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The Capsule Collection: Our Favourite New Things for July!

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Capsule’s eclectic collection of the best of new products in fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle that are hitting shelves this month – you’re welcome!

The Warehouse H&H Recycled Women’s Hooded Puffer Jacket

I (Kelly) got sent one of these jackets from The Warehouse as part of a PR mailer, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting much – how wrong I was. This jacket is SOFT. This jacket is WARM. This jacket looks effing CUTE. It’s even got outside pockets with domes so your phone doesn’t fall out. It’s got a removable hood. And I LOVE the sage green colour (there’s three others too.) And best of all? It’s $65.

Check it out here

Glasshouse Fragrances Heavy Petal Candle

If you’ve been reading Capsule for more than a beat you’ll know we’re OBSESSED with candles – and one of our fragrances houses Glasshouse Fragrances absolutely pumps out special scents that always surprise and delight. Luckily for me, who adores sandalwood scents, this one is going straight to the pool room (read: office desk) with a smoked tulip (INTERESTING) and sandalwood fragrance in a nod to the speakeasies of yesteryear.

$59.99, see more here

Church Road’s The Feast of Five

Yes we know this is technically an event, but we’re super-excited for Church Road’s Feast of Five,  sensational wine event series created in collaboration with multisensory explorer, Dr Jo Burzynska.

Taking place in Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown across July and August, the discovery series will showcase how, by stimulating your senses in different ways, you can draw different notes and aromas from the same glass of Church Road. Perfectly matched with a five-course degustation menu, which has been carefully designed by New Zealand’s most acclaimed chefs, guests will discover how colour, shape, sound and texture can alter the experience of the wine, and will also celebrate 125 years (!!) of Church Road wine.

See more details here

Dermalogica Daily Milkfoliant

From the experts who brought you Daily Microfoliant – the iconic exfoliating powder – comes a new powder exfoliant that smooths and soothes all skin conditions. Joining the Foliant Franchise, Daily Milkfoliant is clinically proven to smooth skin calmly; with 90% of consumers having significant smoothness after just one use. It’s a vegan formula with oat and coconut, which activates upon contact with water, this calming polish makes exfoliating peaceful. And I (Kelly) can attest to its quality – I got to try out the formula before launch and my skin is nice and exfoliated – and less red than usual which is a huge win.

$119, see more information here

Goju Wellness Shots

Ah, it’s a real indicator of age that THESE are the shots we’re looking forward to the most, isn’t it – but that’s life, baby. We’ve been obsessed with these little beauties of Goju that give you a real shot of goodness without any additives or preservatives. Choose from the ginger shots for general winter health; charcoal for detoxing (there may or may not be a few in the fridge in case of any hangovers) and our personal favourite, turmeric which helps inflammation.

From $4.49, see more here

Hello Undies

Look we know that there’s a huge comfort in just buying black period undies, but sometimes you want to feel a little lighter – enter Hello’s new line of period undies. Comfortable, thin, and super absorbent – they’ve mixed superior, patented fabric technology with gorgeous design to come up with absorbent undies that exceed exceptions and look pretty darn gorgeous at the same time. Machine washable and tumble dryer safe – and they hold the same amount as five tampons or pads.

$59.99, see more here

AF July 31 Mixed Pack

For all of those legends out there doing Dry July, it’s not too late to grab a 31 pack of AF’s delicious alcohol-free drinks which include G&T’s, vodka and soda, sake and Aperol-inspired drinks – the perfect placebos for anyone determined to stay booze-free this month. (And if you’re in Auckland, check out AF’s incredible alcohol-free liquor store in Ponsonby Central!)

$119.00, check it out here

The Beauty Chef GLOW F.A.C.E

Thirteen years after launching the highly coveted GLOW powder, the world’s first ingestible beauty product focusing on the microbiome of the gut, The Beauty Chef have reimagined this into a topical skin-nourishing, intensive face oil. 

Holding true to The Beauty Chef’s expertise in fermentation and focus on the health of the microbiome, the oil features a unique fermented prebiotic and postbiotic extract as well as skin loving Vitamins A, C and E. GLOW F.A.C.E Intensive Rejuvenating Oil is the ultimate multi-tasker, addressing a broad range of skin concerns including reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and firming and toning the skin.

$79, more information here

Meadowlark Rose Pearl Drop Earrings

We can’t stop thinking about these gorgeous new earrings from Meadowlark – they’d be a perfect statement pair to complement a modern, romantic wedding look or turn a simple dress into a gorgeous backdrop for these pearl beauties to shine. They’re made-to-order to make each pair slightly different, giving you a unique, polished look.

From $999, see more here

The Virtue Perfume Sampler Sets

We’re absolutely coveting the new addition to The Virtue’s excellent line of scents, offering to help newcomers to the brand ‘Find their Fix’.  The Virtue’s collection of decadent fine fragrance adds a touch of aromatic excellence to our daily lives. The hardest decision however for new discoverers of this coveted brand is ‘which of these exquisite scents is me’? 

The Virtues new Parfum Sampler Set enables customers to experience five different scent profiles of their own selection. Customers select their own bespoke Parfum Sampler Set, and 2ml sprays of each of The Virtue’s intoxicating elixirs are included in their set for $59, which also comes in a beautiful cream suede pouch – perfect if you’re not sure what your vibe is!

Check it out here

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