Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Baby it’s Cold Outside! The Best Winter Pyjamas

Every single person I have ever lived with has asked me the same question at some point of our cohabitation: “Um, why do you have so many pairs of pyjamas? And socks?!?”

Well, the joke is on everyone else, because clearly I have spent a lifetime preparing for a pandemic filled world and for working from home!

Thanks to my extensive years of research, I’m able to now give you my Top Five sleepwear/loungewear/socks recommendations to see you through this winter.

Go forth and be warm, comfortable and cozy!

Best Flattering Robe

General Sleep
‘Everyone Robe’

Yes, it’s a robe, but it’s also BEAUTIFUL.

I wore one of these beauties when I visited a wellness center and was completely confused by what I had put on. It was THE most comfortable robe, made of cozy, soft linen, but when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t look like a sloth – I looked so stylish and fancy, and I even had a proper shape!

Maybe I’ve been working from home far too long, but when I looked at my reflection, I felt like I could put earrings and heels on and head out to dinner without gaining anyone’s concern.

Unfortunately, when I got home and googled the robe, I discovered such wizardry comes at a price. This little number will set you back $350 – but there’s good news, besides it being super comfy and stylish, it’s also made from sustainably sourced, organic handwoven cotton and is ethically produced by hand in India. It should last and last and is a purchase you can feel good about. This little beauty is number one on my list of things I can’t quite justify buying, but need asap.

Best Cosy Long PJs

Papinelle ‘Super Soft Waffle V-neck Top and Jogger Pants’

This was how calm I looked after being made redundant, because I was wearing the world’s softest pyjamas and was going to be okay.

Capsule’s Emma is one of my favourite people in the world – partly just because she introduced me to this Australian brand. In an attempt to get a house deposit together (ha!) I’d decided I wouldn’t buy any clothes for 2020, but then 2020 happened, and 36 hours before that first lockdown I bought these beauties in grey, and they turned up by the morning.

I’m not kidding when I say they are the softest, nicest thing you could possibly wear. I proceeded to wear them most days – they’re what I was wearing when I was made redundant over Zoom and I swear they somehow cushioned that blow too. You can’t go wrong with a Papinelle purchase. These beauties were $49.99 as separates and also come in a peony pink, which I bought to add to my collection for 2021.

Most Covetable Long PJs

Desmond and DempseySoleia Leopard Print

Why didn’t I buy you when I had the chance?

There are very few items of clothing that I’ve bought overseas and really, truly regretted – even if it turns out that they’re not the best fit or not quite me, they’re at least attached to wonderful memories. My true regrets are always over items I didn’t end up buying, and I still think about how amazing my life would have been if I just splashed out and made the purchase.

Many moons ago while I was overseas I tried on these PJs by Desmond and Dempsey and now it’s one of my travel clothing regrets – even though these pjs will set you back $350!. They do ship to NZ though (it’s 20 pounds a pop).

Best Cosy Robe

Ugg ‘Womens Duffield II Robe’

This robe may look like your standard, cosy jersey fabric from the outside, but on the inside is a fleecy warm heaven that’s like wrapping yourself in a hug. It has decent size pockets for storing snacks in, or your phone and is surprisingly snug and warm for something that isn’t very bulky!

You can grab this guy from The Market, or Ugg stores.

Best Short PJs

Peter AlexanderBlack Silk Shortie PJ Set

I have these in Navy, but might also require them in black, red and pink pinstripe.

My pyjama drawer is positively groaning at the seams – largely because I can’t bear to throw any out, but also because although I have thrashed my Peter Alexander collection, they’re still in great nick. They wash well, wear well and I love the smell of their stores too.

I have a favourite grey cotton onesie that’s still holding together well after more than 10 years, but my best purchases are their silk and satin sets. They’re still completely good as new after many years, which unfortunately hasn’t stopped me wanting to stock up on new colours and lengths. PA also does a bloody good robe and an excellent bed sock (a good bed sock will change your life)!

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