Which Streaming Platform Suits Your Personality, And How Much Are You REALLY Paying A Month?

Looking to streamline your finances? Paying attention to what streaming services you’re forking out for each month is a great way to start. Bel Crawford crunches the numbers on the streaming services on offer and suggests which streaming platform suits your personality

Decluttering your life at the start of the new year? Well, that process can extend further than your linen cupboard, or the pantry filled with labelled containers you’ve been influenced to buy by Mummy bloggers with perfectly organised beige homes!

While decluttering your finances can seem daunting, it can be easier than you realise to cut your outgoings when it comes to your streaming subscriptions. Capsule’s Emma has a terrible (or genius?) system which her subscriptions where she will keep her main bank account so low the subscription charges bounce and get cancelled. However, this gives me anxiety so here’s a less chaotic and more financially savvy way to declutter your streaming services.

Streamline Your Streaming Services

  • If you’re an Apple user, go into your App Store and select your subscriptions. Non Apple users do the same on Google Play.
  • Check what you’re you signed up for. This can extend outside of streaming services and is a good place to begin the declutter and cancel any subscriptions you don’t need or didn’t even know you were being charged for.
  • Depending on how many services you’re signed up for, they can really add up (I’ve done some number crunching so you don’t have to!)
  • Netflix ranges from $12.99, $18.49 or $24.99 = Between $155.88 – $299.88 per year
    Neon is $12.99 or $17.99 per month = $155.88 or $215.88 per year, $179.99 for an annual deal.
    Disney+ is $14.99 monthly = $179.99 per year, $149.99 for an annual deal
    Apple TV+ is $12.99 monthly = $155.88 per year, $129.99 for an annual deal
    Prime Video is $8 a month = $96 per year

If you have them all, you’re paying from around $61.96 per month; that’s over $740 a year on basic plans.

What Streaming Platform Suits Your Personality

Here are Capsule’s suggestions on what you should choose, based on your personality.


You like true crime and documentaries.
You watch Friends on repeat and another comfort show is Gilmore Girls.
You broke a speed-record watching Bridgerton (Hurry up season 3).
You enjoy watching all of the niche international reality shows and rom coms.

Sidenote, did you know THIS used to be the Netflix logo when it was first launched in 1997?

The original Netflix logo, to illustrate different streaming platform

Netflix overall has a good TV and film selection, original content and record-breaking shows. including Bridgerton and the Addams Family spin-off, Wednesday.


Your life is dictated by your children.
You can’t remember the last time you watched something you chose.
You have hierarchy of Christmas movies (hello Home Alone 2).
You’re in touch with your inner child.
You don’t admit it but you watch The Kardashians and Kris Jenner aka The Momager is your favourite.

Choose Disney+if you and your family like to keep up with the latest Marvel movies, watch Disney classics from your childhood and have the best Christmas movie collection. Home to a surprising number of nostalgia watches and romantic comedies including Bride Wars and Sweet Home Alabama


You’ve lost count of the times you’ve watched Sex and the City.
The White Lotus altered your brain chemistry.
You speak in HBO series references.
You like to have access to an impressive movie collection to suit your mood.

Choose Neon if you want to be able to take part in water cooler talk about the biggest shows, a large kids selection and express episodes of Love Island.

Apple TV+

You’re a minimalist and believe that less is more.
You exclusively use Apple products.
You feel physically sick when you get a green text message and only reply to blue iMessages.
You’re only able to participate in water cooler talk about the biggest shows when a new season of Ted Lasso is released.
You like to pay extra for movies on a service you already pay for.

Choose Apple TV+ if you feel overwhelmed by having too many options and access to Apple Originals, star-studded award winning series and films.

Prime Video

You love a bargain and value for money.
You refuse to pay full price and only shop at sales.
You weren’t allowed to make a toll call on your landline growing up.
When you were hungry as a kid, your parents would tell you “There’s food at home” or “Eat an apple”.

Choose Prime Video if you’re looking for the cheapest option and value for money. Prime Video has a large content library with 8,5000 movies, over 1,600 shows and access to games.


You love British dramas like Crossfire, It’s a Sin & Everything I Know About Love.
You want a show that’s 4-6 episodes with captions.
You have a tea collection.
You belong to a book club.

Choose TVNZ+ if you’re looking for a free option which overachieves in its content offering including British dramas galore.

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