Around the World in 80 Colours! How to be Inspired by Your Favourite Countries When it Comes to Your Home Decor, by Capsule’s Editors

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The combination of spending more time at home and some SERIOUS itchy travel feet has got us thinking – one, we cannot wait until passports can be used for anything other than grabbing a bottle of wine from the supermarket, and two, to tide us over until travel is a thing again, we’re determined to bring our love of our favourite places to our own homes.

Just like travel, colour has the ability to transport us anywhere and make us feel anything. So while we might be stuck in our (admittedly gorgeous) country for a bit longer Capsule’s editors, aided by Resene’s MASSIVE selection of colours, have trawled the internet for both colour and home décor picks to bring our most lusted-after spots to our own homes.

It’s just like being there. Right. RIGHT?

Emma: Jaipur, India

India is the most visually intoxicating and overwhelming place I’ve been in my life and had been on my travel bucket list for about a decade before I finally made it there. The colours of the land, the saris, the open-air markets filled with baskets of flowers and spices, the burnt-orange marigolds that adorn every public space… I really thought I would make it through this paragraph without using the cliché ‘a feast for the senses’ but it turns out, I cannot.

Driving through the still busy roads at 2am, stopping for a road-side chai on the way, to make it to Agra in time to see the sunrise over the Taj Mahal was one of the most magical moments of my life. I travelled in Rajasthan, which is home to some of the most famously colourful cities: the blue city of Jodhpur, the yellow city of Jaisalmer and the pink city of Jaipur.

Emma’s Jaipur-inspired palette, and photo by habitatbyresene: Walls and shelf paint: Resene Sunbaked, stool and small pot paint: Resene Soulful, large pot paint: Resene Shabby Chic small vases paint: Resene Just Dance

Jaipur became known as ‘The Pink City’ in 1876, after Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh painted the entire city terracotta pink to impress the visiting Prince Albert. He picked that colour because his wife loved it and passed a law that painting buildings any other colour was illegal – a law that still exists to this day.

Travelling through Jaipur, the universal dusty apricot-pink tone gives the impression that it is permanently magic hour, and the city seems to glow, so of course for my Resene colour palette, it’s most definitely time to think pink! Pink gets a bit of a bad rap as being all candy floss or ‘it’s a girl!’ nursery, but these warm pinks are far more sophisticated than they are Malibu Barbie. Like the dusty apricot of Resene Just Dance, which would add a welcoming glow to a bathroom or bedroom.

Or the lush, vibrant Resene New York Pink which – despite the name – brings the terracotta warmth that floods through Jaipur. The Maharaja picked pink as a colour that represented hospitality and that’s exactly what these colours do, create the cosiest, warmest embrace of a room possible. And honestly? There is no more flattering, permanent ‘magic light’ colour for anyone than a warm, rosy pink. Want to add some powdery pink details for contrast? A splash of Resene Paper Doll adds some sweetness without being cloying or too girly, keeping things playful but sophisticated. Whether it’s an inviting bedroom colour, a cosy nursery, the feature wall of a lounge… there are so many pink options!


L-R: Resene Sweet Pink, Resene Paper Doll, Resene Just Dance, Resene New York Pink, Resene Shilo 

Now get the look:

Kelly: Marrakech, Morocco

Ok so mine isn’t somewhere where I’ve actually been – but as we inch further and further through this pandemic, I just can’t seem to get my mind off Morocco. It’s been at the top of my travel to-do list for years – the sights, the smells, the palette and oh, the texture. 

Resene Dawn Chorus is used on the wall of this styling by Amber Armitage, and the floor is Resene Permanent Green – a perfect Moroccan pairing.

Everything is sophisticated and deliberate, but still looks effortless and chic (how I hope to be described myself someday, to be honest) with a beautiful, coordinated depth that somehow speaks directly to my soul.

Colour, for me, is a game-changer – cool neutrals soothe me, warm, earthy tones make me feel a little more grounded, bright jewel tones excite me. The Moroccan palette works for me because you get a bit of everything – exactly what you want in a holiday, and very much what you want in a home to cater to every mood.

It’s this wonderful colour palette inspired from the desert – the terracotta (like the Resene Crail, which is the PERFECT shade that’s elevated from your mum’s old garden pots), and deep greens, my favourite colour anyway but when a shade like Resene Stromboli is paired with deep oranges and pinks, it makes you think of everything good about Northern Africa. Blend some sparkling turquoise of the surrounding oceans – wrong continent, but Resene Malibu really understands the assignment – and the touches of metallic.

Use these shades on your walls and ceilings (that’s right, CEILINGS) and then use tonal texture in your décor for a well-rounded and immersive Moroccan vibe. And then please invite me over for a mint tea pronto!


L-R: Resene Crail, Resene Stromboli, Resene Buddha Gold, Resene x Karen Walker Sandspit Brown, Resene Malibu 

Now get the look:

Alice: Quintana Roo, Mexico

The instant I think of Mexico, I can almost taste those mind-blowingly good fresh fish corn tacos, or the salt on the rim of my first sip of a chelada, or the tang of limes that were the equivalent of just a buck a kilo at the supermarket! 

While we might be stuck here at home right now, I love being able to transport myself to where I’d rather be through those memories – and while those tastes and sounds have stuck with me, nothing instantly takes me back there like seeing a cascade of colours that is distinctly Mexican.

This colourful cantina was brought to life using Resene Lipstick, Resene Eastern Blue, Resene Sweet Corn and Resene Saffron.

Sometimes I’ll see a milky blue and I’m suddenly right back on the ferry from Cancun (a couple of hours there is seriously all you need) to Isla Mujeres (worth spending ALL your time at). Peering over the side of the ferry, the water was an insane colour, but also so clear that you could watch the sea turtles paddle by. 

I’d seen that same blue in many textiles in Tulum, where colours were more muted with lots of creams and sandy tones to mimic the scenery. The serenity of this colour combo would make for the perfect calm space at home – maybe a living room or bedroom? – and can easily be recreated with a wash of light sand on the walls (Resene Oasis not only sounds perfect, but is the exact right hue), paired with Resene Yabbadabbadoo (a rich, calming blue) for accents, or even for a bolder feature wall. In Mexico I often saw doors in this colour, or just as the door frame or windowsill and it always felt like a sign that the beach was just around the corner!

But, it’s actually those colourful textiles and ceramics that Mexico is best known for in those vibrant punches of colour that most make me think of sunny Mexico. A trip to the market is like stepping into a Frida Kahlo painting, with vibrant pinks, blues and greens everywhere – including on doors, window frames and walls. Yip, it’s sometimes a confronting amount of colour, but it’s also darn difficult to feel down when you’re surrounded by such cheer. 

For a happy, uplifting space at home (maybe a kitchen, or an outdoor nook where you could pour a margarita?) it’s the ideal palette. How can you feel blue when you’re looking at sunny cornflower yellows (like Resene Southern Cross) or a cheery red (like Resene Rapture)? Or, if reds aren’t your thing, you could take a leaf out of this cantina’s – Chilliwow, pictured above – book and use an electric pink (Resene Lipstick) for highlights alongside a punchy blue (Resene Eastern Blue).

You can overdo it though, so be sure to pair your brights with a few more earthy tones so as to not overdo the colourful clash too much. Give the eye a rest with Resene Oasis, and maybe a coppery earthy clay (like Resene Pizazz), which is a great bridge between the brights and the earthy tones. Chilliwow used this colour to paint fixtures like air-conditioning units and pipes in their cantina, which made for an unexpected twist that is very pleasing on the eye!


L-R: Resene Yabba Dabba Do, Resene Rapture, Resene Oasis, Resene Southern Cross, Resene Pizazz

Now get the look:

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