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Capsule’s Beauty Shelfie: Jess Molina’s Must-Have Products, and How She Found Her Personal Colour Palette

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Colour impacts our home, our fashion and our beauty – and our beauty products are the chosen colour palette that we present to the world, from the neutrals we choose day to day to the colours that help us stand out. Every month, we’ll be profiling one well-known Kiwi about their colour story: how colour impacts their fashion, home décor and their beauty world. From their top products and their top picks, to the beauty memories that have stayed with them, we’ll be taking you inside their colourful world to help inspire your own colourful choices.

First up, We’re chatting to Jess Molina – Storyteller, influencer, activist, founder of loudlyquietly. Jess says her colour palette has gone through several metamorphoses – as she puts it, ‘Tumblr girl goth, corporate gal, extreme vintage floral print lover…’ through to curating her look down to chic neutrals, with a splash of vibrant colour. Jess talks us through her inspirations and choices – from the dream hotel room she always requests, through to the beauty role model that helps her see beauty as an art form.

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The incomparable Jess

Jess’s Colour Story

When it comes to beauty, my colour story is one of extreme opposites! I love going neutral during the day, opting for that undone, effortless beauty look. I love a beige-y pink lipstick to go with earthy toned eyeshadow and more natural blushes. Then at night I’m all about the drama. Pre-masks, I loved going from orange lipstick to black lipstick depending on my mood! 

Resene Pursuit, Resene Navarone

My fashion colour palette took years of experimenting to really get to a point where it feels like ‘me’. I’ve gone through so many fashion faces – Tumblr girl goth, corporate gal, extreme vintage floral print lover… I’ve kept bits from each phase. I still wear a lot of black but have also incorporated white, creams, and beiges into my wardrobe. My clothes have been curated as I defined my style more and now every time I open my wardrobe, it really makes me happy seeing how they all work together! Day-to-day it’s all about the matching neutral sets, while at night I like to wear black with a lot of different textures.

Resene Buttermilk

The interiors of my home are pretty much an extension of me so it’s filled with light, neutral tones with accents of black. I have recently fallen in love with butter/buttercream as a colour though and have slowly started incorporating that into my home starting with lovely beddings. I have a lot of greys in my home and I think the paleness of buttercream really works well with it!

Resene Athens Grey, Resene Clotted Cream, Resene Black

One big colour inspiration comes from a travel memory of my girl’s weekend trips to Brisbane with my mum. We stay at my favourite hotel, The Calile, and specifically request for the pink room. It’s just so stunning with the brass hardware. The Calile also have these incredible sage green accents across the hotel and I particularly love looking at the pool area from the balcony of my room. The green is so calming and against Brisbane’s sunny skies, is just the ultimate holiday vibe!

Resene Cavern Pink

Jess’ Personal Colour Palette, inspired by beauty, travel, life and love

For the pale, dusty pink of The Callie’s interior, Resene Cavern Pink is dusky perfection. Want a pale, buttercream interior? Try Resene Clotted Cream or Resene Half Buttermilk for extra warmth. A soft grey is the perfect backdrop for any room of choice, the warm tones of Resene Athens Grey fit the bill perfectly. For Jess’ Beauty Shelfie, the chosen colours are a nod to the classic beauty look of a warm neutral with a pop of a vibrant colour: a background of rich beige with Resene Navarone and then a hit of Resene Pursuit – an elegant combo that’s full of personality!

My Top Products:

Dermalogica Power Bright Dark Spot Serum – A dear friend of mine introduced this to me a week before we went into lockdown so I’ve been really able to see how this product works over the past few months. My acne scars and pigmentation have started fading!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair – It’s easy to see why this is a cult classic. I have gone through bottles and bottles of this over the years!

Emma Lewisham Supernatural 72-Hour Crème – When I first tried this, I was so worried that it will be too heavy on my oily skin but it’s not. I’m crazy about the subtle scent and how I feel so looked after (#selfcare) when I put it on at the end of a long day.

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner – I think toning is severely underrated. When it comes to skincare, there’s a lot of focus on serums and moisturisers but I personally love toners. This one doesn’t strip my skin of moisture!

La Roche Posay Sunscreen – Finding a sunscreen that was suitable to oily skin, doesn’t leave a white caste on my brown skin, AND works well under make-up has been quite a journey but this sunscreen is holy grail level.

Summer Fridays CC Me Serum – This serum really said “glow, queen!” This is THE product that I truly notice the difference when I’m not using it. Unparalleled when it comes to glowing skin without the greasiness.

Trilogy Body Oil – I feel *incomplete* if I don’t put body oil on after a shower. It’s one of my only diva demands in life. To have body oil readily available before I moisturise! This one has been a firm fave for ages.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiance Perfecting Pen – This was the first product I splurged in when I got my first grown-up job after uni and was responsible for my make-up awakening. I use it to highlight and conceal and even on my cupid’s bow before a date because it makes my lips look more kissable.

Giorgo Armani My Way perfume – I have taken to spritzing myself with perfume even though I WFH because scents have always had that ‘instant mood lift’ effect on me. This is my current go-to!

Jess’s shelf-care:

When do you feel your most beautiful and/or powerful?

I feel the most beautiful and powerful when I’m able to express my ideas and articulate the thoughts in my (messy) mind.

How has your attitude to beauty, or your interpretation of beauty, changed over the years?

I feel like when I was younger I was trying so hard to alter how I look or learn all these techniques to appear more palatable/acceptable and that really took the fun out of beauty products. But now I’m more interested in embracing my face, imperfections and all, and the rituals of a good skincare routine and how that makes me feel compared to how it makes me look.

What beauty trend would you like to see more of?

Getting rid of beauty filters and editing out ‘flaws’ like skin texture etc on social media

What do you wish you could tell your younger self about their appearance?

SIS YOU ARE CHANGING BEAUTY STANDARDS JUST BY VISIBLY BEING YOU! Stop trying to hide your face. You’re good enough. Better than good enough, actually.

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