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Tanning, Reading, Sleeping: Ah Yes, The Perfect Winter Tropical Holiday! How To Do Raro Like A Pro PLUS Be Into Win a Bondi Sands Super Package worth $137

In partnership with Bondi Sands

Taking advantage of the travel bubble with a little getaway to the Cook Islands? Here at Capsule we figured that after a year and a half of lockdowns, job losses and everything else in between it was time for a bit of sun, sand and surf – so we’re COUNTING the days until our ‘working holiday’ to Rarotonga! To prepare, we’ve partnered with Bondi Sands to make sure we arrive in the islands ready to go for all that ‘work’ – read: cocktail drinking and beach swimming. It’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it! (And scroll down to enter a Bondi Sands prize pack worth $137).


Ok, it’s been a long time since we’ve needed our passports for things other than opening bank accounts and for ID checks at Countdown when you lose your driver’s license on the floor of a summer music festival (just us?!). Step one – locate passport!


The Bondi Sands Pure range

Some gorgeous wahine rock a natural vibe and we dig it – but us three adore the smidge of extra confidence a bronzed glow gives us when we’re in bathing suit situations, so lather. us. up! We’ve been using Bondi Sands’ tan for years (who hasn’t had the line-up of iconic black and gold bottles sitting in their bathroom) and we were super excited to discover their new Pure range, which is packaged in ethically sourced, 100% recyclable packaging. It’s the same ‘just right’ tan, but better for the environment.

Pro tip: if you’re applying tan by yourself and you’re struggling to get that last little bit in the middle of your back (we’ve all been there!), Bondi Sands also sells a Self Tan Back Applicator. But if you need to MacGyver something in a hurry, grab a loofah brush and pop your tanning mitt over the top. Voila!  


You’re going to want to go into your tropical holiday (oh sorry, I meant working holiday) with all your entertainment sorted – and by entertainment, we mean things that you can do from the comfort of your sun lounger. Instead of panicking at the airport and trying to download as much as possible on dodgy wifi, we’re making a list of all the books, albums, podcasts and movies we’ve been ‘meaning to check out’ before we jump into our Uber. (And if you need any recommendations on the book front, check out Capsule’s book club here!)


Slip, slop, slap – you know the drill! Sun care is essential every day (yes even if it’s cloudy!) but ESPECIALLY if you’re planning on lounging around a pool all day a la Capsule. Bondi Sands’ Hydra UV Protect SPF 50+ range is perfect to keep in your beach bag or handbag and will have you ready to take on anything. Coming in different sizes for all your protection needs, the reef-friendly products have a non-greasy, non-fragranced formula – the Face Lotion sits beautifully under makeup while the Sunscreen Spray is water resistant for up to four hours. And when you come back inside after all that sun worshiping, don’t forget your after sun care – and we all know that hydration is key here. Bondi Sands Coconut Body Moisturiser is our new go-to, enriched with aloe vera and infused with the scent of coconut. Talk about ultimate vacay vibes. 


If you’re heading to the Cook Islands, remember that you’re able to take over much more food than usual, like vacuum-packed meat, snacks and other general supplies. In the weekend mornings we’ll be off to the local markets and we already have our local restaurants all lined up for our evening meals, but if you’re holidaying on a budget, or you have dietary requirements, a suitcase full to the brim of snacks and treats will stand you in great stead – we’re packing ours with chips, nuts and some good French rosé!


I mean this really goes without saying doesn’t it – but make sure you’re on top of all the government regulations and advice when it comes to Covid-19. International travel is still a ‘do it at your own risk’ vibe, so be prepared and be vigilant! In travelling to the Cook Islands, we have to take great responsibility to make sure we’re keeping ourselves well so we don’t post a risk to this beautiful country that needs our tourist dollars but doesn’t need our germ exposure, so we’re taking multiple steps to ensure we’re as careful as possible. 

See you on the beach, sun lovers – and to help, win a Bondi Sands prize pack that features everything mentioned in this story, worth $137!

The pack includes:

Pure Self Tan Foaming Water: $29. 99
Self Tan Back Applicator: $19.99
Tanning Mitt: $13.99
Hydra UV Protect SPF 50+ Face Lotion: $27.99
Hydra UV Protect SPT 50+ Sunscreen Spray: $24.99
Coconut Body Lotion: $19.99

To go into the draw to win, email [email protected] with the word ‘Bondi’ in the subject line. One entry per person. A winner will be randomly drawn at 8pm, Monday 5 July.

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