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Go Home, Stay Home: Capsule’s Ultimate Lockdown Guide of What To Do, Read, Watch and How to Cope

This isn’t our first rodeo – as New Zealand moves into yet another uncertain time, and so many of us get used to staying home, again, we’ve compiled our ‘Best of’ guide to help us get through this together

The Practical Stuff:
DIY: How To Make Your Own Face Mask, From Beginner to Advanced
“From fancy floral creations through to finally finding a use for that rogue sock you found behind the back of the washing machine, we have three different ways you can make sure you’re covered and protected.”

Coping With Anxiety In An Overwhelming World:
“We’ve done it before, and we can do it again – but in the meantime, if you’re feeling a little bit vulnies as well, here’s a list of tips and tricks you can do to help you get on top of your anxiety.”

Help, I Can’t Sleep
The Capsule Collective share their tips on dealing with lack of sleep due to stress

Help, I’m Really Anxious
The Capsule Collective are no stranger to anxiety – and boy, is it A Thing still in 2021

Natural Remedies for Dealing with Colds, Flus and Stress
We speak to naturopath Michelle Irving about some shortcuts to wellness, her top natural remedies for everything from concentration and memory to liver function (ahem) and the classic pain in the backside, stress.

Looking After Your Emotional And Mental Health
“There is no doubt that life is going to throw some interesting and difficult challenges towards you; it’s part of the human experience. But, how we choose to nourish our mind has a considerable impact on these experiences. If we remember that change and growth strengthen our mind and improve our self-worth, we become better able to handle life with all its challenges.”

Why Reverting To Childish Behaviours Is An Understandable Coping Mechanism
“In times of stress, our higher functioning often takes a backseat while our childhood coping strategies return to the fore. Soon enough we’re shouting in people’s faces, slamming doors and saying things like ‘you started it’.”

My Friend Has Lost Their Job – How Can I Be Helpful?
“Please don’t ask what they’re going to do. I can assure you that as your brain tries to come to grips what has happened, it’s that very question that continues to roll around in your head – sometimes rather loudly and hysterically. Don’t add to that noise, please.”

Entertainment, Tonight! Or Today… Whatever Suits you!
A Time for Lols: The Funniest Women of 2020
“It’s an old truism that when the going gets tough, the tough start joking and some of the memes and videos that have filled our social media feeds since everything went tits up have given me faith that humans are every bit as wonderful as they are, at times, awful.” 

“My GOD, What a Book!” July’s Book Club – An Un-Putdownable Chick-Lit Thriller With a Twist You Actually Won’t See Coming
Get stuck into a good book! Luckily, we’ve started a book club this year – it’s not too late to have a read of our current book aaaaand, stay on the lookout for Sunday, when we’ll have our next edition up!

‘Be Curious, Not Judgemental’. Why Ted Lasso Will Make Your Life Better

For Your Listening Pleasure… Podcasts for Inspired Living and Sage Advice

Brrr! Secrets, Tantalising True Tales & Romance… Here’s 5 Ways to Warm up Cold Winter Nights!
Five books to get you through Lockdown!

‘What Do You Mean You Haven’t Seen…’ 11 Shows That Everyone Else Has Watched That You Need to See Stat

Why Schitt’s Creek Is The Perfect Show For Lockdown
“It’s hilarious and actually very moving when you least expect it and feels deeply appropriate for a time when many of us have had our lives turned upside down and are left with no choice but to adapt as best we can.”

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Pissed Off
Pop culture for when you’re on your period or just filled with rage for another reason, e.g. a global pandemic reducing us all to our knees!

Be an Open Book – The Best Reads to Inspire Your Next D&M
“We need to talk because it’s the best way to open our minds to other people’s experiences and get comfortable with uncomfortable conversations. It’s how we’re gonna do the daily work of caring for our hearts and minds and, more importantly, steering ourselves towards a better, fairer, more equal society.” 

Memoir of a Lady – Why the Female Comedy Genre is What We Need RN

Is this the right time to watch Twilight again? Two Thumbs Up!

Feeling angry? Here are some rants you might enjoy
Dear Social Media, You’re On Your Final Warning:
Influencers and Lockdown 2.0 – We Need To Take A Good Look At Who We’re Giving Power To Right Now

Hello, I’m Doing Terribly: An Ode To Wallowing During Covid-19, Take Two
“It’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to want to rip off your clothes and scream a bloody ‘fucccccccccccccccccccccccccccck’ at the moon.”

How To Stop Yourself From Going Toxic When You’re In A Bad Situation
Kiwi author Lauren Keenan, who you might remember from her book The 52 Week Project, writes about how to break the cycle of negativity when you’ve gone through a bad series of events and are finding yourself in a bad mood spiral.

Parenting in a Pandemic: Help, I Need Somebody
Pandemic Parenting: As if This Job Wasn’t Complicated Enough Now There’s a New Challenge to Navigate
“While there are both pros and cons to parenting in a pandemic, the main thing to be clear on is that you don’t have a choice about it. You’re in the house, the kids are in the house, someone’s gotta raise them, the options are limited. Here are some of the fresh and exciting challenges our bubble of four has been ‘embracing’ in the past few weeks.”

Schools Out For… Ever?
“Kids will now be at varying levels and dealing with different challenges in the aftermath of Covid. Will online learning become a bigger part of the picture going forward?” We speak to an online learning expert.

Things To Do Other Than Stare Into The Abyss
Small, achievable activities that will make you feel better about life

Maybe Lockdown 3.0 is when you get into baking? The Caker’s Jordan Rondel has some advice for you here and a great recipe for you here

Making pizza from scratch this week? Attempting a pad-thai? We’ve got the perfect way to fancy-up your meal with expert wine-matching from Villa Maria.

Bring some European culture to your emotional spirals by either getting into Hygge again, or embracing the Finnish word Kalsarikannit, which translates to getting drunk in your underwear alone at home. 

Breaking a sweat every day is key for mental health, the trick is finding an exercise you enjoy. Joe Wicks has created an online workout community that’s as kind as it is inspiring.

Why some of our favourite and funniest New Zealanders have decided to get into knitting during lockdown

Take your love of audio books or meditation apps, combine it with sexy sex times, and blammo, you’ve got Dipsea.

The Big Picture: Another lockdown got you asking some Big Life Questions?
How to Change Your Life: When You Know Things Have to Change but Have No Idea How to Do It
“It’s been a time of forced contemplation, forced thinking, forced rationalisation and forced yielding – of goals, of dreams, of lifestyles and of livelihoods. But what do you do when you know you need to change your life – like, some big changes, but you have no idea what they need to be, or how to do them?” 

It’s the End of the World As We Know It – Debating Motherhood in a Pandemic-Filled Year
“It used to be talked about as the ‘selfish’ option, to decide not to have children. In July 2020, staring down the barrel of the rest of this year, it kind of feels like the opposite. Selfish to add another child to the mix here, to a bloated and angry planet that’s already started to melt around the edges. 2020 was a shit show – what will 2050 be?”

Riding the Coronacoaster – How To Survive and Thrive post-Covid
“But in all experiences like this, you’ve got the challenge and you’ve got the opportunity. It’s the same with any moment when there’s a wake-up call: you get made redundant, you get sick, your marriage breaks up… whatever it is that makes you stop. That’s when you evaluate. People will evaluate on the surface: their career, their relationships, but very few people turn it round and go ‘How am I doing in my life? How is my self-esteem? How am I talking to myself?’”

Retail Therapy, aka Supporting The Economy
Baby it’s Cold Outside! The Best Winter Pyjamas

What To Wear When… You’re Feeling a Little Vulnerable

Has There Ever Been A Better Time To Get Into Sex Toys? NOPE!

Homegrown Heroes – Our Favourite NZ-made Products

Candles in the Wind: Our Definitive List of the Best Scented Candles

Cheap Thrills: Wine for Budget Conscious Winos

Winter Is Here: 11 Things to Make Sure You’re Cosy AF

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