Sunday, May 28, 2023

Watch: It’s Time Dr Ashley Bloomfield Had a Break – & One Pacific Island Has Adorably Offered a ‘Booster of Happiness’

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The nation’s great Covid-19 crusader Dr Ashley Bloomfield will step down from his position as Director of Health on July 29 – and if anyone needs a bloody holiday, it’s him! So, one Pacific Island has decided to offer Dr Bloomfield a vacation with a difference – scroll down to watch the adorable video!

Fijian locals have banded together to release a tongue-in-cheek video inviting Dr Ashley Bloomfield over for what’s probably the most well-deserved holiday of all time, and my GOD the video is adorable!

In the video, 6-year-old Ratu Isikeli Sauturaga tells Dr. Ashley that Fiji’s country’s traffic-light system is a lot more relaxed as he sips a traffic light mocktail, and Mohammed Zoheeb invites Daddy B to enjoy a much-needed shot of vitamin D on their shores.

Meanwhile, Marika Seru jokes about Chris Hipkins’ infamous line, telling Ashley there’s “plenty of room to spread your legs” as he sprints down the national Seven’s training ground, located in Fiji’s Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park.

Dr. Bloomfield has become a household name since we first welcomed his reassuring manner into our living rooms in 2020 for the daily Covid-19 broadcast.  Since then, he’s become regarded worldwide and adored in Aotearoa for his role in New Zealand’s pandemic response.

Tourism Fiji’s New Zealand Regional Director, Sonya Lawson, says: “It’s clear that Dr. Bloomfield has given many dedicated years of service to the New Zealand public, and has earnt himself a well-deserved holiday!  We would be delighted to share our year round tropical warmth, pristine coastlines and world-renowned Bula spirit with Ashley and his family.”

Watch the video here:

We hope you take the offer up Dr Bloomfield – and thanks for everything!

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