Wednesday, December 1, 2021

What To Wear When… You’re Feeling a Little Vulnerable

Along with sharing her favourite new picks from new season collections and some of her favourite things, Kiwi fashion and interiors stylist Lulu Wilcox will be tackling some of our biggest fashion needs when we find ourselves needing that little something extra for all of life’s biggest (and smallest!) situations.

From what to wear when you’re meeting your future mother-in-law for the first time or what to wear for that very important third date, through to her picks for gym wear when you’ve just signed up to Les Mills and you didn’t realise it was also a lycra-led fashion show every time you turn up to Body Balance, she’s got you covered. This week, we look at what you can wear when you’re feeling a bit vulnies – but still want to feel confident and chic on the outside.

We all have those days where we just don’t feel our best. Something may have happened, or you may not be able to quite put your finger on why you feel blah, either way getting dressed can be hardest when you feel like this. I have pulled together some of my favourite pieces and advice for how to dress when you feel a little down

1. Fun flats

There is nothing worse than having to try and look fabulous when you just aren’t feeling it inside. It’s amazing how much better a pair of comfy shoes can make you feel but luckily we no longer have to trade in comfort for style.

When I’m on the run or having a casual day, I like to reach for my Allbirds. I’ve been an Allbirds convert for a while but I recently added a pair of the Lilac Tree Runners to my wardrobe ($160). I love the fun purple hue and find that not only do I feel like I’m walking on clouds but the colour gives me a little boost. When I have to keep it a little bit fancier, I go for my gold Miss Wilson Samara loafer ($289). Gold always adds an element of elegance, even if you’re not feeling it inside. I also love these shoes because they are compliment-getters. Every-time I wear them someone tells me how much they like them, and that in turn makes me feel a little better!

2. Floaty and relaxed dresses

There is something magical about a floaty dress! It can act like a beautiful shield when you feel vulnerable and would rather stay in your own little bubble.

I always reach for a relaxed, floaty dress when that PMS hits. There is nothing worse than feeling bloated and all round yucky and then trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans that are tight on a good day. A floaty dress gives you the freedom to let that poor sore stomach breathe while still looking cute. The best part is that no one can tell! Kiwi brand Twenty Seven Names excels in creating the chicest floaty dresses. I absolutely love the Larkspur Dress ($480) for a more of a casual vibe and the Garden Party dress for when you have to keep it a bit more formal. 

3. Cozy knitwear

There is no better feeling than getting wrapped up in cosy wollens on a cold day. Whether you leave the house or not, it feels like you are constantly being wrapped up in a warm cuddly hug – which is the ultimate when you feel blah. In my opinion, you just can’t go past Elle + Riley Cashmere and their Camilla Cashmere Turtle Neck ($798). Despite the price, this will be something you reach for in your closet for years to come to keep you cosy. And because we now spend so much more of our time at home, it’s worth investing in a pair of pants too – like these Witchery Lounge Knit Pants ($44.99) Lounging never looked so good!

4. Your favourite jeans and t-shirt combo

You honestly can’t go past the old faithful outfit of jeans and a t-shirt. No matter how you are feeling, it is an easy outfit that doesn’t take much thought and almost always looks good. In terms of jeans, you really can’t go past the OG, Levis, because they have a fit for everybody. My most recent faves are the 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans ($129.95) which I have been pairing with the Square Tee from Kowtow ($59). Kowtow does such an amazing range of basics and I’ve been wearing my Square Tee to death because of its loose yet flattering fit. If you are feeling like you need a little bit extra with this combo – try a Tan special and french tuck the t-shirt.

5. Don’t forget your under armour

When I’m feeling particularly vulnerable I like to stay at home and keep myself as comfortable as possible – which always starts at the base. I don’t know about you but the idea of putting on a classic bra when I’m feeling a bit blue is a no deal. Instead I opt for my absolute faves – the Wirefree, Seamfree Crop Bra from Kmart. These are so incredibly comfy they are like wearing nothing at all and better yet they are an absolute steal at 2 for $15. Gotta love a Kmart deal!

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