Friday, December 8, 2023

Handling It: Trish Peng

As bridal designer to the stars, Trish Peng has the inside word into what makes a beautiful wedding, big or small. This year Trish Peng Bridal opened it’s beautiful big pink doors in a new flagship store in Auckland’s Ponsonby – which is set to become the destination for NZ brides. She’s one busy – and stylish – woman, so we took a peek inside Trish Peng’s handbag to see what she always has on hand…

Trish Peng Business Cards
I always keep my business cards with me, as you never know who you will meet!

Hand sanitizer
I’m obsessed with this Linden Leaves hand sanitiser, it has rose and pohutukawa in it, so it smells divine and dries instantly, compared to the slimy sanitisers on the market.

Gets me from A to B.

Nothing better than minty fresh breath, so I always have mints or gum on hand

Trish Peng Diamond ring pen
My favourite pen! We gift these to every bride at each consultation. They are so much fun! Although the peculiar shape did get me stopped through the luggage screening at the airport once…

Lip balm
I got gifted this Go-to Pinky Nudey Lips balm a year ago and now that I know Mecca stocks it, I keep topping up. It has SPF 15 as well as a tint of colour, so it’s a nice and natural shade for when you don’t want a full face of makeup.

Lip gloss
The lip oil from MAC is a nice hydrating gloss with a coral pigment. Perfect to layer over the lip balm.

Drink bottle
Perfect size drink bottle for my day bag. I guess there’s a lot of pink in my bag.

The NARS concealer is great on the go as its light and easy to apply. Great for under the eyes and those wee blemishes.

Eye drops
I am an eyelash extension addict, so I have eye drops on the go in case of dry eyes.

Dermalogica moisturiser
I live by Dermalogica’s skincare. In wintertime, my skin needs a bit more hydration, so the mini sample size is perfect to touch up on the go or to use as hand cream.

Long hair problems! I always feel the need to tie my hair up, the scrunchie is perfect as it doesn’t kink your hair. This one is from Amelie George’s bridal essential pack we are about to stock.

Glasshouse Perfume
In my new Ponsonby store, we now stock Glasshouse fragrances. I fell in love with the scent Flower Symphony and it comes in the perfect bag size eau de parfum.

I tend to always lose my sunglasses, so I’ve found the perfect pair from Bailey Nelson that are affordable and replaceable – I think I’m on my third pair of the same style!

Compact wallet
I’m always changing out my bag, so I need a compact wallet to fit in every sized bag. I used to use big wallets but then realised I only ever use a few cards!

Spare set of earrings
I’m always wearing a pair of earrings with every outfit, so I always have a spare set of them in my bag in case. This pair is from Amelie George – an Australian designer we stock in store.

Small Bag
A wee bag to keep all the above knick-knacks in!

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