Makeup Meets Skincare – Is Your Foundation Looking After Your Skin? We Review Elizabeth Arden’s Flawless Finish Skincaring Foundation

If your foundation just isn’t hitting right, it could be because of your skin itself. Looking after your skin is rule number one, so it makes sense that our makeup should help us on that mission. Thaaaaankfully, we’ve found a foundation that does just thatskincaring foundation!

Capsule x Elizabeth Arden

There was a brief, glorious period in my late 20s when me and my skin were friends. She was glorious – minimally lined, mostly free from pimples and she had that *glow* that LOOKED like it came from a lot of green vegetables and yoga, but totally, definitely didn’t.

But then 32 hit and now I somehow seem to have wrinkles AND pimples at the same time and I’m sorry, but that just simply won’t do.

So I’m now on a mission to sort out my skin and re-invest some time into taking care of her properly – proper skincare (click here for our run-down of the BEST serum I’ve used in ages that’s light enough to use everyday) and being a little more considered in my makeup choices.

See, that’s the thing about when your skin is playing up a little – and we should mention, it’s a TOTALLY NORMAL if inconvenient fact of life that your skin will just not respect your social schedule and gift you with a breakout the morning of a date, or if you’re me, the same day you’re having your editor’s photo taken for the country’s biggest magazine (the memories…).

And here’s the rub – it’s when your skin is less-than-perfect that you want to cover it up with foundation, but for me, that’s the last thing I want to do (DON’T ANGER IT!). Well, that was until I tried Elizabeth Arden’s Flawless Finish Skincaring Foundation.

What is it?

So glad you asked. Elizabeth Arden’s Flawless Finish Skincaring Foundation is, in my opinion, an absolute gamechanger for those of us who want a little extra care, with a little extra coverage.

The ingredient list even reads like skincare – hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E and a botanical blend that conditions and comforts the skin. You’re LITERALLY applying skincare to your face, at the same time as a lightweight, buildable coverage. It’s the Hannah Montana of foundations (Best of Both Worlds, etc etc – and yes, if you are of an age where you got that reference, you most definitely need to check out this foundation.)

(Please note that while this is part of an ongoing partnership with Elizabeth Arden, all opinions are my own)

Ok so it’s good for your skin – but does it actually COVER stuff?

Yup, fair question and it was one I was super curious about too because treating your skin to a bunch of goodies is all well and good, but we want results, people.

This skincaring foundation is on the lighter side in terms of coverage – BUT it’s buildable and therefore completely customisable for your own desired level of coverage. I’ve used it for both day and night – for my day use, I don’t actually love a full coverage, I prefer to see the skin underneath but remove any texture issues and the redness I have on my cheeks that will never go away, as much as I’ve tried.

But I’ve also built it up for a night out with the girls, and it offers a full but natural result, which is perfect for me. It melts into the skin great – I used a flat brush in circular motions – but doesn’t settle into pores or crinkle under the eye. And, the all-important matter – yes, it did cover my stubborn hormone pimples!

The range also has a whopping 30 shades and boasts a 24-hour wear (and it has an RRP of $79)

How did it feel on your face?

Like I wasn’t wearing foundation – and THAT’S my sweet spot. It’s really hydrating – you know how sometimes, if you’re wearing foundation and you feel like your face is cracking if you smile too hard? Yeah, this absolutely doesn’t do that. It is literally like your skin, but refined. I started in the centre of my face and blended out – I need the coverage in the middle, rather than the sides, and it really did the job.

Any other benefits?

Because of all the skin-loving ingredients, it helps you streamline your beauty routine in the morning by allowing you to skip your hyaluronic acid or vitamin serums, if you want to (anything that saves me time and gets me closer to coffee is A-OK with me). 

And this could be a very ‘me’ thing, but I love that it has a pump. I know I can’t be the only one who gets annoyed when it’s an open bottle and you have to try your darndest to NOT have the whole thing pour out onto your brush, right!?

Is it worth buying?

Honestly, yeah it is – especially if you’re after a more natural look, and if you’re someone who puts skincare first.

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