Sunday, May 28, 2023

So You Can SPEED DATE on Bumble Now – Inside the Dating App’s New Speed Dating Experience, to Make Dating ‘Kinder & More Fun’

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If the phrase ‘speed dating’ makes you think of cringy table-swapping and bad romantic comedies, then we TOTALLY get where you’re coming from – but now dating app Bumble has brought the concept firmly into 2023. Looking for something to spice up your dating game?

Speed Dating brings the retro speed dating events to the online dating experience, allowing members to go in ‘blind’ and prioritise personality over physical attraction. The new speed dating feature requires people to start conversations WITHOUT seeing any pictures of the other person, with profile photos hidden for the first three minutes of messaging – so yes, the complete opposite of how you’d normally use dating apps!

Once the time is up, each person will be asked if they would like to continue the conversation and if both people choose to match, their chat will live in their Date Mode queue and their profile will be available to view following the event.

Bumble’s APAC Communications Director, Lucille McCart says: “Bumble’s new Speed Dating experience in the app brings the fun back to dating in 2023! This feature creates intrigue and anticipation in a low-pressure environment, and allows the Bumble community to build connections based on personality and shared interests, which are much truer indicators of compatibility than looks. In fact, our most recent research found that for the Bumble community in Aotearoa, the majority (63%) said they are more focused on emotional maturity than physical requirements, and 40% of Kiwi’s who are dating ranked emotional intelligence as the most attractive trait in a potential partner**.”

Every Thursday from 7pm-8pm, the Bumble community in Aotearoa will be able to lead with their ‘chat’ to find an authentic connection, providing a new and fun way to date in 2023. The experience is available in Bumble’s Date Mode and people on Bumble can RSVP directly within the app each week by clicking on the stopwatch icon at the top of the app. Speed Dating pairings are based on location, age and gender preferences.

As well as the new speed dating vibe, you can also now use a feature called Compliments, which gives users the opportunity to be even more intentional about starting the conversation in a positive way.

Compliments is a message before match feature that allows you to stand out by sending a note to your perspective beau before connecting. And because kindness ALWAYS works, those who engage with Compliments have a statistically increased likelihood of matching and are more likely to have a good chat.

The finally, the last new feature is Recommend to a Friend, which allows the Bumble community to play Cupid and help find their friends new connections. If you come across a profile on Bumble that’s not right for you but might be for someone you know, you can now directly share a link to their Bumble profile – something we ALL have wanted and needed in the past!

Happy dating!

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