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Is This the Best New Bridal Collection of 2022? Daisy is Here to Shake Up the Wedding Gown Game Because You Can ACTUALLY Wear These Again – Plus Why It’s Now About the Wedding WARDROBE

Capsule x Daisy

Yes to love, no to formalities – Kelly Bertrand speaks to the designer behind the most individual wedding dress collection yet, who’s focussing on sustainability, practicality and most importantly, love. (Scroll down for video!)

Even before Covid hit, Kiwi brides have been demanding more from their big days.

And by more, we mean less.

Less fuss, less stress, less extravagance, less waste. But more moments, more spontaneity, more romance, more personality – more love.

It’s a trend noticed by designer Katie Yeung, who created the dynamic Daisy brand six years ago when she realised there was a whole market of free-spirited, conscious and joyful brides who wanted something different from their wedding dresses.

Sitting parallel to their big sister label, Hera Couture, Daisy is for the bride who wants to wear her gown ‘her way’, says Katie.

“She’s the bride who loves a bit of DIY, who thinks it’s more important to have a cosy, relaxed ceremony than focus on luxury, and is focused on family and friends having a great time, rather than tradition,” Katie tells Capsule on the eve the launch of her Daisy 2022 Curate Collection.

It’s a collection not like any other – along with gorgeous, modern gowns, Katie has curated her best-performing designs across skirts, tops, sleeves, capes, wraps, jackets and bridal suits so brides can mix and match to create their own personal dream looks.

The Daisy Curate 2022 Collection

And it means the pieces can be worn again and again (gotta love a low cost per wear) – making the collection more sustainable and practical then ever.

“Kiwi women are some of the most practical and pragmatic in the world,” nods Katie. “We love the idea that these can be special pieces not just for your wedding, but for all the other big moments of your life, like big career milestones, times where friends and family gather, celebrations of all kinds.

“There’s always opportunities to wear something that’s going to make you feel confident and beautiful, and I really designed this collection with that in mind.

“I think women are more confident now in expressing themselves – a lot has changed quickly! I remember even three or four years ago, even if the bride wanted to wear something like a Daisy dress, it would mean a conversation with her mother who would want her something more traditional! And now brides are like, you know what? I just want to wear what make me feel me – and I want to stretch my money further.”

Now, it’s about the ‘wedding wardrobe’ – options that take the bride from welcome dinners and drinks, through to the ceremony, reception and after functions, all in a casually chic, modern way.

Katie’s also noticed the ‘second dress’ trend growing, as brides are keen to capitalise on their big day and make as bigger a splash as they can.

“I’ve had a few brides who might buy a slightly more traditional Hera Couture dress for the ceremony, and want something more fun and personality-driven for the reception – or vice versa,” she says.

“The key though is the wearability, and making sure that the brides are an elevated version of themselves.

“I’ve had some beautiful brides come in, feeling quite nervous of how they should look and how they should portray their style on the day for their family and extended family, as well as their partner. Most brides love a a big gown that is romantic and ethereal but worried that others don’t like it because of the “Cinderella” comment. There is nothing wrong with feeling like a princess or a queen on the day, and second changes is always an option to change into something lighter and form fitting.” 

“I’ve designed this collection so everyone can be that elevated level of you – there’s silhouettes for literally every body shape, and we go up to size 34.”

While the days of the cookie cutter sweetheart neck, strapless gown are gone – “Thank God!” laughs Katie, women are still on the whole wanting to feel bridal, but just on their own terms.

“Brides are wanting to take as much control as they can in a chaotic world – but a part of that is leaning into the chaos,” says Katie.

“So we’re focused on giving them back that sense of control as much as we can, by giving them options to be as individual and flexible as possible. Plus, brides want to stand out in what’s a saturated social media environment, and I just know that individuality and personal style will be even more important and stronger in the years ahead.”

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