I’ll Have What She’s Having: Our Panel Reviews the Share Satisfaction Arc G Spot Vibrator – Is This the Best Thing Since the Satisfyer Pro 2?

Welcome to the fourth instalment of I’ll Have What She’s Having, our monthly panel of real, honest sex toy reviews, in conjunction with our friends at Adulttoymegastore!

This month, we’re reviewing the Share Satisfaction Arc Vibrator and… have we just found the next best thing since the SP2? (Don’t forget our exclusive discount code CAPSULE10 if you’re thinking this sounds like a bit of you!).

If you missed last month’s edition, click here for our panel’s review of the and click here for our previous reviews!

Katy – no longer 29, no longer polyamorous, nor bisexual, nor with two girlfriends. But, still has a cat and enough sex toys sink a small boat!

“Ooh boy, it’s a whole new world. And this world is run by tiny robot dicks.”

Let me start by saying that I own a fair number of sex toys, so I thought I had seen pretty much everything there was to see in the world of vibrators. Spoiler alert: I was wrong.

At a glance the arc seems like any regular vibrator. Press the button once – basic vibrate mode. Press it a second time – slightly more aggressive vibrate mode. Pretty standard. But the fourth time you press that button…ooh boy it’s a whole new world. And this world is run by tiny robot dicks.
When modes four-10 are active, the top half of the shaft moves back and forth, accompanied by a slight whirring sound – which is why it reminded me of a tiny robot dick. If you can move past the slightly off-putting sound then you’ll be in for a good time!
These days I tend to enjoy masturbating in any position that’s not lying on my back. After 15+ years of the ‘solo-missionary’, I like to change it up. But I found that this toy was actually more enjoyable when returning to my supine roots. If you’re in the mood to just lay back, close your eyes and fantasise about a sci-fi future where we serve sexy robot overlords with average sized phalluses, then I promise you this will be a good time.

Share Satisfaction Arc Vibrator
The Share Satisfaction Arc G-Spot Vibrator – it also comes in teal – $89.95

Sarah, 31 – Single and curious professional who would like to not just rely on her trusty Satisfyer Pro 2 for a good time

“The size and vibrant purple means it will forever be nicknamed ‘Barney’, aka the purple dinosaur.”

It is no exaggeration to tell you that one of the settings on this vibrator was so surprisingly vigorous I thought I might fall off the bed (and yes, this IS a selling point). The Share Satisfaction Arc looks like a very sophisticated and sleek sex toy – although the size and vibrant purple means it will forever be nicknamed ‘Barney’, aka the purple dinosaur – but boy, it’s got some power behind its elegant façade.

An entirely internal vibrator, it’s designed to target your G-spot, so it’s really a vibrator that gets up in there, if you know what I mean. It’s extremely targeted and the different control functions mean you get to pick between vibration, rotation and a setting that I can only refer to as ‘WOAH’. Impressively, most sex toys that come with this much power are so loud you have to hope your neighbour is mowing his lawns when you use it but this one is deceptively quiet.

I prefer a toy that does both inside and clitoral stimulation, but if you’re someone who is an internally-orgasmic person, then firstly, congrats, and secondly, this will be your friendly purple dinosaur. Just don’t fall off the bed.

Amanda, 50 – Single menopausal empty nester with enough power tools and sex toys to keep herself sane and occupied

“The Arc is on a deep exploration mission determined to find the treasure, like the Indiana Jones of vibrators.”

When I first saw Share Satisfaction’s Arc Vibrator in its box, I sent a photo to a friend with a “wtf do I do with this” message.  While one end of the long curved eggplant-coloured shape looked like it was insertable, I wasn’t sure what was happening with the flared end with the golden petal arrangement.  And I didn’t read any instructions – I find Share Satisfaction’s visual style of tiny golden font on the black background just a bit too hard for my ageing eyes to deal with. 

But eventually, I settled in for a test drive. The first three or so of the nine vibration patterns are the usual buzz buzz buzzzzzzz offering.  But then, something unexpected happened – the Arc wriggled and it turns out that triffid-like flared end is what you hold onto for dear life. 

You could probably go hands free but it’s definitely more effective if you have a firm grip keeping the handle in place. This gives the wriggling a thrusty-type movement. My experience with most toys claiming to be G-spot vibrators is that they get in the general vicinity by luck of the draw, mildly informed by design. 

But, the Arc is on a deep exploration mission determined to find the treasure, like the Indiana Jones of vibrators. I’ve played with it myself and with a partner, and it’s been a winner every single time. You can choose vibration only, wriggling (there must be a more technical term for this) only, or a combo. It’s 9in length and 4.5in girth are waterproof silicone for fun times in the shower or bath. The possibilities are limitless and satisfaction is almost entirely guaranteed. Get in there before supply chain issues hit our beloved toy industry.

Cecilia, 43 – Sex toy virgin and mum-of-two who’s keen to expand her horizons

“My favourite of the straight-up vibrators. I say treat yourself like the Queen you are and add this to your collection.”

My first impression of the arc was ‘oh how royal’. While other sex toys in my collection lend themselves to a more bubble-gum colour scheme, this is a regal purple offset with a rose gold detail. And then I went to turn it on and, whaddaya know, the button is a crown. Is this the manufacturer’s way of telling us this is a vibrator fit for a Queen? I’m not even talking Camilla, this would meet Kate’s elegant standards. 

It’s also elegant in shape. This is a svelte number compared to previous vibrators we’ve reviewed, with a smaller girth but a serious curve in its tip.  The beauty of this slimmer version is that you can skip the lube if you’re already in the mood, as it’s not overwhelming to use. And is it my imagination, or is the silicone even softer than normal?

But the real trick up its sleeve is it’s vibration options. This is not a case of going from buzzy to buzzier to buzziest. No, this wand bends and twirls and pulses in multiple ways as you work your way through the nine settings. It’s a toy to not be in a rush with – playing around will lead you to hit your G-spot in different ways. Overall, my favourite of the straight-up vibrators. I say treat yourself like the Queen you are and add this to your collection. 

Angela, 42 – mother of many humans, wife to a mighty fine guy, finally getting on the self-pleasure band wagon

“It’s the most bizarre, yet satisfying, yet bizarre sensation I’ve yet to experience in my short career of testing these toys. You have been warned.”

When I sit back to think about how best to describe the Arc Vibrator, the sentence “Well, I wasn’t expecting that!” is the first thing that comes to mind.

At first glance, it looks like your standard situation, slightly over-large, nothing particularly special to look at, a bit ho-hum, if I’m honest.

But what it lacks in anything particularly exciting visually, it makes up for with the biggest, most heavy-duty motor mechanic of anything I’ve ever tested, a multitude of settings, possibly more than anyone in their right mind actually needs, and, as the ‘pièce de résistance’ a wave-like motion-mechanism that, if you are not expecting it – which I was not, will blow your tiny mind. Nothing on the box or in the instructions ever implied that it was going to throw out this curve ball scenario and if you are not expecting it to happen, it’s quite the ‘shock’, let me tell you.

When you combine the heavy duty motor aspect and the utterly unexpected wave-like motion, it’s the most bizarre, yet satisfying, yet bizarre sensation I’ve yet to experience in my short career of testing these toys. You have been warned.

I’m also going to point out that, despite the fact it doesn’t look like it would do the trick for external usage (from its appearance, it pretty much screams internal usage only), but looks can be deceiving. The Arc works just as well for external use and when you combine a quality motor situation with a weird wave-like motion setting in an external situation it’s an equally happy time. Like, a really happy time.

I really wasn’t expecting to be wowed by this one, in fact I had very low expectations for it in general when I first took it out of the box. But it turns out the Arc is full of surprises and now that we are acquainted, I’ll definitely be going back there again.

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