What the Wordle? Guys, Hilary Barry Has Been Secretly Trolling Us ALL YEAR with Wordle

Just some classic Hilary Barry Wordle content for your Friday afternoonand we’ve been BAMBOOZLED

If you’ve been watching Seven Sharp over the last year or so and you’ve thought, ‘that’s a weird word Hilary Barry’s just slipped in there for no apparent reason’ – congratulations, you’ve noticed something the entire country has failed to register.

Turns out, New Zealand’s favourite broadcaster and Capsule’s personal north star Hilz Baz has been determinately crowbarring in the Wordle world of the day since FEBRUARY.


After a tip off from an eagle-eyed viewer, we at Capsule put the thought to Hilary herself, who confirmed the gag, which she’s been doing for nine months.  

Hilary tells Capsule, “I’ve been doing it all year just before the final sign off.

“A number of us on Seven Sharp are big Wordle fans and one of the team suggested we weave in the answer each night at the end of the show just for a giggle. I’ve got to be honest, sometimes it’s not that easy. Ionic, Trice and Caulk – I had my work cut out for me on those nights!”

Hilary’s been a long-time fan of the word guessing game that took the world by storm earlier this year. Created by Josh Wardle, the viral game, where users guess the five-letter word in six goes or less, was first designed as a ‘love letter’ to his wife Palak, as they both enjoyed playing online word games. He sold the game to the New York Times in February this year.

And now that she’s been outed, Hilary’s left the future of her inside Wordle joke up to Aotearoa.

“Now that the cat’s out of the bag I’m wondering whether we should keep it up. What do you think?”

Classic Hilz Baz – never change.

Did you notice the Hilary Barry Wordle caper?

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