Friday, March 1, 2024

ENCAPSULATED: Silver Fern Katrina Rore

Image courtesy of Michael Bradley Photography

Welcome to our new series, Encapsulated, where we’ll be getting to know some of New Zealand’s favourite faces – from their hopes and dreams, pet peeves, deepest desires and biggest regrets. And also what they keep meaning to pick up from Kmart but have never got around to, because, relatable.

Today we’re talking to Silver Fern and captain of the Central Pulse, Katrina Rore (nee Grant). After the netball season was thrown into chaos thanks to Covid-19, Katrina and the rest of New Zealand’s netball elite are back into a second pre-season, with the ANZ Premiership ready to kick off again on 19 June, with Katrina back in action on the 21st.

The one book you’d recommend above all others? 

I am Pilgrim

The drink you’re ordering at the bar tonight? 

Red wine if I’m with the girls, or a vodka lime and soda

The piece of advice that sticks with you the most? 

You are who you are. Who cares what others think!

The first thought you had this morning? 

That I can’t wait to jump back into bed tonight (I was a tad tired this morning!)

The thing you’re the most proud of? 

Achieving my childhood dream of becoming a Silver Fern

The travel you still need to do?

New York!

The colour you’d paint the wall of your lounge right now?

White, definitely. I love how fresh white walls look.

The happiest memory that comes to mind? 

My wedding day!

Katrina and her husband Joel on their wedding day
Katrina and her husband Joel on their wedding day (Image: Instagram)

The TV show you put on when you want to relax? 


The movie that never fails to make you cry?

The Lion King

The one celebrity that you’d have over for dinner? 

Emma Stone or Lebron James (Yes I know that’s two)

The thing you keep meaning to pick up from Kmart but never get around to? 

A clothes steamer

The number one item on your shopping list right now? 

A new duvet cover

The skill or hobby you love the most?

Does having a cuppa with Tim Tams count as a hobby? (Ed’s note: Absolutely)

The quote or lyric that motivates you or sums you up is?

‘You didn’t come this far to only come this far’

The thing you wanted to be when you were a kid?

Anything that my sister was

The changes you hope to see happening in NZ over the next year

Equality in all things

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