Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Gift Guide Collection: The One For the New Mums

Welcome to our 2021 Gift Guide Collection! Over the next month we’ll be dropping a new gift guide every few days so you’ll never be lacking inspiration – even for the hardest to buy for!

In this edition, we’re looking at the roughly 8 gazillion women who seem to have popped up on Instagram this year either announcing their pandemic pregnancy or precious new arrival. If you’re shopping for someone who became a new mum in 2021 – or is now expecting a 2022 baby – we’ve got the perfect gifts for the new member of their family and for the mums/mums-to-be who deserve a treat!

Modal Robe from Papinelle

When your body is up to strange and unusual things, nothing really fits properly and you don’t have the energy to care, you really just want to be effortlessly comfortable. Which is when a robe enters your life and becomes your new best friend. Summer, winter or anywhere between, a robe is a must in any new mum or mum-to-be’s closet. This one from Papinelle is particularly fab – it’s lightweight, super soft and suitable for pregnant bodies, but also for pre and post baby bodies. Yay comfort!

Modal Soft Maxi Robe in Black, $109.99

Taken Care Of Gift Box

If you won’t be seeing your new-mum friend or family member in person, thanks to lockdown or the fact they now have a newborn and are unable to travel for Christmas, you can instead organise for this box to turn up on their doorstep. There’s a range of gift boxes available at Taken Care Of, but for this situation the ‘Lockdown Bub’ box fits the bill perfectly. It contains a thoughtfully curated selection of treats that includes goodies for a newborn as well as some pampering for a new mum. There’s a kid’s Winnie the Pooh Face Mask, Baby Muslin Washcloths, a Jellycat Small Bunny, Well Kept Tech Cleaning Wipes, Hydrating Hand Sanitiser and Coffee Meringue Kisses.

Lockdown Bub, $129


Looking to take a big ticket item off the wish-list of a mum-to-be? The SnüzPod – available at Edwards & Co – has become a go-to item to make sleep time just that bit easier with a newborn. This all-new SnüzPod4 Bedside Crib keeps baby nearby for a safe bonding experience. With dual-view mesh windows and a half-height zip-down wall for easy access, it’s functional whilst being stylish – coming in seven colours including natural (pictured), dove grey and espresso. The bassinet can easily be detached to move baby around during the day and they’ll stay very comfortable with the mesh vents that increase air flow – meaning mum and dad can get a more comfortable night’s rest.

SnüzPod4, $549

Little Bird Juice Box

Handing over the cooking or grocery shopping when you’ve got a new little person to care for can be a godsend. If you’re looking for a treat for a new mum a meal kit or juice pack from Little Bird could be perfect. They’re a gluten-free, vegan kitchen who make all of their ingredients from scratch using fresh, organic, unrefined products, meaning it’ll likely be safe if you’re not sure if you’re not sure if the new mum in your life now has any restrictions in her diet. A good option could be their Pick Me Up Pack which includes one delicious nut milk blend, two cold-brewed coffees (one black, one with hazelnut milk) and three bottles of cold-pressed juice blends (their range includes blends like Sunrise – with Orange, Carrot, Lemon Juice and Goji Berry Powder and Cucumber Kawakawa Cooler, containing Fennel, Green Apple, Cucumber, Mint, Kawakawa, Spinach and Lemon). They also make ready to heat meals, meal plans and dessert boxes that are worth a look!

Pick Me Up Cold-Pressed Pack, $57

Lactation Hot Chocolate

If you’ve shopping for a breast-feeding new mum – perhaps one who you know is having a hard go of it – wrap up a tub of Lactation Hot Chocolate – Coconut Chocolate from Mama’s Milk Bar. Their delicious drinking Lactation Hot Chocolate is blended with dutch Cocoa Powder, Coconut Creamy goodness and galactogogues ingredients to support breastfeeding, pumping mothers in boosting breastmilk supply. It’s also rich in MCT’s and Organic Coconut Cream for fattier milk to keep baby fed for longer too. Proudly made in NZ, only the finest ingredients go into Mama’s Milk Bar products, and this particular product is also vegan friendly, gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, nut-free and soy-free – again, great if you’re not sure (or you know!) that she’s having to restrict some foods from her diet at the moment.

Lactation Hot Chocolate – Coconut Chocolate, $22

Babu Terry Hooded Baby Towel

Possibly one of the cutest things ever invented, these hooded towels are made from incredibly soft and absorbent terry towelling and trimmed with white cotton rib & coloured stitching, perfect for bundling up baby after a bath. Babies and young children have extremely sensitive skin, so Babu has made their hooded towels from only the softest cotton, meaning no more scratchy towels after bath-time – even after many washes. These make a perfect little gift!

Babu Terry Hooded Baby Towel, $34.50

Mayberry Slippers

All sorts of very strange things happen to your body when you’re expecting – and your hips, back and feet can bear the brunt of it all. So, why not give a gift to look after those tired toes and arches?

These Mayberry slippers by EMU are the original fluffy crossover slipper, made from all natural sheepskin. AND, no matter what time of year it is, they wrap around your aching feet to make them feel like you’re walking on clouds. They start of feeling very firm, but over time they mould to your feet to create the perfect fit. They come in a myriad of different colours, from these baby pink ones through to black.

Whether they’re cushioning her feet during pregnancy, keeping her comfortable as she pads around Birthcare, or keeping her feet warm when she wakes in the night for feeds, she’ll be sure to get plenty of use out of these cosy slippers!

EMU Mayberry Slippers, $69.63

Pure Fiji Luxurious Spa Pedicure

Speaking of tired soles, a voucher for a foot pampering or massage could be the perfect treat for a pregnant friend or family member.

With clinics all over Auckland, About Face’s Pure Fiji Luxurious Spa Pedicure is a treat for sore feet and ideal when you can no longer reach your toes. The treatment will see her enjoying a coconut milk foot soak, sugar rub exfoliation and foot and leg massage with a luscious body butter masque to hydrate. To finish, cuticles are groomed and nails painted. She will love you forever.

Pure Fiji Luxurious Spa Pedicure, $109

Oscar Stroller and Carry Cot

If there’s someone you’re really fond of, or you’re coming together with a group to buy a new mum or mum-to-be something really special, this stroller and carry cot from Edwards & Co will be sure to put you in their good books, forever.

The award winning Oscar Mx is a three-wheel buggy with all-round suspension and puncture-proof rubber tyres. It’s super durable and easy to fold down – anyone looking after the little one, including the grandparents, will easily be able to fold down and reopen it. Plus, it’s easy to click and go with other adapters, including the capsule or carry cot. The Oscar Mx Carry Cot is in itself a thing of beauty, designed and certified in accordance with the new European Safety Standards. With a sturdy, hard shell design, it can be placed on any flat surface (perfect for picnics!) and includes a firm mattress to promote a safe sleeping environment. It comes with an adjustable hood, offering UPF50+ protection and like the buggy, can easily be collapsed for when you’re on the go.

Oscar Mx Stroller, $899, plus Oscar Mx Carry Cot, $299.

Mini Kiwis First Aid Course

Give the gift of knowledge! Hopefully, the parent you gift this to will never need to use the information they learn in this informative online course, but should they ever find themselves in an emergency situation involving their – or another – child, they’ll know what to do.

Mini Kiwis First Aid is a comprehensive First Aid Course for parents with children under five years old and is brought to you by Jordyn – of Kiwi Birth Tales podcast fame (who also runs a wonderful hypnobirthing course, Your Birth Project). The course is instructed by Hannah who is an Extended Care Paramedic and mum of 2 children under three alongside Jordyn who acts as the course participant asking questions that come to mind for a Mum of an 18 month old boy and newborn son.

Mini Kiwis First Aid Course, $69

Dream and Discover PlayBox (0-12 weeks)

In their first three months, babies can only see strong contrasts of dark and light. That’s why this PlayBox is full of beautiful black and white toys, carefully chosen to help your little one get to know the big wide world around them.

Each play item comes with a card explaining what it is, and how to use it. As part of your PlayBox, you’ll also receive a digital PlayPack sent to your email, filled with extra tips, tricks, and ideas for sensory play. The Dream & Discover PlayBox includes: Black and white book, sensory cube, round rattle, activity pendants and black and white cards.

Dream and Discover PlayBox $75.00 

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