off my Amethyst, Fluorite & Citrine  energy bracelets  or my Blue Lace Agate Necklace since lockdown. Amethyst is the ultimate at calming our ‘monkey mind’, Fluorite is guiding light through change, keeping us in the now without fear of the future and Citrine is like carry around your own personal little ray of sunshine. Blue Lace Agate helps with confidence and willpower.

Keep an eye on our Instagram for the chance to win an Earth Wind & Indigo prize pack!!

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