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Getting Ready to Face the World Again? The Ultimate At-Home Beauty Treatments That’ll Have You Looking Like You Stepped Out of a Spa – Tested!

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Kelly Bertrand embarks on at at-home body maintenance situation to try and get her poor, neglected body back on track to be in public (gulp), and raids Mecca’s online store for spa-esque treatments that actually work.

Look, if you’re in a Level Three situation, odds are the bod hasn’t quite had the level of love and attention it’s been used to in our pre-lockdown days – HAIRCUTS, AMIRITE? No one is under the illusion that getting your nails done or your face slathered in serum is essential to survival, but a little pampering and self-care is what a lot of us rely on to feel confident, put together and happy.

So, while we wait anxiously for the return of our beauty services, we’ve scoured the beauty shelves to find the best at-home versions of our favourite treatments, so you can recreate some self-care as best you can at home.

Light some candles, grab a glass of something and treat yourself!

Hair: Sol de Janiero Triple Brazilian Butter Hair Repair Treatment

Sol de Janeiro - Triple Brazilian Butter Hair Repair Treatment - 240ml

It’s been a while since haircuts have been a thing, and if you’ve been too scared to whip out the kitchen scissors and give an at-home trim a go (most of us, hopefully?!) then your prized mane might be looking a little worse for wear like mine has. God, you give my hair an inch and it’ll take a bloody mile, SO the Sol de Janiero Triple Brazilian Butter Hair Repair Treatment was a literal Godsend.

First, the SMELL – it’s beyond good. My fellow Editorial Director Emma and I have spoken at great length about fabulous the scent is (she once had the Sol de Janeiro candle at work and it would literally stop people in their tracks, mostly to ask about the smell but occasionally for OSH reasons).

I was a little worried about a hair treatment because my hair holds onto oil like an American president, and this one is thicc – but after applying in the shower and waiting for 10 minutes, rinsing out and drying, my hair was light, smooth and shiny, and somehow, my split ends seemed minimised. Plus it’s just a great time.

Scalp: Dr Barbara Sturm Scalp Serum

UNKNOWN - Scalp Serum

I don’t know if it’s lockdown stress but one of the reasons why my hair was causing me grief over the last few months was my scalp – no matter what I did, I was getting build up and dandruff more than I ever have. Combined with a scalp massage brush, I’ve been adding a few drops of this Barbara Sturm serum when I shampoo and my overall hair health is so much better.

Massage it into your scalp in the evenings on dry or wet hair and let absorb.

Face:  BeautyBio GloPro Facial Microneedling

Beauty Bio - GloPro® Facial Microneedling Tool

Needles? On your face? Sure it might sound a bit intense but trust me, a micro needler is the ultimate investment for your skincare regime. We’re talking firming, exfoliating, pore minimising satisfaction with this bad boy – and it really does work.

I cleanse my skin before using – crucial, you don’t want to be getting any nasties in your pores,then roll the barrel outwards from your nose, and apply whatever serums you’re using and allow all your skincare to penetrate. It also has a red LED light and micro current stimulation for plump youthful skin and I’m very much here for it.

Body prep: Dr Dennis Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body TreatmentSol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

All this time inside has made me feel like a lizard and my skin is not far off looking like it. Of course, your first port of call is always a good exfoliation and Dr Dennis Gross knows what he’s doing when it comes to sloughing off dead skin.

It’s an all-over body towel that features glycolic acid, lactic acid and sailcylic acid – so all the good acids – that lifts the outer layer of dead skin to reveal gorgeous, glowing skin underneath.

Follow it up with our favourites Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum cream for the ultimate indulgent experience with the famed vanilla-pistachio scent. A little goes a long way!

Bubble bath: Susanne Kaufman Mallow Blossom Bubble

Susanne Kaufmann - Mallow Blossom Bubble Bath

Finally, have a little time to yourself before you re-enter society and a bubble bath is one of the best ways to do that. For a truly spa-like experience that’ll allow both your mind and body to unwind, treat yourself with this luxe bubble bath that won’t make you feel like you’re a kid with a plastic duck – rather, the blend of mallow, juniper and pine is a gorgeous, grown-up experience that’ll make you believe you’re floating on cloud (or bubble) nine.

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