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Courtney Tairi: How I Found My Personal Colour Palette (PLUS Her TOP 10 Beauty Essentials)

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Colour impacts our home, our fashion and our beauty – and our beauty products are the chosen colour palette that we present to the world, from the neutrals we choose day to day to the colours that help us stand out. Every month, we’ll be profiling one well-known Kiwi about their colour story: how colour impacts their fashion, home décor and their beauty world. From their top products and their top picks, to the beauty memories that have stayed with them, we’ll be taking you inside their colourful world to help inspire your own colourful choices with Resene’s huge selection of hues. First up, We’re chatting to Courtney Tairi – Former Silver Fern and current Sky Sport broadcaster. Courtney says her colour palette is super eclectic, and depends on what she needs from her day.

“I love colour, especially bright colours,” she tells. “Growing up my mum always dressed in beautiful bright colours and it always made me feel happy. Pink has been my favourite colour for a long time – it gives me an instant lift and a massive rush of happiness.”

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Courtney Tairi II CAPSULE
Former Silver Fern Courtney Tairi

Courtney Tairi – My Colour Story:

When it comes to beauty, for my day-to-day makeup I can’t go past natural and bronzing colours for my skin tone. I feel they give a subtle glow and lift for a day-today look. When it’s time to glam up, I like to add a pop of colour, and you can’t go past a bright red lip, or a pink nails. Just something to lift both my mood and my look!

I tend to gravitate towards the same pinks and reds with my fashion too – after all, pink is my favourite colour, so why not wear it! When it’s time to glam up I love bright colours – and lately its been a vibrant red or pink. For day-today I still like a pop of colour and have been wearing a lot of green lately as it’s super on-trend, but my favourites will always be shades of pink.

Be inspired:

Left to right: If you’re like Courtney and you crave a dramatic pop of colour, you can’t go past Resene Pursuit. For brights that are still bright, but blend with your existing neutral bases, go for Resene Japonica and Resene Glamour Puss for an instant mood lift.

While I absolutely love brights on myself, my home decor vibe is a little different – I go for black, white and neutral tones, because it’s a house! BUT, true to form I guess the unexpected colour I’ve sprinkled throughout is blush. It’s still adds colour which I love, just in a softer way that’s comforting and relaxing, and truly makes me feel at home.

Be inspired:

Left to right: There’s a reason we’re a nation obsessed with black – it’s chic, it’s easy, it goes with everything and it looks GREAT on athletes! it’s also the perfect feature colour for your home (this Resene Black is the perfect shade) when paired with our beloved neutrals, like Resene Half Sour Dough, which provides warmth in an effortless, easy manner. To inject a little personality into your decor like Courtney, go with pops of your favourite colour that’ll make you smile every time you walk past – in her case, it’s touches of blush like Resene Tuft Bush.

And when I think about travel, for me, blues and yellows are always happy colours. I was born in Australia and grew up there, so my childhood was sun and surf – so it’s the blue of the ocean and the yellow of the sun for me – and sand! No matter where i am in the world, these colours always give me a sense of home and growing up spending beach days on the coast. Plus, I’ll go anywhere where there’s sun, sand and surf, so fingers crossed for 2022 travel!

Be inspired:

Left to right: It’s impossible not to think of the sun when you look at Resene Half Turbo – and if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we should be bringing in touches of our experiences and travels into our own home because travel, unfortunately, is never a given. Resene Navarone is another gorgeous neutral that’s able to balance out the brights (and remind us of glorious beach days!) while Resene Curious Blue has a stunningly charming, calming nature that’s reminiscent of deep blue oceans.

Colour flatlay

Courtney Tairi and her personal colour palette – top left: Her decor palette, middle: her travel palette, bottom right, her beauty and fashion palette; plus a few of her favourite things

Courtney Tairi: My Top 10 Beauty Must-Haves:

  1. Biologi Rose Hip Oil – I love to use natural skincare when I can and this oil helps to keep my skin smooth and hydrated
  2. Organic Rituals Pink D-Tox Mask – this is a pink clay mask infused with healing herbs like chamomile and aloe vera that help give my skin its glow
  3. Micro-needle Derma roller – I’ve learnt to give myself facials at with this pandemic and my derma roller helps with the tone and texture of my skin
  4. Mecca Reusable Cleansing Face Washer – so soft and perfect to cleanse the face. Great for the face and environment. 
  5. To Save Face SPF+50 Superscreen – So important to protect your skin especially your face from the harshness of the sun. I love anything SPF+50 and this one is non greasy and works well with makeup
  6. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – perfect to brighten the eyes and gives a luminous finish
  7. Mecca Max Liquid Light – illuminates the skins to give a great glow. Can be combined with foundation or used on its own.
  8. Bobbi Brown highlighting powder – silky, lightweight and accentuates those cheekbones
  9. ​Estée Lauder Double Wear No Smudge Mascara – great for those long days when you need a long-lasting pop around the eyes that won’t smudge 
  10. Gucci Bloom – always great to smell good and this one reminds me of summer

What’s your beauty philosophy?
To keep it as natural as possible and the major key to that is great skin. When you’re having a great skin moment you glow radiance and confidence from the inside out. I’ve learnt (especially as I’ve gotten older) to look after and protect your skin. 

What’s been your worst beauty disaster?
Over-plucking the eyebrows, dyeing my own hair, you name it and I have done it. But the worst would have to be dyeing my own hair and having to take myself to the hairdresser to fix it. Disaster!

What’s your go-to look when you’re in a rush, but you need a little confidence injection?
I try and keep it natural – put on a little under eye concealer, highlighter on the cheekbones, some gloss and mascara. If you’re having a good hair day, let it down and let it flow. If not, pull it back with a sleek look and you are ready. 

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