Friday, March 1, 2024

Are You Fixing Your G&T Properly? The 5 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making With Your Gin and Tonic

You’d think a a good old-fashioned gin and tonic is literally just gin and tonic, some ice and a garnish, if you’re fancy. But turns out it’s SO much more than that. Well, for a good G&T anyway!

A classic gin and tonic might seem like a deceptively simple drink to make. But it turns out, even with only two main ingredients, there are a few common mistakes we tend to make when mixing up a G&T at home.

So on this World Gin Day (yup, there’s an actual day) on Saturday 11 June, Fever-Tree drinks expert, Trish Brew, reveals to Capsule the top five G&T mistakes we make – and crucially, how to fix them!

A quick pour: If you’ve ever worked at a bar, you’ll know that mastering the perfect beer pour is very important. It turns out pouring your tonic requires the same set of skills. “Pouring tonic too quickly releases lots of CO2 which means less fizz in your glass – so, take extra time. Pour it like a beer, so the tonic hits the side of the glass,” Trish says.

Moral of the story, don’t rush, your G&T isn’t going anywhere.

Not enough ice: The less is more rule does not apply to ice. Trish tells us we need to make sure we have plenty of ice in our glass to avoid making a flat and watered-down G&T. “There’s a big misconception that ice dilutes the spirit. It’s actually the opposite. By putting in plenty of ice it takes longer to melt and keeps your drink perfectly chilled.”

Give it a go. You won’t regret it.

Over-stirring: According to Trish, over-stirring is another common mistake people make. “This just makes your tonic go flatter quicker because the constant stirring releases the bubbles in the tonic.”

So, it’s time to ease back on the over stirring. Aim for a little whirlpool, not a tornado in a glass.

Not using the right glass: Who knew that choosing the right glass can change the tasting experience. “Consider using a bigger glass when you pour your next G&T. Ninety per cent of taste comes from what we smell, so using a larger, Coppa style glass makes the overall drinking experience much better, and it looks great,” Trish says.

The wrong tonic: Whether you’re using top or bottom shelf gin, a high-quality mixer, is immediately going to elevate your drink – and unsurprisingly, she recommends Fever-Tree. “Fever-Tree tonics are all made with natural ingredients that enhance the gin, rather than overpower it with too much sugar.”

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