Saturday, July 2, 2022

Encapsulated: Rebecca Gibney – “It’s Better To Be Kind Than Be Right”

You’ll know her from such telly dramas as Packed to the Rafters and The Flying Doctors, but now Rebecca Gibney has certainly come back to her Kiwi roots as she stars in and executive produces new local flick Lowdown Dirty Criminals. Here’s what encapsulates her!

The one book you’d recommend above all others?

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The song that never fails to move you?

The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics. It makes me think of my dad every single time

The drink you’re ordering at the bar tonight? 

If I was at a bar, an apple martini

The piece of advice that sticks with you the most? 

‘It’s better to be kind than right’

The dream you still hope to achieve? 

Getting to Alaska

The first thought you had this morning?

That I’m grateful for another day but I probably shouldn’t have had that third chocolate last night….or was it four…I’m in quarantine so I can’t remember!

The thing you’re the most proud of? 

Our son Zac

Rebecca and her son Zac

The travel you think about the most?

The Ice Highway in Canada

The travel you still need to do?

Alaska, the Arctic Circle, Cape Cod, Vermont, and Maine in autumn

The colour you’d paint the wall of your lounge right now?

White – always white!

The possession you have that’s your most prized? 

My mother’s engagement ring

The challenge you’re most proud of conquering?

Overcoming my anxiety

The happiest memory that comes to mind?

Giving birth to Zac and the following four years on our farm in Tasmania

The TV show you put on when you want to relax? 

Fleabag, both seasons

The movie that never fails to make you cry?

Love Actually

The one celebrity that you’d have over for dinner? 

Russell Brand

The person you’d like to say thank you to the most? 

My mum Shirley

The number one item on your shopping list right now? 

Harvest Snap Pea Crisps!

The fictional character that most reminds you of yourself is?

Julie Rafter… and Kermit the frog

The subject you wish people knew more about, if you were a history teacher? 

Indigenous Australia and New Zealand

The quote or lyric that motivates you or sums you up is? 

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’

The thing you wanted to be when you was a kid?

New Zealand’s first female prime minister

The changes you hope to see happening in NZ over the next year? 

I really hope we’ve got Covid-19 under control in New Zealand and around the world. I pray that Jacinda is still in power. She is the leader we all need. And I really hope that we continue to pay attention to the mental health of our fellow humans – to realise that the most important thing in life is to take care of each other and the planet. Kiwis are good, good people so I know we are going to be ok.

Rebecca and the Prime Minister

Lowdown Dirty Criminals is in cinemas nationwide

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