Friday, July 1, 2022

Romance, Marriage, Break-Ups: You Want Some Love Content? Baby, We Got You

Happy Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Single’s Awareness/Superbowl Day! Whatever you’re celebrating and however you’re celebrating (or whether you’re completely boycotting the day, we’ve got a little something to make your day!

Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day? How to Have the Perfect Night In
Whether you’re having a night in on your own, with your best gal pal or a night with someone special, we’ve got your Covid-proof, stay home guide.

Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day? How to Have the Perfect Night Out
Get out there and celebrate your relationship status!

Reclaiming Cupid: Fall Back In Love With Your Own Life And Your Own Self
Lovely little ways to love yourself more today

The Love Diaries: 5 Reasons Dating Apps are Actually Keeping You Single
All this Valentine’s propaganda making you think you should give the dating apps a go? Here’s a word of caution…

Dating, Desires and Sex on the First Date – A Sexologist’s Top Tips for Finding Love Online
An expert offers up her tips for the online dating world

The Single Woman’s Sexual Self Care Guide – How To Feel Sexy, Confident and Satisfied Solo
*adds all to cart*

Want to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day? The 10 Best Toys to Light Your Fire – Solo or With a Partner
Spice up your Valentine’s night!

Meet The Sexologist Helping Kiwis Embrace Their Inner Wild Women
Nina Powell about how tapping into our wild and sensual selves can bring us to our fullest potential… and the best sex of our lives

What is Audio Porn? Your Guide To A Sexy New Trend
Find some noise-cancelling headphones and you’ve got yourself a sexy party

Ethical Porn is a Thing: Your Guide on Feminist-Friendly Fun times

A Sexpert’s Top 5 Tips for Reconnecting with Your Partner
It’s been a long hard year – time to get back into the love bubble with your plus one

Ménage à Moi! 7 Reasons Why Every Loving Relationship Should Include Regular Masturbation
Touchin’ meeee, Touchin’ youuuu

Valentine’s Day is a GREAT time to give role-playing a try
Five great scenarios to start you off

Like Bridgerton? We Have Your Recommendations For More Horny Content Starring People In (Mostly) Old Fashioned Clothing

Tying the knot last year? Or tried to tie the knot last year? Trish Peng shares her wedding style tips

A Guide To Surviving Heartbreak: Aka ‘When You Are Engulfed In Flames’
First Valentine’s Day since a break-up? We feel you and we love you!

The Divorce Diaries: ‘The Lingerie I Thought My Husband Bought Me For Christmas, Actually Went to His Secret Lover’
Hate all men today and want to read about other horrific men doing horrific things? Well, this scum bag could do the trick.

Dating Without Borders: The Surprising Charm Of Long-Distance Romance
Missing the one you love today? You’re not alone – we look at the world of a LDR

Reasons Why Being Single Is Legit Great
Celebrate the one you’re with: you!

Little Things That’ll Help You Have a Wonderful Valentine’s Day Because It’s ALL ABOUT YOU

Maggie Marilyn Wants Us to Slow Down

Kelly Bertrand speaks to Kiwi designer Maggie Hewitt about her new home away from homeIf Maggie Hewitt could go back and call her...

Mānawatia a Matariki! How To Celebrate Matariki & Welcome In Te Mātahi o Te Tau

A decade or so ago, many New Zealanders didn’t know much, if anything, about Matariki, but finally that’s changing. Sarah Lang learns how much...

What ‘Everything I Know About Love’ Gets Right About Flatting

In the new show, Everything I Know About Love, there's a secondary love story to the main plot and it's about what a good...

Miriama Kamo: “We Need To Approach Matariki With A Sense of Wonder and Curiosity”

As Aotearoa approaches its first year with Matariki as an official public holiday, for broadcaster Miriama Kamo it will be a particularly special – and bittersweet – time. Along with esteemed academic Dr Rangi Mātāmua, Miriama has released a book about Matariki, but it’s also her first Matariki since her beloved father Raynol Kamo died. She talks to Capsule about discovering the meaning of Matariki later in life and what it means to know her father will be up in the heavens this year.