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Right to Your Door: The 10 Best NZ Subscription Boxes

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Nothing beats the convenience of a subscription box that gets delivered straight to your door! We’ve rounded up 10 of the best subscription boxes in NZ for all your health, beauty, food and drink needs – and more!


Food boxes have to be the most well-known and most-utilised subscription boxes in Aotearoa – and for good reason! We adore having our food for the week arrive on the doorstep and HelloFresh meals start from $8.75, so they’re a great option in combating the insane prices in the supermarket at the moment! Plus, you only get what you need – no food waste allowed!

My Treat

Most of the time, self care firmly sits last down the list because life is BUSY – but a little goodies box from My Treat means you have something just for you to look forward to every month. There’s three adult boxes and two teen boxes to choose from that get sent to your door every month, all containing body care treats, as well as a few other little goodies for you to actually have a break and indulge in yourself. Plus, where possible, all of the products are Kiwi made and are natural and organic.

She’s Back

There’s nothing worse than your period coming and you realising you’re fresh out of tampons and you have to Macgyver a toilet-paper pad until you can run up to the supermarket – prevent that and treat yourself to something lovely during shark week with She’s Back – you get all you need for your period (you can choose between tampons or pads) as well as five full-sized beauty products to make Aunt Flo a little more bearable.

Caro’s Wine Club

Caro knows her shit when it comes to picking out wine – well actually, it’s two brothers, John and Richard Caro, but doesn’t it sound like a friendly aunty who pops by with great wine recommendations from her international travels? Anyway, their Case Club has three offerings, ranging from everyday to bougie, but we love the everyday option. It works out at $25 a bottle – not cheap, not expensive – and for your moolah you’ll be getting 12 bottles of wine that range from great deals on big brands through to little-known gems you might not have discovered yet. Plus, either John or Richard will call you and discuss your tastes, so they can nail each case (and you can also pick all white, all red, or a 2/3 1/3 split). And, you can choose for a delivery from monthly to once every six months.


If you’re like me, you love a good vitamin but HATE having multiple (and oftentimes ugly) containers on the bench – but if you put them away, you’ll absolutely most definitely forget to take them. Vitable take care of that little issue! After taking Vitable’s quick online quiz, their AI-powered algorithm creates a unique vitamin combination tailored to your health needs and goals – out of a whopping 1.2 million possible combinations! These daily vitamin packs delivered straight to your home — so you’ll never have to get confused in the chemist aisle again — and they come in plastic-free, home-compostable daily sachets with your name on it. And because your health needs change over time – regardless of whether you’re trying for a baby, focused on improving immunity or gut health – you can adjust your vitamin plan at any stage to ensure it’s relevant to your changing needs.

Crushes Candle Box

We’ve been HUGE fans of Crushes candles for a long time at Capsule – trust us when we say that this box is WELL worth the investment! You’ll receive a gorgeous NZ-made candle every month – and you can choose how often you want a box sent, and if you’re partial to a favourite scent, you can opt for just that one every time. (This would make a GREAT Christmas present!). When it comes to subscription boxes, this has to be one of our most-loved!

Book Box

Subscription boxes don’t have to be complicated, and there isn’t a better gift to give than the gift of reading – if you have a bookworm in your life (or you’re the bookworm!) Book Box is a great way to always have something on-hand to read. Choose from an adult box or a kids’ box – or even a new-release only adult box.

Clarity Co Box

A little monthly gift for your soul, Clarity Co will send you a themed box with spiritual, self-love and growth products that will nourish every part of yourself. You’ll receive a hint or two as to what you’ll receive, and that month’s theme, but the rest will remain a mystery!

Hello Peachiee

To paraphrase Fleabag, undies are EVERYTHING and it never seems like you have enough – especially when you’re packing for a trip away and for some reason you think you need at least three pairs per day. Hello Peachiee will send you one, two or four pairs of undies a month (and there’s even a quarterly bra subscription option too!)

The Flower Project

Fresh flowers every month? Sign us UP! The Flower Project have three different types of bouquets that they’ll deliver to your door in Auckland and they are drop dead gorgeous!

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