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The Capsule Collection: Take My Money! New Stuff We’re Loving This Month

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Capsule’s collection of the best of new fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle products that are hitting shelves this month – you’re welcome!


I mean if the name wasn’t enough, this stunningly-packaged bottle of rosé, produced for jewellery designer Boh Runga’s 15th birthday with Ant Moore Wines is a winner already.

This ‘Bohlaboration is the first offering of a 5-star reviewed Pinot Noir Rosé from Marlborough, playfully re-imagined as our signature Bohsé.

Designed with gifting in mind, the custom box will do the talking for you as a thank you, just because or celebration of any occasion. 

The wine’s pretty pink vibrancy showcases the palette found inside the bottle and out – wild berry fruit salad, rose petal and cookies and cream blend with a hint of thyme and crisp smack of watermelon. 

RRP $29.99

Ardell Eco Lashes

Lash sustainably with Ardell’s Eco Lashes Collection that’s beautiful and better for the earth. The lashes are consciously crafted from 100% sustainable fibres, hand-sewn on an organic cotton band for pure comfort.

Designed with the planet in mind, they’re packaged in a biodegradable paper carton, printed with soy ink, using all recyclable materials. Perfect for every day, the lashes look SO natural, light and fluffy – everyone will think they’re your own which is the perfect vibe.

From $5.99


The app for life after the swipe – welcome to the new way of dating!

Cupla is the game-changing new app for couples to prioritise “Better Time Together”. The ultimate date night app, it aims to reduce the time and stress many couples experience when trying to book amazing date nights. The outcome is dates you know your partner will love, all booked in a matter of clicks. This super-clever app links your world with your partner’s by syncing your calendars in one easy to access place.

It helps you to easily find and dedicate free time together, and then using your partner’s preferences (Hints) and Cupla’s own intelligent recommendation engine, allows you to plan and book incredible date nights in just a few clicks.

Good Health Imaglow

The Good Health Imaglow range is nutrient-rich and formulated in a therapeutic dose to be particularly beneficial for hair, skin, and nails, with ingredients that help the body better absorb collagen- but this range goes a little further than most collagen supplements, providing additional antioxidant protection.

Plus, you can choose which areas you want to target, like your hair and nails (pictured), skin or an all-over therapeutic dose.

From $39.90

Rekorderlig Ultra

Super Liquor. Rekorderlig Ultra Berry Cans 6x330ml

Yes you heard that right – Rekorderlig is back! After serving as a (very) sweet treat during the early 2010’s, the brand has launched a much more palatable (for us older millennials) version – a low-sugar cider that boasts a delicious rich medley of berries with the perfect balance of sweetness for a satisfyingly refreshing taste, or a passionfruit punch version that tastes like summer all year round.

Rekorderlig Ultra is a beautifully balanced new drop crafted by blending sparkling water, real fruit and cider together for a lighter, refreshing, low-sugar option, that weighs in at only 35 calories per 100ml, and comes in 6x 330ml can packs.

$16.99 for 6


The Virtue Incense Sticks

Combining tradition with a refined blend of premium perfumes, The Virtue Incense release a delicate, timeless fragrance when burned.

A more sultry experience than a traditional candle (although they make them as well and they are DIVINE), take a moment to pause and reflect and be totally enveloped in the gorgeous scent – try Narcosis, a dreamy combination of pepper, rose, geranium, cloves and amber.

RRP $58

Craft Smoothie Express

Craft Smoothie Express - Variety Box

Why is it SO HARD TO BE HEALTHY. I [Kelly] really am trying at the moment to be ‘that person’ – heading out for a walk first thing in the morning, downing a healthy smoothie first thing, and perhaps eating lunches and dinners where the predominant colour is green.

Of course I am drinking a glass of wine at 3pm on a Tuesday after devouring a plate of cheese and crackers but the world IS going to hell in a hand basket so, meh.

However, I have been enjoying these super-quick smoothies in the morning – all you need to do is empty the pouch into a blender and add some water and ice – and I know that no matter how badly I fall off the wagon, at least I’ve done something good for my body, and because they’re so easy there’s really no excuse! (The Tropical Mango and the Strawberry Raspberry are my favourites).

RRP $7.99 for one packet, or $37.95 per week for five on subscription

Batched Salted Grapefruit Margarita

Imagine have a delicious margarita just inches away, ready to go when you need a fun cocktail fix – oh look, you CAN.

A lot of pre-mixed drinks can err on the sweet side, but in this refreshing and sophisticated twist on a beloved cocktail, the salted grapefruit has just the right amount of tartness, sweetness, and a quintessential salt on the finish.

The convenient bottle contains six servings.

RRP $44.99

Liberty of London Frames

Iconically and quintessentially British, Liberty has finally arrived on our shores, with their gorgeous range of glasses and sunglasses stocked exclusively at Specsavers. We are LOVING these softly-angled hexagonal sunglasses in a bronze metal with blush pink enamel highlights in the rim, and at the slim metal sides. It’s an elegant frame in an art nouveau style, but updated for the 21st century.

RRP 2 pairs for $459

New Balance Uni-Essentials

I’ve never understood why clothing items such as sweatshirts and trackies had to be gender-specific – and now it seems like New Balance thinks the same way!

The brand has launched Uni-ssentials, which moves beyond the old, artificial limitations, with a thoughtfully constructed approach to gender neutral sizing.

Built from the overlapping measurements of traditional men’s and women’s sizes, this new collection is a truly authentic approach to unisex sizing, encouraging self-expression with something to suit everyone.

We’re absolutely living for this blue!

RRP from $50

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