Microblading, Laminating or Good Old-Fashioned Tinting? An Expert’s Guide on What’s Best For Your Brows in 2022

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We all know a good, defined brow is the secret to a put-together look, and with SO many options available now, from makeup techniques through to permanent tattooing, it’s hard to figure out what the right move for you is.

So to go through all of today’s ways to get that perfect brow, we spoke to the owner of Auckland’s Lash Noir and Lash Noir Ink, Rebecca Hutchinson for an expert’s take on 2022’s hottest trends.

Ok, so we all know that brows are crucial for that ‘put-together’ look – and for general everyday confidence. But the ‘perfect’ brow most definitely goes through trends – what is the ‘perfect’ brow in 2022? 

The perfect brow in 2022 is a versatile brow! We are seeing people utilise product to dress their brows up and down bringing out certain looks to compliment their makeup. Lots of lifted tails (think Zendaya) and a switch in focus to definition on the top line and softness on the lower. 

Should we even pay attention to brow trends in the first place – is it more of what looks good on you individually, rather than adhering to what’s popular? 

You can play any brow to its strength & the right products specific to your hair type & desired look are key. If you’ve not got a creative streak an Ombre Mist Powder base is a great place to start. 

Let’s talk permanent brows – is microblading the only option?

Absolutely not. It’s a great option for younger skins & clients who seek texture. But Ombre Mist which is fine layers of pigment pixels is actually more widely suitable for all skin types and can in some cases look even more natural than microblading. It also ages beautifully and requires less upkeep! 

When it comes to permanent makeup, do you have options for different looks – eg a more feathered brow, a more slick look etc?

Permanent Makeup is so adaptable, the most important thing is getting something well suited to your hair and skin type for stunning healing and good long term fading. From there you can adapt each technique to create basically any look that you like. I would always encourage a client not to get a “feature brow” but to have a size relative to balance with all of the features of the face for the most natural result. 

I’ve had microblading before and absolutely loved it, but after a few years I have some very faded brows! Can you top up your microblading over your existing ink? 

You can yes, technology changes rapidly in the permanent makeup industry – so it’s worthwhile reassessing if microblading is still the very best option for you or if something else might work better for your refresh. You can also lift the remaining pigment out non invasively should you wish to return to your own brows entirely or completely change the look moving forward.  

Lamination seems to be really popular – what is it, and is it worth it?

Lamination is where we soften the hair direction and re-set it in the desired formation. Its suitable for some and not for others! You do need to have some brow hair there for a good result, I also think Lamination is best completed in a contoured fashion – I am not a fan of the fork in socket brows straight up to the ceiling look that is trimmed myself however if you softly contour the hair through the tails its an effortless fluffy look for four weeks or so. 

If you’ve got literally no eyebrow going on – thanks 90s – what’s your best option, do you think?

A very soft Ombre Mist would be my go to. Done so lightly that it’s nearly just a base for you to dress up if and when you wear makeup. If you have a solid strip of hair, or dark hair where there is hair microblading if suitable for your skin might work better. 

Is there a brow crime that really grinds your gears?

Trimming the bulb of the brow off blunt. A technique that I hope continues to slowly die. 

If you could impart one piece of advice to anyone looking to whip their brows into shape, what is it?

Six weekly professional shapes with the same person, get a vision, find out how to achieve it and from there consistency is all you need to make your brow dreams happen, and a few recommended products, ask someone who’s tried and tested them all to save yourself a lot of wasted product trying to find whats right for you. 

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