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Capsule Considers: If You’re Going to Splurge on a Fancy Vacuum, This Is It – Trust Us, We Tested It!

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Welcome to Capsule Considers, where we try out and review the latest products on the market and offer our honest, unbiased opinions, free from any obligation or expectation because if you’re parting with your hard-earned money based on any of our recommendations, we’re gonna make sure it’s damn well worth it. Kelly Bertrand reviews Samsung’s Bespoke Jet Extra Stick Vacuum Cleaner – is it worth the high price tag?

Review: The Samsung Bespoke Jet Extra Stick Vacuum Cleaner

When you turn 30 you should be given a little ‘welcome to the rest of your life’ gift pack.

You know, matching pantry containers with little labels; matching coffee mugs; a Kmart gift card and of course, a decent vacuum cleaner.

Why is when you get to an, erm, certain age, the job you used to hate the most suddenly becomes the one you look forward to the most? It’s probably the thing that occupies the same space where the ability to get over a hangover in two hours used to live.

So yeah, I bloody love a vacuum cleaner and as somewhat of a connoisseur (check out our previous reviews here) I reckon I’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s going to work in a typical Kiwi home where my fellow basics are looking for an epic clean – and I have to say, this latest Samsung fills my basic heart with so much joy.

Why is the Samsung Bespoke Jet Extra Stick so good?

Let’s start at the beginning. She’s a cute wee thing with a WHOLE lot of attachments, extras and cool shit that’ll replace a lot of other stuff in your storage cupboard.

Samsung bespoke jet

Action stations – The Samsung Bespoke Jet Extra Review

The biggest addition is the Clean Station – this is the holder as well as the charger as well as where all the crap ends up and while it’s on the bigger side, it’s perfect for ease of use (and also for renters who aren’t able to screw holders into walls). The Clean Station has its own little vacuum inside that sucks out the waste into a big disposable bag, meaning you don’t have to empty out the cleaner every time and you can’t see all the dirt.

You just click the vacuum into place, push a button on the front and everything is gone, and you get three bags in your box, enough to hold two litres of waste. It means you have a much cleaner experience – no dust escapes when you’re emptying the vacuum, so your house is just that little bit cleaner.

The cleaner is visually veeery chic too – I have to keep mine in my lounge due to lack of plugs in my house (the bane of my life) but I actually don’t mind in the slightest. Plus, when you pay this much for a vacuum you bloody well want everyone to see it (only joking a little).

All the small things

Along with the standard jet dual brush, you also get:

  • Pet tool
  • Combination tool
  • Extension crevice tool
  • Flexible tool (it changes the angle of the pole)
  • Wet brush
  • An extra battery
  • Accessory cradle and holder.
Samsung bespoke jet
All the stuuuuuuff

So if you want to vacuum literally anything, this baby will enable you. Couch crevices, the little gaps in ranch sliders, weird corners that make no sense to any architect – trust me, you’re good.

It has a WET option?

Oh yeah, this bad boy is a mop too. Well, when I say mop, I wouldn’t fully get rid of the usual supermarket job for when you drop a whole bottle of soy sauce on the kitchen floor BUT, it’s very handy for the in-between jobs. A wet pad (you can get single use and multi-use) attaches to the wet brush. You chuck some water into the tank and with the water spray button, you’re in business!

Yeah but how easy is it to use?

One of my favourite things about this cleaner is that unlike some of the other market leading fancy vacuums, you don’t have to keep your finger on the trigger. After vacuuming the whole house with your hand having to stay in the same place, it can be a little painful, especially if you’re dealing with any kind of arthritis/ wrist pain.

It’s not the heaviest or lightest of vacuums – it’s fine for a normal-sized home – and it’s not overly noisy.

It does a bloody good job – you won’t BELIEVE how much crap will come out of your carpets the first time you use it; try not to blame yourself for the state of your floors – and the only little struggle it did have was with my super-long hair. This is where the Dysons, with their jazzy anti-tangle brush attachments, do come up trumps, but it’s fine if you keep an eye on the brush heads.

Just tell me how much it is for God’s sake

I’ll just come out and say it – $1599. I know. She’s pricey – much more of an investment than you’d think but if you can swing it, it’s such a great cleaning experience. Wedding registries and Christmas presents, right!?

I would seriously recommend this if you have people with allergies or sensitivities in your house – the clean station eliminates so many dust mites, and it makes keeping the house spotless so much easier.

Check it out here!

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