Saturday, December 3, 2022

And Just Like That, It’s Over! 16 Thoughts We Have About the Reboot (NO FINALE SPOILERS!)

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And just like that, it’s all over. The hype, the impending sense of cringe, the excitement, the horror, the ‘oh, this isn’t so bad’, and the ‘oh, this is even worse than I imagined’ – it’s all so quickly come to an end, with the final episode of THE most talked about reboot in history screening today.

It was always a bold gamble, bringing back the beloved series – particularly after the absolute horror that was the two Sex and the City movies, and, minus one of the most popular characters, no less.

But here we are, we survived. And we have A LOT of feelings about it all. Which we’d now like to share with you – completely free of spoilers from the final episode – and we’d love to hear about your feelings (email us at [email protected] and let’s talk, STAT!).

Ok, ahem, here we go!

Thoughts we’ve had over the course of this series:

  • Was it ABSOLUTELY necessary to start the entire shebang off with a dig at Samantha? I’m talking about that first scene where one of the very first pieces of dialogue was about how old Samantha is. “She’d be what, 60 by now?” I mean, yes she was the oldest out of you all, but really?? Isn’t this reboot supposed to be about embracing ageing? And is this the tone we want to start straight away?
  • Speaking of Samantha. There is NO WAY IN HELL that she would have lost her rag at Carrie and then given her the silent treatment over something as trivial as not using her services professionally anymore. NO WAY. There is also NO WAY IN HELL that she would have ever held a grudge – over anything – that would have stopped her from being by Carrie’s side at Big’s funeral. NO WAY. NOPE. (She did have great taste in flowers though, so I believe that gift)
  • Were all these characters always so…. unlikeable?
  • Oh nooooooo, is Carrie still mentally in her twenties? Are we really going to be obsessing over Natasha again and chasing her all over Manhattan? Sigh.
  • Ok, Natasha is my favourite on this reboot so far.
  • Hey, where is Aidan?? I swear it was reported that he’s in this show. Surely he’d have a great dog still. Stop keeping that dog from me!
  • I would give all of my money to hear Samantha’s opinion on the Che situation.
  • Ok, I thought I hated this show, but now I’m four episodes in and actually looking forward to next Friday…
  • Ohmigod you brought back the Atelier Versace Mille Feuille gown. This is the best dress in the world. I love this show.
  • WHAT DID STEVE DO TO YOU ALL. Why must you put him through all of this?!? Justice for Steve!
  • Would 100% watch an entire series dedicated to Seema Patel, the only real-estate agent I have ever been interested in.
  • Umm… where is Aidan??
  • God, I miss Samantha! Was she the only character who really had a lot of depth to her? She was always at the centre of the best storylines and Charlotte – I’m sorry – cannot pull these off.
  • The date-vomit plot-line is a great reminder that the original show was at its best when it dealt with the embarrassing stuff of life: Samantha getting her period on her date’s sheets, Carrie’s fart, Miranda’s many humiliations. (Honourable mention to Charlotte’s Poughkeepsie in Mexico). When we say we like messy nostalgia… we weren’t kidding.

And Just Like That is currently screening on Sky Go and Neon and the reboot documentary, And Just Like That… The Documentary, is available to watch now on Neon.

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