The Confidence Collection: The Ageing Edition – Should We Fight It or Embrace It?!

Welcome to our new series, The Confidence Collection! There’s not a single person on the planet who hasn’t suffered a crisis of confidence at one point or another (TRUST us!). SO, we present The Confidence Collection, (click here for our previous editions!) brought to you by our pals at CaciWe’ll be covering all areas of self-belief in all areas of life – dating, work, relationships, beauty and personal growth – with practical advice, words of wisdom from women who have seen it, lived it and conquered it, and everything in between. In our fourth edition, we delve into ageing – why is it such a touchy subject, should we be embracing our years, or is there a way to tackle ageing gracefully – and confidently? We ask some of Caci’s best experts for their advice!

Ageing and confidence can be a tricky subject for so many women – why do you think that is?

Caroline Hodnett, Cosmetic Nurse Trainer: We find that many negative emotions can be attached to the signs of ageing (and positive ones too, such as laugh lines around the eyes). We see these signs when we look in the mirror. Deeper worry and frown lines can make us appear angry, along with downward lines that may appear at the corners of the mouth. We do ‘feel’ how we ‘look’ – and looking tired or grumpy can have a flow-on effect to our mood and self confidence.

Chrissie Newland, Cosmetic Nurse Trainer: Often for many women we see, they say they feel a bit guilty putting themselves first – they’re always putting their partner or children first when it comes to any discretionary spending. We say if you can, embrace that slice of ‘me time’!

We’re also seeing the combination of an ageing population and people working for longer having an influence on our want to take care of ourselves and our appearance. ‘Ageing gracefully’ is a phrase that, for a lot of women, seems to put beauty and taking care of your skin in the luxury category rather than a priority. So we’re here to empower our customers with the best advice, treatments and skincare – and boosting your confidence by loving how you look (with any help you choose to take!). Ageing gracefully is about ageing how you choose to!

Where do we show signs of ageing first?

Chrissie: We usually notice the signs of ageing in the face first. We develop frown lines, crow’s feet or laughter lines around the eyes, and a general volume loss and sagging in the face associated with a reduction in the facial fat pads. This loss of structure and fullness can make wrinkles more obvious, lead to hollows, deeper folds and sagging around the nose, mouth, jawline and neck.

Caroline: When I moved from the UK to NZ I noticed that Kiwis developed crows feet faster than the British, purely due to having more sunny days! We squint in the sun here a lot more! Wearing an SPF everyday is the best anti-ageing advice and when it comes to squinting – protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses you love.

A lot of women want to slow, or soften the signs of ageing, rather than try and halt it – what are your tips for a little helping hand that’s still natural and elegant, but makes you feel a little more confident facing the world?

Chrissie: Number one, drink more water and keep your hydration levels up! Being hydrated is great for your mind, body and skin on so many levels! Ensure you have a consistent skincare routine with quality products aimed at your skin’s needs. It is important to use skincare designed for your skin type and to treat your concerns. ‘What you have always used’ is not necessarily appropriate as we age either. Retinol is a great ingredient to have in your skincare arsenal as we age.  At Caci we love Murad’s award-winning Youth Renewal Retinol Serum.

Being a Cosmetic Nurse of course I am going to say to consider anti-ageing treatments in clinic! Cosmetic medicine is effective at softening lines and wrinkles. And finally, don’t forget sunscreen everyday especially coming into summer!

Caroline: In the hands of a good injector, the aim will be to slow rather than stop the ageing process. Which injectable product and its placement is chosen in consultation between you and your injector. It needs to suit you and enhance your individual look!

I love what injectables can do but it won’t matter how much you spend or how many injectables treatments you have if your skin is not looking its best. Please wear SPF everyday and look to invest in a combination of skin treatments and skincare, and if you desire, injectables.

What is the most popular anti-ageing treatment you offer?

Chrissie: At Caci, the majority of our customers love our skin health and cosmetic injectables memberships. Anti-wrinkle injectables are the usual go-to anti-ageing treatment, they’re great for treating lines and wrinkles. But we always encourage our injectables customers to take great care of their skin too, for an overall fresh and healthy appearance. Our Fractional CO2 Laser and Microneedling skin treatments are popular for an overall skin rejuvenation.

In your opinion, what’s the most underrated treatment more women should consider?

Caroline: We do see customers often shy away from dermal filler, especially is the cheeks, due to seeing over-done examples, bad press and the ‘pillow face’ filter on Instagram. However, the reality of the look that can be achieved is quite different. For example, 3ml of dermal filler placed across the cheeks, to define our cheek bones and facial shape as well as support the under-eye area (look less tied, anyone?), and to soften the nasolabial folds (between the nose and outer mouth) can help to achieve a refreshed look – a refreshed version of you. Your first reaction might be to worry that 3ml is too much – but for a woman in their mid 40’s it would help to replace the volume in the face lost due to ageing.

When do you think you should start anti-ageing care?

Caroline: The most basic thing you can do is use a good SPF!  I see a lot of customers where they have had an excess of sun exposure earlier in life leading to the skin to age faster.

Chrissie: As soon as possible! And it’s never too late. Sunscreen is a non-negotiable, New Zealand’s harsh sun will age skin faster if not looked after and protected with sunscreen. By starting a good skincare routine as a teenager you’ll develop habits for a lifetime – but you can get started at any age.

Do you think there is still a stigma around procedures such as injectables when it comes to ageing?

Chrissie: I don’t think there is stigma anymore as such as there are many more treatment options widely available, and widely promoted and spoken about , especially amongst friends. Many of our customers love the natural and subtle look that can be achieved, meaning if they are not yet ready to openly talk about the treatments they have, they can choose not to. However, we see most of our customers happily sharing and loving their results! This has changed over time!

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