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The Love Diaries: ‘The Love Of My Life Is Finally Single… But I’m Now Married With A Kid’

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This week we hear from a guest writer from 9Honey who has once again suffered a case of bad timing with the love of her life.

I first fell in love with Jeremy when we were both at university and were in a play together. We both wanted to be actors and it never actually worked out for either of us, but that’s life!

We were great friends from the moment we met and then I had a huge crush on him.

But I had a boyfriend at the time and I was very loyal. I wish I hadn’t been, but that’s what happened.

Jeremy let me know he had feelings for me but I was only 20 years old and thought that I should just stay with the guy I was dating

Then Jeremy met a girl and they started to get serious, and I guess I was happy for him. But I never stopped having feelings for him.

We stayed in touch over the years then I broken up with my long-term boyfriend and reached out to Jeremy on social media. I let him know that I was single again and whether he’d like to catch up.

He replied right away, telling me he was engaged but he’d still like to catch up for “old time’s sake.” I was pretty upset.

I didn’t think he’d be close to getting married, because in my stupid head, I always thought that we’d end up together one day. I blamed myself for that.

Oh, and we did have a one night stand many years ago but I mucked that up because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship and Jeremy took that as a major rejection. 

I’ve got to say it was still the best sex I’ve ever had! I think about him constantly and I really believe he is the love of my life.

Surely, that means we will eventually get our happy ending – that’s what I’ve been hoping and praying for anyway! 

So now we are 33 years old and I had given up hope. I started dating a man and when I fell pregnant, he proposed to me and we had a nice wedding.

I do love my husband in a way, but I wouldn’t say he was the love of my life. Is that so terrible? I think you can love someone but they don’t necessarily have to be your soul mate.

I just know that Jeremy is my soul mate but I’ve talked myself into just accepting the fact that we are not meant to be together. And, I’d heard from our mutual friends that he got married too, so I thought I needed to get over him and get over the idea of us ever being a couple. 

However, just six months after my baby boy was born, I had a missed call from a number I didn’t recognise, so I didn’t pick up. Then a text arrived and it was from Jeremy saying he really wanted to talk to me and that he’s divorced now and wondering if I am still single.

He wrote “I would really like for us to give it a go, if you are free.”

I replied with, “Oh no! I’m married now and recently had a baby! Why do we always keep missing out on each other?”

He replied to that with a love heart emoji and then messaged me with “best of luck.” 

So that’s the last I’ve heard from him and I don’t want to see him again, not unless I’m single.

I want to give my marriage a go, for the sake of my son. If Jeremy and I are meant to be, then the universe will find a way.

This article was reproduced with permission from 9Honey. To read the original article, click  here.

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