Monday, September 26, 2022

Cottage Core and Home Offices Are In; Metro Tiles and Dried Flowers Are Out – The Home Trends On The Up and the Down

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In a year that saw us confined to our homes, it’s no surprise that people have been spending their money in the only place they could – jazzing up their houses.

But what have we been up to on those wee trips down to the homeware store?

British company Roofing Megastore tracked the trends worldwide showing the biggest uplift in interest as we reach the end of the year, and unsurprisingly the top spot was taken by ‘home offices’, however beyond that, the likes of wall panelling, retro styles and new interior design buzzword ‘cottagecore’ ranked highly. 

On the flip side, trends decreasing in popularity included once sought after metro tiles, cane furniture and blue kitchens!

The research analysed Google Trends data throughout 2020, for a range of different interior design styles, colours, furniture, home improvements and accessories, to reveal which are set to dominate 2021, and which are on their way out.

As a knock-on effect of 2020, home offices came out on top, with a 188% increase in popularity since the beginning of the year. However, this unsurprising top spot with an eclectic mixture of trends, including retro styles (103% rise in interest), wall panelling (+100%) and cottagecore, the homely design trend taking the world by storm, which increased in popularity by 64% in New Zealand! 

Here’s the list of what’s in and what’s out for your New Year home reno!

What’s Trending Up:

1. Home Offices

Instagram/ @studiomobydick

2. Retro Style

Instagram / bobergsfajans

3. Wall Panelling

4. Conservatories

Instagram/ swiftrooms.tarek

5. Cottagecore

Instagram / kitty.faerie

6. Line Art

Instagram / elysianprintstudio

7. Industrial Light

8. Grey Kitchens

Instagram / renovating.number4

9. White Kitchens

10. Mid-Century Furniture

Instagram / the_wall_cottage

What’s Trending Down:

1. Metro / Subway Tiles

Instagram / little.1930s.semi

2. Vintage Style

Instagram / idlewild.cottage

3. Blue Kitchens

4. Floral Wallpaper

Instagram / pennies_for_a_fortune

5. Sky Lights

6. Black Kitchens

Instagram / loft_kitchens

7. Diffusers

8. Dried Flowers

9. Cane Furniture

10. Macrame

Instagram / knotsandnaps

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