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I’ll Have What She’s Having: Our Panel Reviews the Share Satisfaction Sutra – Is This the Holy Grail of Sex Toys?

Welcome to the sixth instalment of I’ll Have What She’s Having, our monthly panel of real, honest sex toy reviews, in conjunction with our friends at Adulttoymegastore where we find the best sex toys in NZ. This month we’re reviewing the Share Satisfaction Sutra and this one might just be the best suction toy yet! Don’t forget our exclusive discount code CAPSULE10 if you’re thinking this sounds like a bit of you, and scroll down for our FREE vibrator offer!

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Katy – no longer 29, no longer polyamorous, nor bisexual, nor with two girlfriends. But, still has a cat and enough sex toys sink a small boat!

“It’s like the sex toy version of AirPods… as soon as you see this, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it”

Share Satisfaction Sutra

When a sex toy as great as Kama exists, you know there’s going to be a spotlight on the toy that comes along called ‘Sutra’. And let me tell you, as soon as you see it, you wonder how you ever lived without this pocket-sized companion. 

At a glance the Share Satisfaction Sutra looks much like the Kama, except it’s smaller, more flexible, and it comes in a handy charging case – like the sex toy version of AirPods. Now you might be thinking, ‘Surely this case doesn’t deserve more than a one sentence mention’, but given the number of dead sex toys floating around my bedside drawer, I’m now wishing they all had cases of their own.

There are other big differences too. The Sutra is loud. It scared my cat when I first turned it on. But for a good reason. It’s pretty dang powerful. The power to weight ratio on this baby out-guns Kama for sure. 

The more I’ve used this toy the more I’ve enjoyed its versatility. The flexible body means you can bend or straighten the toy. So if you don’t want to put it inside you, just straighten it out, stick it down your pants and hang out there. Sometimes that’s all you’re in the mood for ya know?

Despite the big boots to fill, Sutra is certainly up to the job. This pocket-rocket is the perfect addition to any sex toy collection!

Share Satisfaction Sutra
The Sutra

Sarah, 31 – Single and curious professional who would like to not just rely on her trusty Satisfyer Pro 2 for a good time

“Once you’ve got your placement down, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

The difference between my first impression and my last impression of the Share Satisfaction Sutra is a world apart, because when I first used it, I was definitely confused. It’s one thing to know that a sex toy is both external and internal in theory, it’s another when you’re trying to work out… erm… how to make that happen.

It’s a real two hander, basically. But after I got to grips (truly, literally) with where everything went and how to make it work, it’s simply brilliant. The external bit sits on your clit and has five different modes as to the level of pressure/suction you want, whereas the curvy stick-y bit (technical term) goes inside you and also has 10 different modes of movement, designed to aim for your G spot and to give you the best of both worlds.

As someone who loves an external vibe but is simply dead inside for an internal one, Sutra really does it all but it isn’t as chillingly large as some of the other internal ones. Also, ever since I read a previous I’ll Have What She’s Having sex toy review about one of my fellow panellists using the Kama (the bigger sister to the Sutra) while in the shower shaving her legs, I was determined to attempt this and the Sutra is A+ on this. Is this self-care??? I think so.

I would definitely say give yourself time to get the hang of this before you really get into it (or, I guess, vice versa) because it does take a while. But once you’ve got your placement down, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Share Satisfaction Sutra
The VERY handy charging case on the Share Satisfaction Sutra

Amanda, 50 – Single menopausal empty nester with enough power tools and sex toys to keep herself sane and occupied

“The small but mighty vibrator that, like the ninja turtles of old, is a hero in (two) half shells”

Ah, Sutra – the small but mighty vibrator that, like the ninja turtles of old, is a hero in (two) half shells.  The clamshell case for both storing and charging, easily the best presentation of a vibrator I have seen.  This makes the Sutra both is discreet and portable – if it fell out of my handbag somewhere public, only a fellow sister of the travelling vibe would have any idea what it was.

At one end of the surprisingly bendable horseshoe, the clitoral suction thing has five different modes. The small and well-formed insertion vibe at the other end is perfectly aimed for G-spot pleasure at about three inches long and four inches in girth at the widest part. This end has 10 vibrating patterns. There are separate controls for each of the suction and vibe patterns, and you can have both on or just use one, so the combinations are limitless. 

Although with the position of the on/off button and both controls being behind the clit sucker, it really is like some kind of pleasurable lucky draw figuring out what you’re doing.  It won’t really matter, none of them are subtle, and all of them will do the trick. Whether your bedside table is full of two for one vibes or you’re a novice, Sutra should be a part of your toy collection. You won’t regret it.

Cecilia, 43 – Sex toy virgin and mum-of-two who’s keen to expand her horizons

“It might be hands-free but you’ll have to hold on to something throughout that orgasm. Honestly, every woman should have one of these, including your mum.”

This is the second of the suction and g-spot vibrators that we’ve reviewed.  The first version got a very enthusiastic endorsement from the panel, and a lot of ‘post review’ use from me.

But like a Formula 1 racing car, there are always small tweaks you can make for better power and drive-ability, and so it is here. The Share Satisfaction Sutra is smaller and more flexible, and those two combined make for a seriously easy-to-manoeuvre toy.

Once you’ve inserted the g-spot end, you can bend this baby to get the suction exactly where you need it, and it will stay in place. Genius. I also decided to take a lesson from a fellow member of this panel who loves a multitasking tool and try this out in the shower. I had visions of a good time while conditioning my hair but it’s way too good for that. The toy might be hands-free but you’ll have to hold on to something throughout that orgasm. Honestly, every woman should have one of these, including your mum.

The Sutra also comes in a dinky round carry case, perfect for travel or keeping unobtrusively in the bathroom drawer. 11/10 would recommend. 

Angela, 42 – mother of many humans, wife to a mighty fine guy, finally getting on the self-pleasure band wagon

“It’s almost like having a very loud vacuum cleaner going in your bedroom”

Is there ever too much of a good thing? This is the question I had to ask myself after writing these sex toy reviews using the Sutra and the conclusion I came to is, yes, yes there can be too much of a good thing and this toy is basically it.

It’s a bit too curvy, so it’s awkward to use and position (although I did eventually realise that it can be bent more than you first realise). Its motor is a bit too heavy duty, particularly the suction aspect, so that sensation is almost too much, like almost painful as opposed enjoyable (also acknowledging here that might be something that others are after, but it was a bit too much for me). And the noise, oh God, it’s almost like having a very loud vacuum cleaner going in your bedroom, or bathroom, or wherever you prefer to use these things. Let me tell you it was very hard to be subtle about using this thing with a noise like that.

I’m not saying it’s not at all enjoyable, and in fact once I was able to get it bent in the right way and find a way to mask the overly loud and random sound of it, we had a fine time, it was just a bit… too much.

ON the plus side, it’s aesthetically very pleasant and comes in a great little compact container which is super helpful for discretion when your kids are rifling through you drawers and come across all sorts of unusual things. It also seems to have a battery that lasts a lifetime and never runs out which always a plus.

In summary, I’m not hating it, but I’m also not super enamoured of it and will probably only use this one on very special and infrequent occasions.

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