Friday, December 8, 2023

The Gift Guide Collection: The One for Joy All Year Round (And Perfect for the Last Minute!)

Welcome to our 2021 Gift Guide Collection! Over the next month we’ll be dropping a new gift guide every few days so you’ll never be lacking inspiration – even for the hardest to buy for!

Monthly subscriptions or annual passes are the gift that keeps on giving – literally – because they are a continuous source of happiness AND because they are supply-chain proof. That’s right, if you’ve just realised that Christmas is in under a week and you’ve still got a present list to conquer, here are some suggestions that will solve both these problems, no last-minute trip to a heaving mall required!

The Facialist Light Lounge

This one is a splurge *cough* buy it for yourself *cough* but if you know someone who has a big event coming up this year – say, one of the many brides who have had to postpone due to Covid-19 – then a 10 pack of Light Lounge sessions is an incredibly kind and thoughtful gift.

Light therapy feels like a trip to Fiji, as it pops you under a fancy and effective light that makes your skin glow for days to come. Seriously, the radiance is unparalleled. I (Emma) did two of these before my wedding and managed for one day to look like a glowy princess, rather than the dry husk I normally am.

A light lounge session is also incredibly relaxing as you are forced to lie down for 30 minutes with your eyes closed, on a warm and fluffy bed, and then wake up look like a younger version of yourself. Not in Auckland? No problem, most beauty therapy places will offer a session pack of this wonderful treatment.

The Facialist Light Lounge 10 Session Pack, $450

Calm Meditation App Subscription

Now that we are embarking on our third pandemic year (!!!!!!!!!), you don’t have to look too far to see that everyone’s mental health is a bit, well, stretched. The Calm meditation app is the #1 app of its ilk in the world and with good reason, it has an absolutely massive catalogue of tools to help both the seasoned meditator and the concerned newbie.

There is a huge range of meditations, running from 10-minute daily ones through to hour-long ones, including a series to help you get back to sleep/or drift of. There are soundscapes of nature sounds and relaxing sound baths, not to mention an audio library of soothing sleep stories to listen to for when you wake up at 3am with a racing mind (narrated by the likes of Harry Styles, Regé-Jean Page, and Matthew McConaughey). There’s also an option for Calm kids, Calm bodies and masterclass sessions by Tara Brach, Pico Iyer and Elizabeth Gilbert.

Calm Yearly Subscription, $69(US)/$102(NZD)

Whitestone Cheese Club

Imagine having the elements of a stunning cheese board delivered to your house, every month. Who are you, Oprah? Well, you can give the gift of cheese – the best gift for all lactose-tolerant people – to someone with the Whitestone Cheese Club package. Pick between the Everyday Gourmet package – one cheese and one condiment – or the Entertainer package, with cheese, crackers and a condiment.

This way, your gift recipient is always ready for a casual cheese and drinks party, or ready to elevate their post-work drinkies to a fancier level. Fresh cheese, every month, and they don’t have to think about it. What a beautiful world we live in.

Whitestone Cheese Club, prices from $50 – $480

Espresso Workshop Coffee Subscription

There is nothing better than freshly ground coffee in the morning – and lockdowns have REALLY made us appreciative of a good cup of joe first thing in the comfort of our own homes.

Treat your loved one with the very best beans – and the absolute cherry on the top is that they’ll be delivered every week/month so you’re literally giving joy all year round.


Espresso Workshop Coffee Subscription, from $19

Skintopia Memberships

Give the gift of great skin – and of some precious ‘me time’ minutes – with a voucher for a three-month membership at Skintopia.

The lovely therapists there will walk your intended (or lets be honest, you) through a series of scans that’ll show you just what your face is up to under all the layers (we’re talking ageing, skin damage, the works) so you can get the best, most targeted treatment possible. Memberships are based on one treatment and one enhancement (fancy add-ons within the treatments) per month.

Packages start at $270, plus all members get 10% off the HUGE Dermalogica skincare collection to take home, as well as a $120 goodie bag.

Skintopia Membership, from $270

HelloFresh gift card

Everyone loves food. Everyone is busy. What’s the perfect gift? Food – delivered straight to your loved one’s door.

The modern take on the old ‘drop ’round a casserole to show you care’ vibe, why not make life just a little easier for someone and give them a few weeks off from the supermarket, especially during summer when time is better spent at the beach with the whānau.

You can grab a HelloFresh gift card via Prezzee, starting from $100.

HelloFresh gift card, from $100

Te Kano Wine Club

I’ve (Kelly) always thought belonging to a wine club was the epitome of adulthood, you know – not just running down to the supermarket to find the vino that has been discounted the most.

And yeah, I was right. I’ve been a member of Te Kano’s wine club for a year, and the quarterly drop of gorgeous, dry and interesting Central Otago wines is something I really look forward to.

Give a gift that keeps on giving – and expand someone’s wine knowledge – with a gift you can also take advantage of. Gift-giving 101, right?!

Te Kano Wine Club

Audible subscription

If you know someone who loves books, but is also very time poor, this could be just the ticket! I (Alice) held off from audio books for years because I was one of those snobs who didn’t believe that listening to a book was the same as actually holding it in your hands and reading it.But, I have totally had my mind changed now. While I still love to read, and audiobooks will never replace a paperback in my hand as I wind down at the end of the day, or lie on the beach with, they’re so damn handy.

They’re perfect for commuting, for listening to while you’re folding washing, cooking or wrapping Christmas presents. Audible has a huge collection of books and with a monthly subscription you get one credit each month – one credit equals one book, but extra credits are available to buy, with extra deals for subscribers. Subs start from one month ($16.45) to one year ($164.50).

Audible subscription, from $16.45

The Chocolate Bar subscription

Know someone with a sweet tooth? Give them the gift of delicious artisan chocolate every month of the year! They’ll receive a selection of chocolate bars, ranging from two full-size bars if you opt for the mini-sub or six for the deluxe) and you can choose whether to go for just dark chocolates or a mix of dark and milk.

Each month they’ll get a surprising new array to try – with a promise that they’ll never send the same bar twice. Along with the bars you’ll get info on each one, and in your very first box you’ll get a notebook to jot down thoughts and tasting notes, so by the end of it, you’ll have a strong handle on exactly what you like!

Subscriptions are also available for those with dietary requirements, including those who are vegan and/or gluten free.

The Chocolate Bar subscription, starting at $27.50 per month

NZ Dog Box

We all know someone whose favourite topic is their fur baby. Well, thankfully they’ve now made Christmas gift buying that much easier!

NZ Dog Boxes offer subscriptions – monthly, bi-monthly or one off boxes that are filled with premium, natural treats and toys that dogs will go nuts over (making their human parents very happy in the process).

It’s a complete surprise what you’ll receive each month, but they do cater them to the size of the dog, so be sure to specify whether you’re gifting for a small, medium or large dog.

NZ Dog Box subscription, from $49

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