Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Why Looking Good is the Key to Feeling Better: The Charity That’s Helping Cancer Patients One Lippy at a Time

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We all have our little secrets to confidence; the things we do that make us feel like we’re pulling on armour to face the world. Yours might be your favourite blazer, or your best handbag, or your power-play high heels that make you feel like a million bucks.

But when you’re battling cancer, it can be pretty hard to face the world when you’re feeling like all you want to do is crawl under a duvet. Enter Look Good Feel Better, the charity that offers programmes for women, men and teens to connect, feel more in control and look like their normal selves. Anyone who is fighting cancer can come to classes and attend programmes, either online or in person, and learn more about makeup and skincare, how to manage hair loss and regrowth, how to tie scarves, how to practise mindfulness and so much more.

And just like a fairy godmother, packages filled with goodies like makeup, donated by big brands such as Elizabeth Arden, are sent in the mail to make sure everyone has the tools they need to look fabulous – even if they’re not feeling fabulous.

It’s a programme Palmerston North woman and triple negative breast cancer sufferer Bernadette McIlwaine knows the value of first hand, after she was recommended the online class from a friend and fellow cancer sufferer.

“A friend of mine who also has breast cancer [who had been] through Look Good Feel Better encouraged me to do it.

“I did my class with others one Saturday morning. My friend came around and we had a fun time together. I learned lots of lovely things that I would never have known otherwise – I’m still doing the eyebrows.

“The whole programme is that ­– you look good and feel better, and that is uplifting for sure. We are all in the same boat… We haven’t got a better story or a worse story. We are just trying to make the best of a situation that we’re going through. If you look good – if you think you look good – if you feel somewhat normalised, it does make you feel better.”

This month is Look Good Feel Better’s annual appeal month – if you’d like to donate click here!

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