Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Mornings Are Tough: Here’s Some Stuff We’ve Been Using to Make Them Easier

Is it just us, or are mornings just a little bit harder at the moment? If getting up and going is a drag lately, don’t worry – we’ve scoured the internet to bring you bits and bobs that will either speed up the morning routine, or just make it that little bit easier. You’re welcome, morning you.

Hair’s to you, girl

ghd Glide Hot Brush (RRP $270) and Max Wide Plate Styler (RRP $360)

Hair is by far the most laborious part of my mornings – especially if I have to wash it (the horror) or I’m not having one of those rare good hair days, which to be fair is once in a blue moon. I want results fast – and these two bad boys have been clutch.

The Glide in particular has been revolutionary for my frizzy/wavy hair. A few passes through, and my hair is smooth and straight, while still retaining a little bit of volume. I can do my entire past-the-boob length hair in five minutes, and I’m not even exaggerating.

And by its very nature, the Max of course does a fast job of a sleek straighten. The plates are 70% bigger than your standard styler, so you’re not going to get a wonderful curl but if you want straight and you want it fast – and you have thick or long hair – this one is for you.

Float around like a goddess while you’re getting ready

Pure Silk Long Robe in Romance Pink, RRP $279.99

You know in the movies when people wake up and they’re so effortlessly elegant, sashaying between their bathroom and bedroom in a silk gown? I mean it’s not our day-to-day reality – but why not?

Start the day as you mean to go on with this gorgeous robe from Papinelle that’ll have you feeling one of those people who always look so put together.

For when there’s no time for coffee… there’s always time for coffee

Minipresso NS, RRP $99.00

If your morning will be ruined by the fact you haven’t had time for a coffee, say hello to your new best friend. Just pour some hot water into the tube, pop a Nespresso pod inside and jump in the car – and at any point on your way to work, you can brew a fresh, piping hot coffee. While I love this for its urban appeal, a lot of friends have one of these for hikes and tramps, for when you refuse to yield to a stale instant your uncle offers you.

Mantras to get you moving

Assorted Wall Art Prints, Society 6

We all know that if you’re grumpy or unmotivated in the morning it’s SO hard to get out of the funk – help that will a jazzy motivational print that you can hang in your bedroom or the bathroom. Manifestations and affirmations – they can’t hurt!

Smoothie stuff in one go

Orchard Gold Smoothie Mix Collection, Crave Your Greens RRP 12.99

Sometimes, making a smoothie can add precious minutes to your routine that you don’t have, by the time you’ve found and prepared all of your fruits and veges. Fix that by chucking a handful of these pre-prepared kale, spinach, kiwifruit, mango and pineapple with a bit of water or whatever milk you use – easy.

A sunrise wakeup

Sunrise Gradual Light Alarm Clock, RRP $59.99

If you’ve ever been interested in the idea of circadian rhythms and natural waking up – or if you just want a chic looking lamp – give a sunrise lamp a go. Wake up like you’re on holiday all the time with this lamp, which will gradually brighten from 10% strength to 100% waking you up gently and effectively (although there is still an alarm so you won’t actually miss work!)

Get your groove on to set the tone of the day

Wireless LED Shower Speaker, RRP $29.99

Whether you want to listen to the news or it’s purely for your get up and go playlist – please tell me it’s led my Rusted Root’s Send Me On My Way – start your day on the vibe you want to keep going.

To do’s straight away

Little Mash Boutique Daily Note Pad, RRP $14.99

I’m the type of person who froths off a to-do list – I need to know as soon as I wake up what I need to get done that day. (Well, coffee first!). I also love a minimal, uncomplicated list – this little pad is perfect for not only to-do lists, but general notes, shopping and more. Ah, the organisation!

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