Tuesday, November 29, 2022

60 Years Strong: Kiwi’s Top 10 Telly Moments of All Time

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By golly, New Zealanders have enjoyed some great times in front of the gogglebox – from watching Dr Ropata being reminded he wasn’t in Guatemala now (we thought it would have been obvious he was in a suburban Auckland hospital but whatever) through to Thingie’s eye making a run for it, and even that time Campbell Live showed us that dogs could drive, our telly history is something to be proud, and slightly mortified, of. To celebrate 60 years of television in New Zealand, NZ on Screen asked Kiwis to vote on their top 10 moments – and after an overwhelming number of votes, here you are New Zealand!

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10: Always Blow on the Pie, Police 10/7

A classic moment in one of our favourite reality shows that has been responsible for thousands of pie cravings. Always blow on the pie. Safer communities together.

9: ‘Emergency Defecation Situation’

This list would not have been complete without Hilz Baz and her delightfully charming inability to hold it together with a hilariously worded script.

8: ‘Please Tell Me That’s Not Your Penis’

We’re sure Michael Galvin is thrilled this is his Dr Ropata moment for all the years he’s been on Shortland St, but it will go down in history as one of the cringiest and also most relatable parenting moments ever shown at 7pm on TVNZ2.

7: Dear John

An ad that may have been slightly before some of our times, this 1981 treasure was made on a shoestring, but lives on in the memories of Kiwis.

6: Internet Mana Party Launch

If there was ever an odd couple that people didn’t expect to see coming, it was the union of Kim Dotcom and Hone Harawira – but it was the always fun Pam Corkery’s characterisation of TV3 reporter Brook Sabin a ‘Puffed Up Little Shit’ that stayed with people.

5: The Best of Billy T James

If you didn’t read that headline without hearing Billy’s laugh in your head, you must need a refresher of Billy’s back catalogue. A comedian gone way too soon.

4: Ghost Chips

Quite possibly the best anti-drink driving ad ever produced.

3: Mitre 10 ‘You’re Dreaming’

“Maaaaaaaate, you’re dreaming!”


“No surprises there.”

Also this classic ad should get some bonus points for being remade a few months ago with the original blokes – and they have grown.

2: Toyota ‘Bugger’

The poor pup that ended up in the mud! An iconic commentary on Kiwi life and our love of a good curse word.

1: Goodnight Kiwi

Set to the gorgeous tune of Maori lullaby Hine e Hine, Goodnight Kiwi told us when to go to bed for years. In this day and age of ‘just one more episode’, guys can we bring this back? The winner by a country mile.

For the entire list of 60 moments, head to nzonscreen.com

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