Sunday, April 14, 2024

Review: Is This the Best Adult Toy in the World? We Put the Kurve to the Test

Guest writer Katie gives her verdict on the toy that’s blowing up social media, Hot Octopuss’ Kurve

When it comes to adult fun toys, I’m still figuring out what my vibe (sorry) is.

I mean in my humble experience, the Satisfyer Pro 2 deserves her place as the Queen of the Sex Toys and no woman should be without one – so it’s going to take a lot to dethrone her.

But sex toy ownership isn’t meant to be monogamous, so I figured it was time to explore some other options. After reading a few glowing reviews on the internet about a vibrator like no other, I decided to broaden my horizons.

The Kurve G Spot Vibrator by British brand Hot Octopuss looks like, I have to say, the literal real version of the eggplant emoji, although I’ve never seen an eggplant with six buttons and a squishy gel tip. I’m not a wild fan of the colour, but when I think about it, I’m not really a fan of any pink or purple sex toy. However, as far as purple’s go, the plum is quite nice.

All about the bass (oh, and the treble)

Six buttons seems VERY intimidating at first, but they’re there for very good reasons. Kurve’s biggest selling point is its two-motor treble and bass design. The ‘treble’ vibrates at a high frequency, while the bass is of course set lower and more rumbly. You can control both motors with the plus and minus buttons, meaning you can customise your settings to just what works for you to get a multi-layered vibe that’s just right.

They’re pretty user-friendly and intuitive too, and raised so you don’t have to abort mission to fiddle with your settings. Each motor has five speeds, and there’s also five different vibe patterns to discover.

Buy Hot Octopuss Kurve | G Spot Vibrator (Free Shipping)
The Kurve, with two motors, five settings and five vibe patterns

G marks the spot

Curved vibrators are designed for finding that often mythical G spot. Of course, a lot of women don’t get off with the spot, preferring more of the outside kid of pleasure that something like a Satisfyer provides. However, the Kurve is a great place to start if you’re on an adventure of G spot discovery. The two different motors really come in to play here, while the squishy tip hooks around to just where it needs to be. You can of course use externally too.

So, what’s the vibe?

The Kurve certainly got me where I needed to be after a little experimentation with different motor combinations and speeds, and while I’ll be holding onto my existing clitoral stimulators too, this is a great addition to the arsenal when you want to experience something different. I really enjoyed trying something new, and it’s done wonders for both my sexual confidence as well as my own self-care. The Kurve is also great to use with a partner, and isn’t noisy at all if you’re worried about flatties hearing what’s going on under the sheets!

Give it a go if you’re keen to try something new!

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