I’ll Have What She’s Having: Our Panel Reviews the Share Satisfaction Kama Dual Stimulator – Is This the Best Adult Toy EVER?

Welcome to the second instalment of I’ll Have What She’s Having, our monthly panel of real, honest sex toy reviews, in conjunction with our friends at Adulttoymegastore!

This month, we’re reviewing the Share Satisfaction Kama Dual Stimulator – and LORD, is it a hit for (almost) all! (and scroll down for our exclusive discount code if you’re thinking this sounds like a bit of you!).

If you missed last month’s edition, click here for the panel’s review of the Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine or check out the 10 best sex toys as voted on by readers like you!

Cecilia, 43 – Sex toy virgin and mum of two who’s keen to expand her horizons

“This is the longest orgasm I’ve ever had.”

When I first tried the Kama suction & g-spot vibrator my initial reaction was ‘huh’? The vibrator part was vibrating, but the suction part was, well, sucking (and not in a good way).

But dear reader this is because I tend to do things in a rush and not read instructions properly. So before you tell Capsule you got sent a dud, please ensure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and hit all the requisite buttons.

In short, you gotta turn it on to be turned on. Once I got it working? Well, I think the key theme of this review is ‘time’. I needed to work with this one a bit and shift position. It’s a hands-free device, but you have to take the time to get it on the spot to do its job.

Once it’s there though – well, this is the longest orgasm I’ve ever had. Just when I thought it was over it came back for round two. Worth hitting all the right buttons for. 

Share Satisfaction Kama — Share Satisfaction
The Share Satisfaction Kama Dual Stimulator

Amanda, 50 – Single menopausal empty nester with enough power tools and sex toys to keep herself sane and occupied

“Menopause has made me a pretty lazy masturbator… so I was delighted Kama could do the job for me.”

I’d heard good things about the Kama, but it took me ten minutes to find where the charger port was and instructions give a version of X marks the spot (hint: it’s at end of the control). When you’re at that stage of life where you’re holding restaurant menus three feet from your face to read them, explicit instructions are much appreciated. The wait was worth it.

Kama is beautifully designed. With 10 clitoral stimulation patterns and 10 vaginal vibration patterns, each with a control button, there is a lot going on. The clitoral stimulator alone wasn’t a match for my trusty Satisfyer, but partnered up with the vibrator, it was a very pleasurable combo. While the vibrator is smaller than other vibes I’ve played with, the 10cm girth with ribbing was surprisingly filling.  

I can be a pretty lazy masturbator to be honest – menopause has made me less willing to work hard for my own orgasm. So I was delighted that Kama could do this job for me, once I got the clitoral stimulator in the right place and got a hang of the two button system. With Christmas coming up, I imagine this will be on a few wish lists for Santa and he’d do well to deliver.

Katy, 29 – Polyamorous bisexual with two girlfriends, a cat and enough sex toys sink a small boat

“10/10 would recommend this to anyone who asks… would probably recommend it to someone who didn’t ask too.

Kama is one of the best sex toys I’ve ever owned and is by far my favourite toy for solo use. I know some people have been skeptical about all the hype around this toy, but I feel like Kama is such a well-designed toy that it is genuinely able to give a lot of people a lot of orgasms. So it’s well worth the attention in my opinion!

I very much enjoy ‘hybrid’ stimulation (clitoral and vaginal at the same time) so I was pretty excited at the prospect of a toy that’s made to do exactly that. I can confirm – every time is a good time with my Kama. Being able to control the internal vibrator and clitoral stimulator independently from one another means that you can mix up how you use it depending on what you’re in the mood for.

I gifted one to my girlfriend over lockdown (we don’t live together) and she also reported back that she thoroughly enjoyed it. 10/10 would recommend this to anyone who asks. Would probably recommend it to someone who didn’t ask too.

Sarah, 31 – Single and curious professional who would like to not just rely on her trusty Satisfyer Pro 2 for a good time

“Through the frustration came the Edge of Glory.”

One of the best things about trying out a range of different sex toys is figuring out what doesn’t work for you, as much as what does. You figure out a lot about yourself, as you might expect – and when giving the Kama a go, it really reinforced one of my less desirable attributes: patience is a virtue that I simply don’t possess.

It took a while of wriggling, re-positioning and frowning into a mirror to figure out how to work this bad boy, and while it was a good time in the end, the effort to get there for the payoff didn’t quite work for me.

The Kama just didn’t seem to, ahem, line up to where it needed to be for my much-longed for external stimulation and had me dreaming of my Satisfyer Pro. But, I did discover that it’s great for edging – where you delay orgasm. For me it wasn’t an intentional thing, but through the frustration burst the edge of glory, and it was fantastic.

I also appreciate it comes in both teal and purple, in my ongoing one-woman fight against pink sex toys. To the manufacturers of the world – women like more than one colour!

Angela, 42 – mother of many humans, wife to a mighty fine guy, finally getting on the self-pleasure band wagon

“I’ve been known to shave my legs, wash my hair and use the Kama Dual at the same time, which is, frankly, the epitome of multi-tasking if you ask me.

Full disclaimer here, I actually already owned this bad boy before it arrived as part of my review package. So the old Kama Dual probably had an unfair advantage over the other toys right from the get-go, simply because I’ve had more time to get to know it and all its little intricacies.

The KD is aesthetically very pretty to look at, small enough not to be intimidating, has a very great curvy bit for the internal situations and works from an internal and external perspective at the same time, which to be perfectly honest, I’m a massive fan of. It did take time to figure out – the first few experiments involving the KD involved a lot of stop/ starting and turning on lights to see where it needed to fit so that it was sitting at just the right angle.

But when you finally get that sorted…. oh boy. KD and I have spent enough time together now that I have figured out how to use it lying down or standing up (for those really rushed moments, ok?!) and we’ve really got a good thing going on.

One super handy aspect of this toy is that it’s hands free, which means you can occupy yourself with other activities at the same time. I’ve been known to shave my legs, wash my hair and use the Karma Dual at the same time, which is, frankly, the epitome of multi-tasking if you ask me.

It’s got 10 settings, so on a par with old Yummy Sunshine in terms of options, but it’s just a bit more user friendly. I can hands (or should I say, no hands, lols) down say I’ll be continuing to use the Kama Dual for as long as his waterproof motor will last the distance…

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