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Have You Heard of Fragrance ZONING? How Utilising Different Scents Will Transform Your Home

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We adore home fragrance at Capsule but even we, scented candle ENTHUSIASTS, had no idea about fragrance zoning. if you’re like us, we have scented candles and diffusers scattered around the house and office, but we’ve never really given too much thought about how the scents make us feel, or how we use the fragrances themselves (plus, how to pick the PERFECT scent for the perfect present!)

So we spoke to Angie Mercer, the education and training manager at CIRCA, about how to fragrance zone your home to get the right *vibes* vibing.

Let’s talk fragrance zoning– what is it, and how do you do it?

Fragrance zoning is the theory of using different fragrances in various spaces throughout your home to set a specific mood in each zone. To do it, you need to first understand the mood that each fragrance group best evokes, and then think about how you want to feel in each space of your home. Then select products from that fragrance group or family to match the intended mood for your zones.

How do you use the different scent profiles in your house to help set the vibe?

The easiest way is to look at each space in your home and think about the mood you would like to evoke in this space. For spaces like our work desk, our laundry and our kitchen in the mornings, I find most people want a Fresh fragrance to help feel energised and uplifted.

Fresh fragrances are designed to energise and cleanse. Like a power punch to the senses, they’re perfect for the morning, for when you’re active or for when you’re working to help give you a pep in your step.

For the lounge or larger shared living spaces, we often want to set a happy, content vibe. The scent profile of Floral fragrances are perfect for these areas as they evoke feelings of appreciation, happiness and optimism.

In our bathroom or bedroom we might prefer to set a tone of self-care or me-time, so a Gourmand scent is perfect for this.

Similarly, you may want to use a warm Amber fragrance to set an intimate or connected vibe for family time or a dinner date at home with a loved one. Quite simply, think of the mood you want and then select the best fragrance to match this.

When you’re fragrance zoning, use diffusers for an ‘always on’ fragrance hit, for areas such as bathrooms and living areas, and use candles for a scent hit

Can you walk us through those four different types of scents, and what feelings/emotions they evoke?

We use four key fragrance families to categorise our fragrances and each one is associated with a different mood or emotion, which are perfect for fragrance zoning. Fresh fragrances are made up of ingredients such as crisp citrus, zesty fruits and breezy marine notes. They help us to feel energised and uplifted.

Floral fragrances are made of soft, dewy green notes and lush fresh blooms. They set a happy or grateful mood, similar to how we feel when someone gifts us a bouquet of flowers.

Gourmand fragrances are sweet and delicious, fruity notes blended with caramel and vanilla. They’re perfect for a self-care or “me-time” mood – think relaxing in a warm bath or curling up with a good book.

Finally, Amber fragrances are warm and intimate, with notes such as creamy vanilla, spices and resins. They set a mood that’s more sensual and connected so ideal for romantic evenings, or for quality moments of connection with loved ones.

What are your personal favourite scents, and why?

My favourite fragrance is always changing but whether it’s an object from my real life or a fragrance I’m intentionally introducing, it is always linked to how it makes me feel. I love the smell of coffee in the mornings as it gives me that instant feeling of energy and a walk on the beach with a fresh breeze does the same. For this reason, I love the Oceanique fragrance. It’s so refreshing that I instantly feel more focused and lively.

I also have a love of warm, ambery incense fragrances, like you might find at a temple or a yoga retreat. Our Amber & Sandalwood reminds me of this moment of presence and connection.

Finally, as a fragrance lover I’m attracted to anything particularly interesting or different. For this reason the Sea Salt and Vanilla is also a current favourite. I love the way that it combines an ultra-fresh sparkling sea salt note with the warmth and creaminess of vanilla. It’s dreamy but crisp all at once.

If you’re buying a candle for someone as a gift, what should you keep in mind? Do you have any tips to nailing the right scent?

I think there are some fragrances that are universally loved, so if buying a gift for someone I often reach for these. It’s difficult to go wrong with a beautiful floral scent like Jasmine & Magnolia or Cotton Flower & Freesia. I also don’t know anyone who doesn’t love the feeling of being on a beachside holiday. CIRCA’s Oceanique is like a refreshing sea breeze that brings a holiday vibe right into your home.

If you want to match a personal sent for a friend, one technique you could try to help you choose best might be to think of the kind of colours they dress in. Warmer tones might indicate someone who’d enjoy an Amber or Gourmand scent. Neutral or cool tones may be a Fresh fragrance lover. Someone who loves soft blush, pinks or floral prints would be perfect for a Floral. The colours of the CIRCA boxes also suggest the scents within so this helps with this approach also.

What are you burning right now?

I tend to reach for something Fresh while I’m working so right now I’m burning a CIRCA Pear & Lime candle. It’s such a beautiful blend of Anjou Pear and zesty Mexican Lime. I always feel energised and focused with this fragrance.

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