Who Will Die Tonight on The White Lotus? Our Wild Speculations…

Ok, the big day is here – tonight we FINALLY get to find out the answer to the big question: Who dies on the White Lotus 2 (the TV show that everyone is watching, yes?).

And a head’s up – this story contains zero spoilers about the final because A) I haven’t seen it and B) we all know people are going to die because it was revealed in the first few minutes of the very first episode.


Here, I am going to speculate wildly based on my own weird thoughts, ideas friends have and things I’ve seen on the internet.

And please – do tell us your predictions!

Now, the thing to make this really tricky is, in the first episode where Daphne (god bless her) goes for a swim and bumps into a floating body, we know one person is dead. But, when Valentina arrives on the scene and talks to Rocco we hear that multiple guests of the hotel are dead…. So, we could be looking at a group, OR a number of these scenarios could come true?? Eep!

Potential victim 1: TANYA

Good god, say it ain’t so. And you know what, I think the odds of this one have to be slim? With the announcement of a third series now in the works, surely it HAS to have Jennifer Coolidge in it. What is the White Lotus without Tanya?!?

Anyhoo, she’s in one of the most vulnerable positions right now – at Quentin’s place, who we’ve just learned is pals with her husband Greg (who she is on rocky ground with). More than that, it looks like Greg and Quentin are likely lovers and he was probably the person he was taking sneaky phone calls from. In fact, in the photo that gave their connection away, Quentin was wearing a cowboy hat, and, early on when he met Tanya he described the plot of Brokeback Mountain (the cowboy lovers) – was he really talking about his long romance with her husband?

So…Do Greg and Quentin plan to kill Tanya? Or, more likely, is there some sort of twisted plot here where she is being set up to lose her fortune (maybe they have a prenup and if she cheats, he gets half her billions?).

Tanya is wily though – and, so is her assistant Portia (who surely now is cottoning on to the fact that all is not as it seems with Jack and she needs to hightail it back to help her boss, stat!). Which leads to theory number two…

PLEASE let Peppa Pig stay safe.

Potential victim 2: Greg/Quentin

Will Portia make it back in time to help Tanya? Will the two of them end up in a tussle with the men? Will Greg suddenly appear to reveal his truth? Will Tanya then push him over the side of the balcony!?! Or, will she grab Niccolo’s gun (we’ve already seen it!) and shoot them all?

Potential victim 3: Jack

Ok, so Jack is in a bit of a state and has revealed WAY too much. He said he has a task for his “uncle” – something he’s happy to do to help him. Is it keeping Portia away from her boss for the night? OR, is he supposed to try to kill Tanya? Will Portia finish him off instead? Or will there be a chase back to the main group where he meets his demise? Will Tanya push him over a cliff? Maybe over the railing where they eat breakfast?? Early in the season, Tanya looked over the railing and talked about how high it was and how it was amazing that no one had fallen or jumped off. Is THAT how someone dies? Was she foreshadowing it? Will it be tormented Jack?

Potential victim 4 (5 & 6?): Cam (and Ethan AND HARPER??)

Okay, Cam’s death seems the most likely to me, which I guess means it’s the least likely to actually happen? Ethan is obviously out of his mind, torturing himself with this idea that Cam and his wife, Harper, might have fooled around behind his back. He’s confronted Cam, and he is still…unhinged… so might he have a tussle with Cam that ends in his death?

Or will Daphne be the one to end him? Daphne is one of the most interesting characters on the show, with everyone on the internet wanting to know what cocktail of prescription meds she is on. She seems wonderfully aloof, booking massages with guys who look like Timothee Chalamet, while the rest of her group are in utter, palpable turmoil.

She also did show Harper a photo of her kids – her very blond, blue-eyed children – instead of the very blond, blue-eyed personal trainer she is having an affair with, who she meant to show Harper. Is the personal trainer the actual Dad?

One thing we know for sure is that Daphne is alive – but where was the rest of the group? Why was she alone? Does she go nuclear and kill EVERYONE?

One theory I read on the web suggested that maybe Daphne is the mastermind of this series and has done an Inception trick on everyone, planting the seed about cheating, and caused some serious mindgames between… well, everyone (something we already know she is wonderful at with Cam). Has she purposefully worked Ethan and Harper into a frenzy so they’ll get rid of Cam?!? Maybe so she can cash in on her husband’s fortune and run away with her personal trainer?!?

Potential victim 7: Lucia

Okay, so before you say, ‘but Marco and Valentina say that it’s GUESTS who die!’, well, technically Lucia – the escort – is a guest. Valentina had her name put on the room, right?

So, either this whole plotline with this dude who is after her (and who she has gotten into the car with) is all an elaborate ruse to take the De Grassos’ money… or it’s legit and her life is in danger.

OR, could sweet, innocent little Albie be the one to snap and kill her? Or his dad? OR HIS GRANDAD? Oi vey.

Potential victim 8: Mia

Okay, this is a left field one – but Mia (also technically a guest), could be the one (or one of!) the folks to die. Might she try to blackmail Valentina about their tryst? Might Valentina (even accidentally) kill her in a bid to try to keep the secret??

So, who dies on The White Lotus 2? Tune into Neon tonight!!

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