Sunday, September 25, 2022

Still Working From Home in 2022? The Best Picks for Your Perfect Office

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Whether it was by choice or by necessity, many of us found ourselves working from home last year – and again by choice or necessity, some of us are still there!

But while it’s oh-so-comfy and veeeery convenient, sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between work and play. The best way to get some balance? Carve out a wee niche that’s your office and your office only – and while you’re at it, you may as well make it look as chic as possible!

So we scoured the internet for the best office pieces to level up your at-home workspace with our home office essentials – both practical purchases and those that’ll make you feel like the strong confident woman you are.

The Warehouse Standing Desk

Not getting out of the house as much can mean your fitness levels can take a dive (or is that just me?!). Combat sitting for long periods with a desk you can choose the height of. It can be hard to find a standing desk that isn’t ugly as hell, but The Warehouse seem to have managed it – this’ll look chic in any rom and its minimalist frame works for any decor vibe.

Pop Motif Matisse Print
From $59

Look we could all use something bright and cherry while we slave away for the man (too dramatic?!) and you’ll most definitely find that at Pop Motif – they have thousands of different wall art options that are affordable (you can buy just the print and frame them yourself with a Kmart job, or select the professional framing option). We love the Matisse prints – minimal, but with a pop of colour that you can’t help but smile at.

Logitech Keyboard and Mouse Combo
From $149

It’s time to get serious about ergonomics, people – if you’re just staring at your laptop on a flat surface all day, chances are you neck is KILLING YOU – and if you’re reaching for your laptop keypad and not using a mouse, you might be in even more strife.

Logitech, thankfully, also make tech stuff that performs well but actually looks nice – treat yourself to a new keyboard and mouse, like the MX Keys Mini keyboard and the MX Anywhere 3 mouse. Your body will thank you.

The Market Daily Planner

You’re at home, so it makes sense to have all of your to-do’s in one place! Write out your to-do list for work and for home, plan your meals, remind yourself of events (lol remember when we used to have those) and appointments, and take a little time to be grateful for what you do have. It’s the perfect daily list to keep yourself on track!

Belkin Wireless Charger

BOOST↑<b>CHARGE</b>™ PRO 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand with MagSafe 15W - HeroImage

I (Kelly) have this, and I have to say that my home office desk wouldn’t be complete without this bad boy – I can charge my earbuds and my phone at the same time which is cool (it works with Magsafe so it’s super-easy) – but I really enjoy having my phone on a stand. It’s so convenient to skip songs on Spotify, see who’s messaged me (mostly my mum) and check the time.

Lightness Desk Lamp

A statement desk lamp helps to define your space and of course provides you with a direct light source – great if your office space is in one the darker parts of your house. We love this one – the detail of the lamp is exquisite!

The Market Laptop Desk Table

Some of us don’t have the option of carving out a little space to work from in our homes – and some of us just bloody love to be comfy when we’re bashing out some worK (most of Capsule). We’ve tried out a lot of laptop desks but this one is PERFECT – the angle of the laptop stand means you’re not craning your net, and the flat surface means our beloved cups of tea (wine) are safe.

King’s Plant Barn Black Knight

One simply must have something living around them while they’re trying to work. But if you’re not keen on a bright green fern or even a basic fiddle leaf fig, may we suggest this slightly more muted option from King’s Plant Barn? Pair with a pot in your favourite colour and you’re away laughing.

Eve Morning Person Supplements

If you need an instant energy boost but without the jitters, these little magic pills really do work. I (Kelly) suffer from the worst brain fog, and these little babies seem to clear up most of it pretty quickly so I can get cracking on my to-do list.

Ferm Living Carafe Set

Ripple Carafe Set - Small - Clear

Stay hydrated team. This chic wee set might actually make you drink the amount of water you’re supposed to during the day – although we will definitely won’t judge if you fill your carafe with other things. It’s five-o’clock somewhere right?

Glasshouse Fragrances Candle

If you’ve read Capsule for a while now you’ll know we’re MASSIVE candle people, and Glasshouse is definitely one of our favourite brands! We pretty much always have a candle going in our respective houses, and these ones are great because they’re solid, the burn evenly and they last ages. I did the ‘what fragrance is best for you’ quiz on their website and came out with Diving into Cyprus, which indeed is one of my favourite Glasshouse scents. It’s clean, crisp and it reminds me of where I’d rather be – the ocean!

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 Portable Speaker - Just Peach, , hi-res

Music is essential for any office working – especially if you’re working from home by yourself and the silence is deafening. (Again, just me?!). If you’re wanting the vibes of the office, a decent speaker is life. UE’s little Wonderboom is perfect for work, but you can, of course, relocate it to the lounge, the deck or the bathroom anytime you like.

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