Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Gift Guide Collection: The One Who Literally Doesn’t Need Anything

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Welcome to our 2021 Gift Guide Collection! Over the next month we’ll be dropping a new gift guide every few days so you’ll never be lacking inspiration – even for the hardest to buy for!

In this edition, we’re looking at gifts for the person who is so savvy with their shopping, they’ve already gone out and bought themselves everything they would ever need. So what do you get the person who has everything? One of these beautiful and thoughtful gifts that every person or home might need!

UNICEF – Join the Race

Give the gift of paying it forward this Christmas! Instead of buying another pair of socks, or gift voucher, instead make a donation to a very worthy cause in their name! Right now, less than 5% of people in low-income countries have had even a single dose of their COVID-19 jab.

So, UNICEF is in a race to deliver the best gift of all –3 billion vaccines to keep communities safe. Join microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles and back UNICEF Aotearoa’s Join the race to end the pandemic campaign. Together we can fight vaccine inequity. “To the countries who can get them, vaccines are saving lives every day. Covid-19 is becoming a disease of the unvaccinated.”  

UNICEF Aotearoa’s Join the race to end the pandemic – you choose the amount you donate.

Pure Fiji Island Time Facial

Who ever says no to a bit of pampering? What so many of us would love right now is a little R&R – preferably while sitting under a coconut tree with a cocktail in hand on a tropical island… but this may be the very next best thing!

For the ultimate in relaxation, send your friend to Fiji for an hour with this treatment by About Face.

They will escape and be transformed with a Pure Fiji relaxing facial that will leave their skin glowing. Tension is eased with a Lomilomi back massage and a hydrating foot ritual really will have them on island time. This relaxing facial comes with a bonus eyebrow tidy. What a gift!

Pure Fiji Island Time Facial, $129

NUKU: Stories of 100 Indigenous Women
Billed as ‘a legacy publication for the whole whānau’, this collection of stories of 100 indigenous women comes from Kiwi storyteller Qiane Matata-Sipu. This beautiful book features gorgeous photos as well as inspiring, interesting, moving and intimate stories from extraordinary women and is a piece of history about the power and mana of wāhine.

From award-winning musicians and filmmakers through to scientists, entrepreneurs, tribal leaders, artists, environmental champions, knowledge holders, mothers and more, this is a story collection like no other.

NUKU: Stories of 100 Indigenous Women, $65

Music Lyric Art

There are many people still in a Red-related emotional frenzy, after Taylor Swift released Red (Taylor’s Version) last week. If you happen to be friends with one of them, then this Taylor Swift Cross stitch shop might just be the completely-unexpected-but-also-perfect gift you’ve been looking for.

This Etsy shop has an extremely large selection of Taylor lyrics turned into cross stitch art to pick from (obviously the Autumn leaves ones are an absolute favourite) but if your friend is less of a Swiftie and more of a, say, Fleetwood Mac person, then this shop has a stunning range of lyrics from acts like David Bowie, The National and Florence and The Machine. Prices start from $20

Swysh Experience

Have a sports-mad fan in your life and they’ve already got all the merch they could possibly own? Swysh is the answer to your prayers – an exciting, personalised experience from their favourite sporting superstar in the form of a video, sent straight to your mobile. Whether it’s advice, well-wishes or just saying hi, it’s the chance to enjoy a special moment with a Kiwi idol.

From All Blacks and Warriors to Silver Ferns and Olympians, there’s someone for every sport nut, with pricing ranging from $20 to $300 depending on the athlete.

And the best bit, apart from making someone’s Christmas? At least 20% of the profit from every video goes to The Graeme Dingle Foundation and Upsidedowns NZ.

Win win. If only all sport was the same.

Swysh Experience, from $20

PADI Open Water Diving eLearning

Whether we’re permitted to roam freely around the country by Christmas or restricted to our own backyard, PADI’s Open Water Diver course fits the best of both worlds. There are two parts to this ultimate Christmas gift. The first step is to complete the eLearning program, which will give divers an insight into the scuba diving principles and terminology, which takes approximately 5-10 hours of commitment. This can be done at anytime, anywhere, in lockdown or not.

Once the eLearning component is ticked off the list, eager divers can jump right in and complete their PADI Open Water Diver certification at a local PADI Dive Centre or pending restrictions on a domestic or international holiday. They will work with a dedicated PADI Instructor to develop basic skills and confidence to gain a lifetime passport for underwater adventure.

Padi Open Water Diving eLearning $220

Share Satisfaction Sutra

If you’re a regular reader of Capsule you’ll know all about our ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’ series, where a panel of five Kiwi women offer up real, honest and hilarious adult toy reviews each month. Safe to say it’s been a hit – so if you’re really stuck on what to get the hardest of people to buy for, give them pleasure.

Try the chic and affordable Share Satisfaction Sutra, which most definitely gets the job done and comes with a cute charging case to spare potential awkward situations with children and/or mothers in law. It’s also smaller than usual, making it great for travel. When that happens again (plus if you’re shopping at Adulttoymegastore use our code CAPSULE10 for 10% off).

Share Satisfaction Sutra, $139

Four Pillars Spiced Cherry Negroni + Campari Pack OR Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits Amalfi Spritz Gift Set

Amalfi Spritz Grande Set

Libations never go amiss in the silly season, and sometimes you feel like you need something a little fancier than the usual beer and wine.

If you’re in the mood for something alcoholic (or, rather, your gift intended is… or you’ve cunningly orchestrated the old ‘let’s enjoy these together!’ vibe) Four Pillar’s gorgeous Campari and Gin gift set is the perfect addition to any bar cart.

But if you’re keen to stay away from the booze, go for the same vibe with Lyre’s alcoholic Amalfi Spritz. There’s something for everyone!

Four Pillars Spiced Cherry Negroni $229.00 or Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits Amalfi Spritz Gift Set $90.44

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3

Sure, everyone you know might have UE Boom – but do they have one that can literally be chucked in a pool? We think not.

The newest of the Boom family can literally float in water, and is totally waterproof. No more whoopsie-daisies around the pool or at the beach – and of course the sound quality is pristine. Being able to take your beats anywhere? Priceless.

And bonus? The battery lasts for days. DAYS.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 $279

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