What To Wear If… You Need a Little Confidence Boost

Welcome to our new fashion series, What To Wear If…

Along with sharing her favourite new picks from new season collections and some of her favourite things, Kiwi fashion and interiors stylist Lulu Wilcox will be tackling some of our biggest fashion needs when we find ourselves needing that little something extra for all of life’s biggest (and smallest!) situations.

From what to wear when you’re meeting your future mother-in-law for the first time or what to wear for that very important third date, through to her picks for gym wear when you’ve just signed up to Les Mills and you didn’t realise it was also a lycra-led fashion show every time you turn up to Body Balance, she’s got you covered.

Up first, the always-important What To Wear If… You Need a Little Confidence Boost. And if you have any particular scenario you’d like help with, feel free to email [email protected] with ‘Lulu’ in the subject line!

Lulu Wilcox

Fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent once said, “I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.”

It’s so important that we wear clothes that make us feel good because if you feel uncomfortable or unattractive in what you are wearing – what’s the point?

Wearing something that makes you feel good works in a roundabout way. If you feel good on the inside, you will radiate confidence which will in turn draw attention to you and attract compliments, which will make you feel good! 

There is no better feeling than feeling confident in what you wear so I’ve curated my six must-have items for Capsule.

The Killer Heel

Kathryn Wilson Kylie Heel ($289)

Every woman needs a ‘killer’ heel in their wardrobe – something that makes them feel like an absolute boss babe! The Kathryn Wilson Kylie Heel in statement styles, such as Red Pebble or Leopard, will give you that extra height that is an instant confidence boost but they are also guaranteed to attract a tonne of compliments! My tip: the bolder, the better!

A Sexy Perfume

Miu Miu by Miu Miu – ($159)

Scent is an incredible confidence boost, and this one by Miu Miu is the ultimate in sophisticated luxury, but at a decent price point. With top notes of bergamot, lemon and lily of the valley, it’s vibrant but elegant perfume – the perfect combination for making you feel fierce and fabulous.

Your best “Don’t F*** With Me” Sunglasses

Dior So Stellaire in Light Tort ($565)

Putting on these sunglasses is sure to have you channelling your inner 60’s bombshell. I like to think of mine as a form of armour, helping me to battle the day (and glare from the sun).
These large tort frames from Dior are perfect for a strong poker face or alternatively hiding tired eyes from the night before.  There’s nothing like a pair of big sunnies to say “don’t mess with me”, particularly at a house auction in Auckland at the moment!

A Good “Foundation” 

Bendon Passionately Me Full Coverage Contour Bra ($69.99) and Bikini Brief ($39.99)

Feeling good in what you wear should always start with what you have on underneath! Bendon’s new brand Me. includes a range of bras and undies that are not only comfortable but will make you feel sexy and ready to take on the world. This racy red set has not only great coverage but will be sure to boost your confidence. 

A Dress That Plays To Your Strengths 

Ruby Mirella Wrap Dress ($299) or Roma Wrap Dress ($229)

It is universally known that the wrap dress is the dress that works for every body type out there! Engineered by legend Diane Von Furstenberg, this silhouette is slimming while also enhancing your curves, making that bust and booty look gooood! Wrap dresses are also super versatile, not only suiting a myriad of occasions but their adjustability make them great for when you wanna wear it a little looser.

A Blazer That Means Business

Cotton On Ultimate Casual Blazer ($64.99)

Blazers don’t have to be expensive or formal to have an impact – but there’s something about pulling one on that instills me with so much confidence. A more relaxed and feminine take on businesswear, a long line blazer worn open over jeans, cigarette pants or a midi dress equates to a super pulled-together look, with an effortless and easy vibe.

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