Sick of Your Stuff After Weeks at Home? 10 Fun New Things to Liven Up Your Living Space

Spring is here, which means it’s time for a good old clean out and a spruce up. If you’ve been looking around your place for weeks and now can’t stand seeing the same book and candlestick arrangements, here’s 10 cute pieces of home decor we’ve spotted to change up your space.

May Azure Decorative Candles from $19.99)

May Azure

When you’re sick of a classic container candle, up your décor game with gorgeous, scented options that double as art. May Azure’s candles are soy, hand poured and made in Aotearoa – and they’re absolutely stunning.

Papier HQ Figure Vase ($59.90)

Papier HQ

Chuck some bunny tails inside, artfully arrange some sprigs of greenery or just pop on a stack of books for more of a sculpture vibe – whatever you do, this vase is super sophisticated and will look like at least one corner of your house is put together.

Kmart Lena Pleated Table Lamp ($19)

We love it when Kmart things don’t look like Kmart things and there’s no one coming into your house and pointing at this lamp and scoffing ‘Kmart!’ (unless they too have been to Kmart because it’s like therapy assuming it’s not the weekend or school holidays).

101 Home Ripple Glass Candleholders ($52)

A touch of the 70s is never a bad thing – as long as it’s done right and not like you’ve stepped out of the set of Outrageous Fortune. Providing a pop of colour and a surface for the candlelight to bounce and reflect, these pillars are a great addition to any coffee table.

Roy Cernohorsky Framed Photographic Print – Sunset Waves ($599)

You know you’re getting on when art – actual proper framed art – gets you excited. The pandemic and the ensuring lockdowns have had us all yearning for freedom, and no matter what the future holds, looking at this gorgeous print has us feeling all warm, fuzzy and optimistic. More of that, please!

Kmart Rattan Look Tray ($12)

Is it just us, or has the combination of spring and being stuck inside really fuelled that urge to organise? (To be fair that could be just us – the Virgo energy is STRONG.) Regardless, trays are an interior decorator’s dream – they form the perfect base for table and shelf arrangements, and keep similar items together and uncluttered.

Nood Anya Linen Look Cushion – Wheat ($39.99)

Anya Linen Look Cushion - Wheat

Simple, classic and the perfect addition to a cosy-but-clean living or bedroom, this cushion is the perfect size and plumpness that’ll go with everything and actually be comfortable.

Indie Home Collective Table Lamp ($139.50)

Part lamp part sculpture, this is a great piece of lighting to level up your lounge or bedroom that’ll throw soft and moody light. Lighting is everything, after all.

Indie Home Collective Pottery Tangine ($188.50)

First of all, Morrocan food is delicious – but even if you’ll only use this a few times a year, it still looks fantastic on a shelf and will make people think you’re the type of people who actually use a tagine on a regular basis. Classy, worldly and cool – that’s you.

Boheme Home Bahamas Bar Cart ($439)

Because we’ve been through two level fours, it’s probably time that your burgeoning cocktail ingredients have a proper home instead of on top of the fridge. May as well make a feature of it!

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