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The First Mercury Retrograde of the Year is Coming – How It’s Going to Impact You & Gaia’s Checklist for Getting Through

Ah yup, this is just what you want to hear – another Mercury retrograde is here.

Ok guys, it’s that time again… Mercury retrograde time. Last year was a doozy with four – FOUR – retrogrades, but 2023 is being a little nicer to us with only three of the topsy-turvy planetary transits.

Mercury retrograde is often spoken about with a tone of fear – and fair play too because she can be a little b***.

It’s responsible for lapses in communication, technology and general craziness, and this year the first two retrogrades are happening in earth signs, which encourages us to look at earthy matters and grounding situations.

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If you’re not sure what Mercury in retrograde means, it’s the term we give when it appears a planet is moving backwards in the night sky (it’s not, but it looks that way from Earth). As we’ve said before, it’s sure-fire sign things are about to get a bit wonky, and it’s usually a time for a little duck-and-cover. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, thinking, technology, so when it’s going backwards, communication falters. Messages are misunderstood, signs go unnoticed, conversations go misinterpreted and technology, which barely works for me at the best of times, refuses to play ball.

We asked spiritual advisor Gaia Chinniah for her advice on getting through the first Mercury Retrograde from April 21 this year:

“Mercury rules our communication, our minds and our emotions. It is a planet with strong forces that impact us because energetically we are all connected as people, as souls and with the planets that are in our Universe.

It might be easier to think about it like this – think of how the weather impacts us. A beautiful sunny day can make us feel motivated and confident, whereas storms, wet or cold weather may have the opposite effect and leave us feeling down or in need of comfort.

Of course, everyone is different and the weather is something we can see and feel. But the energy of the planets has a similar effect on us, only they’re not as visible. We will feel these impacts but unless we are paying attention, we won’t understand why we might be feeling a certain way.

From April 21st to May 14th the planet Mercury will be going into retrograde, which means that Mercury is moving slower than Earth around the sun, and when viewed in our night sky it appears to be moving backwards. Because of this, things can tend to lag behind, which requires more considered communication and clearer thinking over this time. You need to pay more attention to how and what you’re saying and be clear about your focus and efforts.

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People often get worried that Mercury’s energy is going to make something go wrong but this retrograde, we have a chance to see what opportunities we have to pull back on certain areas of life and make choices that are not wishful thinking, but really make your heart sing.

This period is a time of re-evaluation and restoring balance. Pulling back from harsh energies or people, and connecting with what you want, is most important. A stock take of emotions and choices can be made to check if you are in alignment. This retrograde is really about breaking old cycles that no longer serve you. You might want to think about how to bring about more bliss and harmony into your life, creating a lighter, slower pace. Creativity will help you connect back to your passions and with your intuition.

This Mercury retrograde will bring you a sense of completion and accomplishment. We are being asked to trust ourselves and our experiences to see them as support for making decisions in our lives that are going to be for our highest good.

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  • Don’t start new things where you are riding on an outcome. Instead, start creative projects that are gradual and where you can see results without pressure of expectations.
  • Think before you speak or write. Be clear in the mind before you say anything. Consider going over any written communication or planned verbal communication with someone you trust to ensure that what you are saying makes sense and is fair on the other person also.
  • Do a stocktake of your life! What is there that you want to keep and grow? What do you want to get rid of because it no longer serves you?
  • Remember – slow and steady wins the race this retrograde!”  

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