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Exploring the G-Spot – What the Hell Is It, Why Does it Feel Good & How Can I Stimulate It?

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Our resident sexpert, Adulttoymegastore’s Emma Hewitt (@emintoyland) dives deep into the mythical G-Spot is it actually a thing, and if so, how the hell do you enjoy it?

The g-spot. It’s an area that has eluded, puzzled and pleasured people since it was identified in the 1940s. Since then scientists have confirmed its existence, denied its existence and come back around to confirmation again. And it turns out, it’s not what we initially thought it was. So, what is it, where is it and why can it feel so good to stimulate it? Let’s take a deep dive into the g-spot.

What is the g-spot?

Contrary to its name, it’s not actually a specific spot; it’s more of an area that responds well to pressure. And this is where the issues on confirming its existence begin. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that there isn’t much anatomical proof of the g-spot, and while there’s different nerve distribution across the vagina, this is not the same from person to person and not necessarily located in the area that the g-spot inhabits.  

So, what the hell is? 

We finally got a good answer in 2014 with a study published in Nature Reviews where researchers identified the area as the clitourethrovaginal (CUV) complex. They found that there is a spot inside the body where the internal structure of the clitoris, the urethral sponge and the anterior wall of the vagina connect and when properly stimulated, it can induce orgasmic responses. The g-spot doesn’t exist independently but is part of an area where multiple parts of our sexual anatomies intertwine. So, if we want to be scientifically accurate, we can call it the clitourethrovaginal complex, however, it’s more than a bit of a mouthful so I think I’ll stick with g-spot.  

It’s important to mention that this area can feel amazing for some people and not so good for others. If you’ve ever stimulated it and felt an instant need to go to the bathroom, you will know what I am talking about! The urethral sponge is part of the CUV complex and pressure on this area is what causes that sudden urge. So, it makes sense! With continued stimulation, that feeling may ease or it may stay the same and both of these outcomes are completely normal!

Where is the g-spot?

While it took some time for scientists to determine what the g-spot is, its location has never been contested. It’s located about 2 inches inside the vagina on the anterior wall towards the belly button. For most people, it will sit about halfway between the opening of the vagina and the cervix. The skin of the g-spot feels different to the rest of the vagina making it fairly easy to locate. It’s slightly textured and feels a little bit rough compared to the rest of the canal. 

Emma Hewitt

Now, for the fun part, how to stimulate it! 

Before you dive in, take some time to warm up first. Keep in mind that this area has a lot of erectile tissue which swells when you are aroused and that makes it much easier to find. So do what feels good to you. Stimulate your clitoris, vulva or the entrance to the vagina to get that blood flowing. I recommend locating it with your fingers first so you can get the right angle and feel for a change in texture. It’s a slightly textured area that feels a little rough and different to other parts of the vagina. And don’t forget the lubricant! Even if you are naturally lubricated, this will help things to glide along smoothly and ensure that it’s a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

Lie on your back and insert your finger (or fingers) with your palm facing upwards towards the ceiling. Curl your fingers in a come-hither motion like you are aiming to stroke the inside of your belly button. This area responds better to pressure rather than friction, so press on it lightly, massage it in a circle or work your fingers up and down. Explore rhythmic motions and play around with different types of pressure to find what feels good.

If you want to amp things up a notch, you can use a dildo or vibrator instead. There are plenty of insertable toys with a curved or bulbous tip which are perfect tools for stimulating the g-spot. Because pressure feels so good, I recommend going for a sex toy with a firmer material. A firm silicone dildo like The Platinum Tru Curve by Doc Johnson is thin, curved and super cute. It also has a slightly bulbous tip and curved head to make sure it hits just the right spot.

If your budget allows, the Le Wand Bow is another great option. This is a stainless-steel dildo with two curved ends for stimulating. You can start with the smaller end then work up to the more bulbous end when you choose to.

Le Wand Bow

If you enjoy internal vibration, using a g-spot specific vibrator can be a hell of a lot of fun. You get the internal massage of the g-spot as well as vibration which will penetrate the nerve endings deep inside your body. Win-win! Myth G-spot vibrator by Vush is an awesome beginner’s vibrator. It’s very slim with a curved bulb on the tip so you can move it around and massage the g-spot with added texture and vibration.

If you want to explore it through penetration with a penis, rear-entry positions are going to be best. Try to arch your back as much as comfortably possible so that the booty is tilted upwards towards your partner. This will help their penis to hit the sweet spot. And don’t forget about feedback. If it’s feeling good, tell them so they continue, and if it’s not hitting the right area, they can adjust accordingly. But they won’t know unless you tell them!

It’s important to remember that we are all different and we experience pleasure differently too. That means that g-spot stimulation may feel amazing to some and not so good to others. So, if you love it, great! And if not, that’s all good too. Find the parts of the body that feel good to you and have fun with those areas instead.

Emma Hewitt is a sex educator and sex toy expert with Adulttoymegastore. Her podcast The Electric Rodeo celebrates sexuality, sex toys and healthy sex lives.

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