Sunday, March 3, 2024

Laura McGoldrick On Her Everyday Essentials and Always Being Prepared!

Broadcaster Laura McGoldrick takes Capsule inside her handbag – and it turns out there’s nothing she’s not prepared for. Pop sock included.

A woman’s entire universe can be found in her handbag – and for Laura McGoldrick, her universe just keeps getting bigger. The host of The Hits’ 3pm Pick Up juggles her radio gig with television broadcasting, a serious love of sport, as well as being Mum to gorgeous girl Harley and wife to cricketer Martin Guptill – but damn, she does it in style thanks to her beloved Chanel, a gift from Guppy. Now that’s love.

image0 copy.jpeg

What’s in my bag:

  1. Pop Sock For people working in radio, this is really the new normal. Thanks to Covid, we take our own microphone covers to and from work!

  2. Rascals and Friends baby wipes A must have in any mumma’s bag!

  3. Lip balm & lip gloss I’m a lip gloss girl, no doubt. There’s nothing you can’t fix with a good high heel, some eye liner and a great gloss! Haha!

  4. Eyeliner, concealer and powder I don’t generally wear a lot of make up, but I always like to carry a little with me – just in case.

  5. Hand sanitiser for Harley and I Speaks for itself really!

  6. Sunglasses Sherry at Sunglass Bar has a way of sending me photos of new sunglasses right when I’m thinking I need some more! So these are what I’m working with at the moment! They’re a smaller frame than I usually wear.

  7. Headphones For both radio and TV – these permanently stay in my handbag!

  8. Notebook Always with me, for ideas for radio, information I need, to do lists, all of those things in there! I had to buy this one, it always makes me laugh!

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