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Less Tricks, More Treats: Capsule’s Ultimate Halloween Guide for Young & Old!

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We’ve had our fair share of frights this year already, but one again, this year we’re INTO Halloween Here’s our ultimate guide to surviving – and thriving!! – Halloween 2022.

We’ve been deprived of trick or treating for a few years now, so we are EXCITED about getting back into it this year.

Without putting a dampener on things, it’s good to remember to have a couple of precautions in place still this year – if you, or someone in your home is sick, unfortunately yes, please do sit out this year. Use individually wrapped candies rather than open bowls of unwrapped lollies – and remember to use hand sanitiser.

Run a spookily relaxing bath

Screamo Bath Bomb

Normally, I would not associate Scream masks, aliens and ectoplasm with a relaxing good time, but it’s 2022 and apparently all bets are off. Lush, the festive queens, have a range of spooky and fabulous Halloween themed treats this year, including a Screamo bath bomb, Trick or Treat Lip Scrub, Ectoplasm Shower Slime, Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb and an Alien Bubble Bar. Young ones will love the fun, colourful bath treats, but so will adults with uplifting calming scents and ingredients like patchouli and lavender. Prices start from $8.90

Whip Up A Treat…

Halloween is the perfect excuse to indulge in large quantities of sugar – and these brownies taste FAB and are right on theme. They’re even ghoul and gluten-free! For best results try making them in a Lodge Cast Iron Loaf Pan.

Cobweb brownies by Alex Haslop (@alexskitchenstory)


  • 200g dark chocolate
  • 200g butter
  • 200g sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 120g ground almonds
  • 10 white marshmallows
  • 1 pack (125g) m&ms
  • Dash vanilla essence

Pre heat oven to 180 degrees C. Melt butter and chocolate in a large pot over the stove on a low heat, as it melts, stir continuously. Once melted and combined, pour in the sugar and stir until melted in. Remove from the heat and add the vanilla essence. Crack in the eggs and beat with a hand beater until combined, then pour in the almonds and continue beating. Grease a baking tin and pour in the mixture. Separate out the green and orange m&ms and scatter on top. Place in the oven for 25 minutes. Once cooked, remove and leave to cool for 1 hour. After the hour, put the white marshmallows and place in a small pot on a low heat, continuously stir until melted and without lumps. With a fork, take some of the mixture and drizzle over the brownies. Slice and serve

…Or Leave The Treats to the Experts

Bluebells cupcakes (Left) and Bakeaboo Cake Pops (right)

If you’d rather leave the baking to an expert, hand over the hard work to someone else and pick up some treats! Here’s a few suggestions:

  • A Jumping Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin shaped Boston Mudcake from The Cheesecake Shop Mt Wellington
  • Grab some Pumpkin Spiced Lattes from Starbucks
  • Pick up a six-pack of spooky themed cupcakes from Sweet Bites in Henderson
  • If you’re in Orewa, pick-up (or get delivered!) a few frightful chocolate cake eyeball pops from Bakeaboo
  • In Forest Hill, Delish Cupcakes have boxes of six spookily themed cupcakes for sale
  • The City Cake Company has a load of options, ranging from themed gingerbread biscuits ($6 a pop) to an incredible pumpkin shaped cake ($260)
  • Grab a Jack o Lantern or Jack Skellington Smash Cake from Hello Smash Cake

Decorate, decorate, decorate!

Blame it on lockdown, but for someone who doesn’t normally really engage in Halloween, I have really lost the plot last year and our house looked like something the Adams family would be proud of. The bonus? I can use it all again this year! There’s cobwebs with glow in the dark spiders, bats clinging to the walls, a glowing pumpkin in the corner and a skeleton and grave stone emerging from the garden. Decorating the house has become SUCH a fun family tradition already and I HIGHLY recommend it. I spent about $100 at Look Sharp and got an insane amount of stuff, but Spotlight, Kmart and the Warehouse also have great, terrifying selections of goodies. Plus, you can also easily make your own decorations. Last year our favourites were these toilet paper roll freaksters, some puffy ghosts and some painted jar Halloween Luminaries.

Can’t Trick or Treat this year? Live in an area where no one’s into it? No problem! Plan an at-home scavenger hunt

If you’re isolating or someone is sick in your household – or you don’t live anywhere near a Halloween friendly street – don’t despair, take it inside instead! It may take a bit more planning, but organise a bit of mischief in the safety your own home. You could either approach it in a similar way to Easter, and randomly hide Halloween treats around your home and garden, or create a treasure hunt with clues leading to the next clue, with a treasure trove of treats at the end. To take the hard work out of it, you can even download the whole thing for free here and just print out and place the spooky clues!

Alternatively, make your own personalised one – perhaps with tricks along the way. Maybe you have to bob for apples to receive a clue, or fish it out of a bowl of spooky slime! Enjoy!

Could you do without a fright this weekend?

Then the place to be is Winetopia! The action is all happening at Auckland’s Shed 10 from 28-29, and there’s plenty to do, see, eat and drink. There’s more than 250 wines from 70 wineries across NZ and South Australia to try, 45 different talks, tastings and masterclasses to choose from. There’s loads of different treats to try – from food by Dine Social, to food and wine demos at the Gaggenau Sommelier Sessions, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, enjoy at Kangaroo slider at the designated Kangaroo Slider Bar!

To buy tickets, visit (tickets priced from $47)

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