Sunday, June 11, 2023

Raising a Glass to Life: Capsule Reviews The Good Cocktail Co. Mixers and We Have Some VERY Honest Opinions

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Capsule x The Good Cocktail Co.

Sell: We have lots to celebrate at Capsule right now – big life milestones, professional wins and perhaps the biggest one of all, getting through the shit show that’s been the last 12 months (can we get a hallelujah?!).

If you’re a millennial woman reading this, you’ll know there’s nothing better than a few cocktails with the girls to celebrate all that’s good in the world (and to be fair they’re also bloody good when you’re commiserating too).

So when The Good Cocktail Co asked us to have a try of their line of cocktail mixers, we were down ­– and as very discerning cocktail connoisseurs – they can’t be too sweet, too tarty or too alcoholy (totally a word) we were keen to offer our honest opinions because we’ll never say no to a mid-week cocktail party on Alice’s deck. Read on!

Emma: A cocktail fit for Carrie

Like so many women whose first preview of adult life was watching episodes of Sex and the City, there were a handful of accessories I knew were going to mark my descent into womanhood. A fabulous one-bedroom apartment in the inner city, an expensive pair of shoes, a handsome banker boyfriend (or whatever it was Mr Big did, something Wall Street-y?) and of course, a cosmopolitan drink for every occasion.

Oh hi yes it’s us enjoying some cocktails on a Wednesday

Twenty years later, I can tell you that none of those things are actually desirable and after trying approximately three cosmopolitans in my twenties, I had sworn them off as a drink completely. Too sweet, or too sour. I was like an adult Goldilocks and absolutely no version I tried was ‘just right.’

Until now. Yes, at 35, I have found the version of this classic drink that I can now enjoy – the Good Cocktail Co. Cosmo with Real Cranberry + Sweet Orange. It was properly tart and refreshing, due to the cranberry juice, while the natural botanical extract of sweet orange made it sweet in a summery way, rather than a there-are-five-tablespoons-of-pure-sugar in here kind of way. (I’m also a big believer in orange as an ingredient in drinks because it always makes me feel like it’s a little bit festive, ala Christmas).

Pouring a glass of this on Alice’s deck felt like a fancy treat, as opposed to having to elbow my way through young people at a bar in order to get some service because I am 35 and tired and therefore invisible to many bartenders. A home cosmo, however? All of the enjoyment, none of the drama!

Alice: Daiquiri + slippers – makeup = happy camper

Okay, so while I definitely enjoy the artistry of a sophisticated cocktail (the entertainment of seeing it being made is always half the fun!), truth be told, nine times out of 10 what I’m actually after is a super fun, slushy icy cocktail with cute colours and a fun garnish. I do not need a $25 cocktail to make me happy.

Plus, in 2021, even though it’s possible in NZ to go out there and get amongst it with throngs of other humans, I really have zero interest in having to put on make-up on and taking off my slippers.

Which is why I was THRILLED when Kelly and Emma turned up with bottles of the Good Cocktail Co to enjoy at home. And, with a bag of ice on hand and my trusty Nutribullet, I was soon blending my way to the daiquiri of my dreams. Turns out cocktails actually taste better when you’re not wearing heels!

This formula, with a touch of boysenberries was peeerfect – not too sweet, with just the right amount of kick to it. Better still, it tasted amazing without any alcohol (again, not too sweet, unlike every other mocktail out there), so I’ll definitely be keeping a bottle (and a bag of ice!) on hand.

Kelly: What do you mean, there’s no booze in it?

If you’re reading this and you know me, sit down – here’s some shocking news. I’m on the mocktail buzz.

No I’m not pregnant, thanks for asking. But lately me and alcohol haven’t been the best of buddies and I’m making a conscious effort to cut down a little.

While I still adore a Friday night cocktail with the girls, I’m just being a little more mindful of how much I’m drinking, which was why I was so jazzed when I took a sip of my Good Cocktail Co. Margarita with Orange Juice and Hibiscus Flower.

For some reason I’ve always operated under the assumption that if there’s no booze in a drink it’ll be too sweet, and if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s sweet drinks. I don’t have a sweet tooth – at all – so sugary cocktails have always been on my no-go list.

Cheers to us!

But the thing I love about these mixers – well apart from the fact they’re all natural, 100% vegan, gluten free and preservative free – is that you’re in charge of how much you put in, and whether or not you want to add alcohol yourself.

So for the purposes of our cocktail party, I chose a jazzy blended margarita sans booze and it was delightful – the perfect amount of sweetness and bite, with the yummy addition of hibiscus.

But for all my virtue signalling, I did also give the mix a go with a dash of tequila on the weekend, and hot damn, if I closed my eyes and walked out into the Auckland sun for 20 minutes, I felt like I was in Mexico.

I’ll definitely be keeping a bottle on hand for future celebrations. Or just a Wednesday.

Visit for more, and to grab your own they’re available from any good supermarket or liquor store. 

Drink responsibly.

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