Saturday, April 20, 2024

Ok so Mercury is in Retrograde – But Why This Time, It Might Be A Good Thing

Well bugger. Welcome back Mercury retrograde. 

As if we need any other bloody cosmic interference, the most dreaded retrograde of them all has started today.

After a crazy month where four planets retrograded, we’re now entering into another bumpy astrological ride with Mercury, the planet that rules communication, appearing to spin backwards from Earth’s perspective which, if you believe such matters, basically means everything else starts to go backwards too. 

Mercury retrograde is the most well-known astrological transit – and the one that gets the most shit from people who reckon what goes on in the sky has no bearing as to what goes on on the planet. 

Ah Mercury, you little minx

But for those of us who look to the Universe for a bit of guidance, Mercury in retrograde is a sure-fire sign things are about to get a bit wonky, and it’s usually a time for a little duck-and-cover. Communication falters. Messages are misunderstood, signs go unnoticed, conversations go misinterpreted and technology, which barely works for me at the best of times, refuses to play ball. (I can’t believe I tried to install a new Chromecast today, honestly I don’t know what I was thinking. Two hours later and a very strong gin and tonic later and it’s still not working…) 

However, this retrograde is a little different – and it’s one that is really reflecting what’s happening around the world right now. 

Mercury is currently in the astrological sign of Cancer, a sign intertwined with family, emotions and nostalgia. Combine those with the world’s battle against Covid-19 – people separated from their families, people trying to keep on top of their mental health, and people longing for ‘normal’ to return – and we have a pretty potent powder keg of astrological ammunition. 

But, it might not be all bad. 

It’ll essentially mean that you’ll be doing some good, hard thinking. And not just ‘what should I make for dinner’ and ‘Can I wear this top for the third time without washing it’ thinking. Proper, life-altering thinking that has the potential to change the course of your life. It reminds me of one of my favourite quotes from Romeo and Juliet: 



I’ve always taken that as a plea to the universe (or a god, or a supreme being depending on your deal) for a cosmic compass, a gentle gust to blow you in the right direction. And this is what this retrograde has the potential to do.

Your biggest thoughts will be obvious – ‘How can I get through 2020?’ will be a rather large one, as well as stuff like ‘How can I fix all the problems in my family?’ (Good luck with that one) ‘Should I tell them I love them?’ and the classic ‘What am I doing with my life?’. 

This Mercury retrograde will also connect with Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, and this is good news. While a star doesn’t have quite the same oomph as a planet or constellation, Sirius is still a big enough deal that it’ll have an effect – and it’s the star of passion, plenty and wealth (ok also resentment but let’s hope the other stuff drowns that out). This means we’re led on a path to goodness and light. 

Sirius literally provides a bright spot amongst retrograde

Remember you’ll be more sensitive – but you’ll also be more in tune with yourself and what you really need. It’s a time for kindness, for pause and for introspection.

What have the events of this year taught you? What do you need more of, or less? Who do you want to make good with, if there’s been a miscommunication in the past? 

Cancer is also a sign that’s often associated with the home, so you may, despite the fact we’ve only just got our freedom back, be craving a bit of nesting or chill time (although maybe without banana bread this time, there’s only so much of a good thing guys). 

Basically, there’s still a heap of potential that retrograde can cause a little chaos – but it can also lead to enlightenment and clarity. And lord Jesus, wouldn’t that be great for the world RN. 

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